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Charlie Sheen Hospitalized

10/26/2010 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Charlie Sheen was hospitalized last night.

We're told he was in New York City when there was some sort of medical emergency, and Charlie was taken to a local hospital.

We're now told at 2:07 AM, emergency dispatch received a 911 call for possible intoxication.  Charlie was taken to New York Hospital at 2:30 AM.  Police sources say Charlie went voluntarily and that Charlie was "intoxicated, irrational" and "emotionally disturbed."

Charlie is in New York to spend time with Denise and their two kids.

UPDATE:  The New York Post is reporting Charlie was drunk and naked in his hotel room at 2 AM when security was called.  The Post reports chairs had been thrown around the room and a chandelier was damaged. The report also mentions that Charlie headed back to his hotel room with an unidentified woman and that he flew into a rage after noticing his wallet had gone missing.

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Now his publisist is saying he had an allergic reaction to medication...YEA RIGHT!

Posted at 8:45 AM on Oct 26, 2010 by dd

alcohol and coke are medications?

1395 days ago


when is this idiot going to be put away for life?

1395 days ago


Thanks for the update Blanche this dude is seriously dangerous I think he should go to a mental hospital for 6 months. Hes got serious issues with women.

1395 days ago

random poster    

Nothing good happens when you hang out with Denise Richards, ask Heather Lockleer.
Posted at 7:44 AM on Oct 26, 2010 by Leslie

Good point Leslie. If only Heather had never met Denise I'm sure she never would have been out mowing down street signs at 4 am earlier this year.

1395 days ago


I think Charlie flipped out for 2 reasons. First of all he was high out of his mind on booze and blow. Second, when he realized his wallet was missing he blamed the hooker for stealing his wallet and locked her inside of the closet out of anger. His wallet is most likely still inside of his pocket or jacket but he was so out of it he couldn't remember where he put it.

Once he's released from the hospital he should be charged for being a drunkard, a coke head, and holding the hooker hostage inside of the closet against her will as well as for destroying private property not to mention just being a total idiot.

1395 days ago


Is there any parole violation with this? Did the Colorado thing have him on any conditions as far as alcohol or drugs??

1395 days ago


Ha Ha. So much for spending quality time with the kids. There was so much controversy about whether he had a beer in his hand in that pic yesterday, and now this.

That's really a shame Charlie. Plus you got your wallet stole. That's what you get for being stupid. I can't believe you couldn't wait to revert back to the "old Charlie" until after your kids weren't around.

Got distustingly drunk, picked up a hooker, and got your money stole with your kids a few feet away. Father of the Year you're not. YOU ARE DISGUSTING and need to grow the (f)uck up!

1395 days ago

Fred Mertz    

Charlie, get mellow with Pot. Drinking is not for you.

1395 days ago


You all are wrong wrong wrong

Sheen is an actor
He was practicing his scene

In his latest role, he is playing the part of Mel Gibson

Just wait until they release the audio tape!!!!

1395 days ago


Just another Hollywood loser. Nothing to see here.

1395 days ago


Charlie Sheen's a hopeless case. If he's found dead I wouldn't be surprised. These rich Hollywood types only worry about themselves. They're people unemployed, broke, losing their house who don't act like this. SAD!

1395 days ago


Is there any parole violation with this? Did the Colorado thing have him on any conditions as far as alcohol or drugs??

Posted at 8:56 AM on Oct 26, 2010 by Bippy

Galanter is saying it doesn't because the azzhat didn't do anything illegal.

Charlie didn't do anything illegal. LOL!!! That's a good one.

1395 days ago


I wonder how long it'll take to see Gloria Allred's lipsticked mug with the hooker on telly...

1395 days ago

comanche black    

Wow. Drunk and naked in a hotel room? Gasp! They better arrest or take to the hospital a good portion of convention goers in Vegas. Where else better to be drunk and naked than a hotel room? And with a hooker no less. Seriously, dude has a screw loose and needs help. If only he saw that.

1395 days ago


he needs help, maybe now he will get it.
Bad boys are hot, bad old men are just pathetic!!

1395 days ago
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