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Former Food Network Host To Cop a Plea

10/26/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Juan-Carlos Cruz -- the former Food Network host accused of putting a hit out on his wife -- will cop a plea today that will land him in prison for years ... TMZ has learned.

Cruz -- who allegedly hired three homeless guys to kill wife Jennifer Campbell -- is scheduled to appear this morning for his preliminary hearing on attempted murder charges.  But our sources say that hearing will not happen.  Instead, lawyers for both sides will announce the plea deal.

We're told Cruz will plead guilty to solicitation of murder.  He will agree to 9 years in prison, less time served.  Cruz has been in jail since May.  But it's a lot better than attempted murder, which carries a life sentence.

1026_homeless_hitman_launchThe backstory is pretty incredible.  TMZ broke the story ... Campbell was suicidal because she couldn't have kids, but could not take her own life because of her religious beliefs.  Authorities believe Cruz was going to have his wife killed as an act of mercy and then take his own life.

The plea should go down at 8:30 AM PT.


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RJ Hunt    

With no priors on his record he'll be out in 4 years...

1455 days ago


Is Jennifer still married to this guy??

Is she on board with this plea deal??

1455 days ago


I still don't get this guy. It's been 7 years since my husband and I have been married. We had 5 miscarriages, and finally found a doctor who figured out what the problem was, and I'm sitting here 3 days overdue for a little girl and bored out of my gourd. Here's my take..why couldn't he be a supportive husband and get his wife the help she needed instead of encouraging her to go down that wrong path? My husband knew how much I wanted babies, and through prayer, we realized that if this last doctor couldn't help we would turn to adoption.

1455 days ago


if you want to take out your wife you simply push her down a staircase,,not hire bums to off her..he deserves prison and now will have a new boyfriend every week

1455 days ago


His lawyer is Shawn Chapman Holley and his wife has Blair Berk and he seriously can't get a better deal?

1455 days ago

Ozzie X    

Really? Suicidal because you can't have kids? Both the husband and wife should be going to the looney bin.

1455 days ago



1455 days ago


What happened to this sweet deal? that was supposed to happen on July 20th after Shawn had to delay the case because Lindsay was surrendering

The former Food Network host accused of putting a hit out on his wife is close to a plea bargain, and best case scenario for him ... he could end up with probation.

Juan-Carlos Cruz is accused of hiring 3 homeless guys to slash his wife's throat with a pair of box cutters.

TMZ broke the story ... alleged victim Jennifer Campbell was suicidal over not being able to have a baby. But suicide is a mortal sin in Campbell's religion, so authorities believe Cruz was attempting to execute a murder/suicide out of mercy.

Law enforcement sources tell us Campbell is solidly supporting her husband, and police and prosecutors have compassion for the couple. We're told there have been active plea bargain negotiations and it's possible a plea could be reached before Tuesday's hearing ... though we're told it's going to be hard to work out all of the details before then.

We're told the likely disposition of the case is that Cruz will plead no contest to solicitation of murder and the attempted murder charge will be dropped.

The sentence for solicitation of murder is anywhere from 9 years in prison to probation.
One source familiar with the case tells TMZ the likely dispo is 1 year in jail followed by probation.
We're told the couple plans to stay married.

We'll be in court Tuesday.

1455 days ago


Sad as it is, they are both insane... Him more so than her for not getting her some sort of psychiatric help and for concocting such a ridiculous plan, but I guess that's what happens when you hire "budget assassins".

1455 days ago

Porno the Clown    

With no priors on his record he'll be out in 4 years...

Posted at 1:48 AM on Oct 26, 2010 by RJ Hunt

Sorry, in California any violence related crime you serve 85%

1455 days ago


If he was going to "take his own life", then why does he need a plea deal?!? I don't believe this BS! His wife can always adopt if kids were that important to her!

1455 days ago


And cutting her throat with a box cutter isn't an easy, painless way to die from a couple of amateurs.

1455 days ago


From what I've observed of many people who do have kids, they're the ones who should be suicidal. Of course they'd also kill themselves before ever admitting that.

1455 days ago


Yuck! Box cutters? And was he going to fall on his Ginzu knife? yeah. didn't think so.

1455 days ago

shane ickenroth    

forget him he is so stupid when he first texted me i was at court everytime and i will be there dec 13 when he gets his time and you people probly think the homeless are all bad well its not true because i know i did the right thing as my to homies big dave and lil dave and RIP BIG DAVE so i am all happy i would of comment on it earlier i just got to a comp but think wat yall want i really dont care and i will tell u this i am tryin to get my lil girl back thats stress already then he comes into the picture and that really messed me up it my head and if u want to say somthing to me ask a ? go ahead and this is one of the homless for hire but wat goes around comes around and if u dont belive me the oerson that found me is there good worker kool person ryan peace out yall WICKED CLOWNZ WOOP WOOP JUGGALO 4 LIFE

1431 days ago
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