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Lindsay Lohan Clothing Line -- Sketchy

10/25/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was worried her clothing line would go belly up if she went back into rehab -- but TMZ has learned the company is doing just fine with LiLo ensconced at Betty Ford ... thanks to some LiLo sketches.
 Lindsay Lohan 6126.
As TMZ first reported, Lindsay told her probation officer she thought the company, 6126, would fall apart if she went back to inpatient rehab. But a source close to 6126 tells TMZ the company hasn't missed a beat ... because Lindsay has been sketching like crazy since checking into B.F.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay doodled her designs for both the Fall 2011 collection and the Spring 2012 line.

We're told Lindsay is actually a micro-manager, approving almost every detail.

But we're thinkin' ... keep your eye on rehab, Lindsay.



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Did anyone see Emma Stone on SNL it was hilarious

Emma Stone is the new "IT" girl that will replace Lindsay Lohan

1437 days ago


Pooor Lindsay wants to save her clothing line but not her life. Something is wrong with this picture

1437 days ago


Why is it that all of these talentless hack celebrities whose only real claim to fame is the ability to cry on command or spending time in jail,feel as though they somehow are on the same artistic level as Versace or Dolce & Gabbana? How does doodling on a scrap of rehab paper translate into a dress or shirt that any other human being would not only pay for,but actually want to wear??

1437 days ago


It looks to me like Lindsay designs clothes for people going out to dance clubs and going to parties.

She kind of needs to go to parties and dance clubs to get ideas for her clothes. Lindsay better be working HARD on her rehab if she expects to stay clean and sober and still be able to go to clubs to help get inspiration for her clothing line. That's where a lot of boozing and cocaine snorting people are hanging out. Lots of TEMPTATION is all around her in the fashion world and in Hollywood. Lindsay needs all the rehab she can get to stay away from all the booze and drugs that in that sub culture.

I bet half of those New York fashion runway models are doing cocaine and who knows what else ... so they can stay bone skinny and all that. I think those models look gross actually. They look like Holocaust survivors like from World War II. Lindsay needs to stay the heck away from them outside of work.

1437 days ago


Betty Ford Rehab at bare minimum...$26,000.00 every 30 days. That adds up quick.

Dina, mommie dearest, is not having any luck pushing the poor Lindsay crap for money. Dina overplayed the talk shows. Reality show didn't work either.

1437 days ago


Oh thank goodness. I was so worried. I mean it's really important that we have yet one more celebrity line of clothing out there. There aren't nearly enough. And how brave - sketching in rehab. What else is a girl to do./s

1437 days ago


I googled this "clothing line." She can sketch all she wants, but it's never going to more than c*apola.

1437 days ago



1437 days ago


Lindsey, her mom and her attorney needs to all grow some balls and get her the hell out of that ****hole of a place she is in right now where she is being brainwashed into believing she is diseased and powerless. Then she needs to go to jail and pay her debt and get the hell out of the legal system so she can get the f**k on with her life.

1437 days ago


@dumas1000 that will fall on deaf ears ( as well as the fact you can't simply put lies in your probation report,regardless of what TMZ seems to think ) . Lot of folks have concluded they KNOW this person- from reading gossip sites - and know what's on her mind and are basing conclusions on that assumption and judging her. They're all absolutely perfect themselves naturally and can't stand it if this woman shows any sort of human weakness.They never heard of the biblical proverb "he who is without sin,cast the first stone " ,let alone put that into practice.

1437 days ago


Maybe this is where Lindsay's true talent lies; in designing clothing. She's a very talented girl and it would be a shame if she were to lose it all. I really doubt though, that things are as bad as she says. If they were, why not sell a mansion or have mom sell some of her gifts?
Or better yet, since mom is so involved in her adult daughter's life; why doesn't mom get a job to help out? {gasp}.

1437 days ago


The plan was always for her to do only 30 DAYS but obviously rehab is better than jail.
She is in inpatient rehab at the clinic but once she begins residential treatment on Wednesday then it will be about getting help but also trying to live a sober lifestyle when she gets out.

I would agree with you if it wasn't for the fact that the D.A wanted 180 with no early release which could be as much 90 days with good behaviour.
The alternative is 70 days of inpatient rehab then 50 days of outpatient with 10/15 hours of therapy a week max and she can finally put this behind her on Feb 25th.
If she violates before then she is getting 180 days and probation revoked.

1437 days ago


Lohan, still has to come up with $26,000.00 every 30 days for Betty Ford Rehab. Lohan, could barely come up with the $300,000.00 bail money.

Her so called clothing line is not doing well. It's hyped that it is. It never took off.

This always makes me laugh. Lohan wouldn't know a needle from a thread and has a clothing line.

1437 days ago


It isn't required for her to begin acting again in order to pick up her life. She can make music ( she is better than some others ) and has the clothing line. I think acting wasn't her primary source of income for quite some time anyway. Advantage of doing multiple things is she will be too BUSY to go partying and what have you. Work is good while receiving therapy. And you can write songs or design clothes pretty much anywhere.

1437 days ago


Just more of her lies designed to try to keep her in the partying life. What a mess of a person. I don't think she's going to pull it together.

1437 days ago
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