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Russell Brand's Guards Accused of Tiger Park Attack

10/22/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Russell Brand sat and watched as his bodyguards beat the crap out of four news photographers in the middle of a wild tiger sanctuary in India today ... this according to the photogs.

The four photogs -- employed by the AP, Reuters, Agence France-Presse and the Hindustan Times -- claim they were inside a jeep, following the comic through the wild animal park ... when two bodyguards from Brand's group jumped out of their ride, approached the photog's jeep and punched the living daylights out of the driver.

The photogs say they tried to come to the driver's defense ... but the bodyguards began pummeling them too. Eventually, the photogs claim the men stole the keys from their jeep ... leaving the snappers stranded in the middle of the wild animal park.

Brand is set to marry Katy Perry at a resort near the wild animal park in the next few days.

We called Indian police for comment -- but they kept hanging up on us. Calls to Brand's people were not returned.


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So what if all the paps stopped taking pics of these so called celebs? I get that there are some things that should remain private and that in a lot of case these paps go too far, but beating the crap out of a driver that had probably nothing to do with this in a public place because you don't want your picture taken? Are you serious? That’s uncalled for and makes this Brand guy look like a real jerk! Who really cares about this guy anyway??? The only reason I even know who this guy is is because of his altercations with the paparazzi....LOL, stop taking his picture.... and who is he anyway?

1398 days ago


I LOVE IT!!! First of all, your not in the US now! In third world countries, things are a little different. I dont think the papparoaches will have the liberties they are granted in the USA!! Hahahaha... And I LOVE that Russell Brand just sits there and watches! Talk about a true pimp!!

1398 days ago


Ha Ha Ha they hung up on you? DUH! It's INDIA. I love how you think you have rights in another country. If you showed up in India demanding action for a theft or assualt they police would ignore you. After you bothered them enough they would arrest you. Idiot.

1398 days ago


Russell and his soon to be wife are constantly doing things to get attention. Maybe they need to learn to live like those celebrities that aren't in the news every day.

1398 days ago

Vote NO Meg Whitman    

So tell me this, why is Brand's Jeep not driving off?

Why would he sit there watching everything and expose himself to more picture taking? Because thats what he wants, more pics.

He is famous for nothing. Has no talent except for being a jackazz and getting himself noticed for doing being one.

No one needs a crystal ball on this one. He'll be divorced within 18 months and just a few short years from now people will be going Russell who until a UK obituary notice is posted on TMZ.

1398 days ago


Brand is a pompous punk. These photogs aren't paps...they work for the AP, Reuters, Agence Press-France, but that doesn't really matter. It's not like they were crowding around him, like at an airport or something. I hope those photogs sue his skinny ass for this. Speaking of airports, his ass deserves to be be kicked for attacking those paps at LAX...he said they were trying to shoot under Katy Perry's dress. That's bull**** the guys he hit were nowhere near her.

1398 days ago

PAL345 may need to re - think that wedding / marrige whole thing

1398 days ago


Too bad Katy Perry's boobs weren't around anywhere. I could suck on those things for days.

1398 days ago


Though I am not impressed with either the bride or the groom, they do deserve to be left alone and I am tickled that the stalkerazzi got beat up. Wish they could legally get beat up here, too. Extra points for a kill.

1398 days ago


**shrugs** ... everyone is completely guessing at why it came about in the first place and are speculating that Russell know why there's a scuffle PAPS vs STARS, old news

1398 days ago

blacks talk    

I LOVE how the Indian Police handle the questioning of the status of the investigation.

1398 days ago


GOOD! Why is this even an issue? These photographers/paparazzi need to stop STALKING and ANTAGONIZING people

1398 days ago


Russell Brand is a ugly a@@hole and has no class at all!

1398 days ago


Comes as NO surprise to me. Just ONE MORE Hollywood "star" who thinks they can do whatever they want even if they aren't "directly" involved!

1398 days ago


Ok if you start in the industry in this day and age you know darn well this is what happens. He makes himself in the spotlight by doing things to keep his name in the press and do not think for one minute they do not tip off the press as to where they are going. There are plenty of bigger stars out there that you never see in the magazines or on places like this because they are not making spectacles of themselves to keep their names in the spotlight. They were in the public. If they are in the privacy of their own home or if this was their actual wedding I understand them being upset. Then they have a right to privacy but when you announce to the world where and when you will be somewhere then you have your bodyguards attack photographers then you are wanting your name in the press. This guy is famous for nothing. If he was not marrying her why would anyone talk about him. He does this on purpose so you do.

1398 days ago
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