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Charlie Sheen Will Resume 'Normal' Life in L.A.

10/26/2010 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will be sleeping at his L.A. home tonight ... shooting a movie Friday ... and will be back on the "Two and a Half Men" set a week from today ... TMZ has learned.


Sources connected with the actor tell us he'll fly into L.A. this evening and he'll go right home.  Sheen won't be staying at Promises in Malibu -- where he's stayed on and off since earlier this year.

People connected with the show tell us ... Charlie doesn't think he needs to go back to rehab, even though some of his friends and associates tell us the situation is pretty desperate. 


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"Normal" is not a word to use with this spoiled, arrogant and dangerous sociopath. He should be in jail.

1466 days ago


Charlie's TV show's peaked 2-3 years ago. The fools that "make the decisions and contracts" haven't received The Memo from the viewers who have stopped watching years ago.

1466 days ago


So by resuming a "normal life" in LA, they mean drinking, coke snorting, beating up women, hiring hookers, searching the web for porn than yeah I guess he will resume a "normal life" in LA. This guy is the biggest douche out there. He keeps getting away with stuff because he is a "celebrity". He isn't! He can't act to save his life. How he is the highest earner in tv comedy is beyond my understanding. He needs to go on Celebrity Rehab next year so I can watch how he embarrasses himself, his family and his career. What a loser!!!

1466 days ago


This is sad so very very sad. I LOVED 2 in half Men now I can't watch it again.

If we want him to get better then we will not enable him by watching his movies or TV shows. If he can't get a job because no one will watch, a coke head whore monger, then maybe just maybe it will wake him up.

WHERE IS HIS FAMILY?????? Mom, Dad and Brothers......WHY AREN"T YOU DOING ANYTHING????????? ENABLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

DARN is getting to the point that I can't watch anything anymore because you are just a bunch of RICH TRAILOR TRASH CRACKHEAD LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you can be rick and trailor trash. LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1466 days ago


I have to agree with every comment said here and I for one will no longer watch his programs. He is a disgusting woman beater!

1466 days ago


how soon until we see unwanted/unplanned children, baby-mama-drama and a suicide from the charlie sheen traveling sh#/tb@g show?

1466 days ago


He's a mess!

1466 days ago


Two and a Half Men used to be one of my favorite shows but the new season's episode are proof of Charlie Sheen's downhill slide. You can tell my his voice and mannerisms on the show that he's been cranked on something other than cigarettes. The show should have stopped last season and it would have gone out at it's peak now it's a cringe fest watching while each episode gets worse and worse with his acting and the writing. Sad. Really sad. Im guessing he's on the fast track to becoming another Hollywood statistic and will be found dead of an accidental OD...especially he's bullied (or paid off) everyone around him to tow the party line and lie for him.

1466 days ago


Charlie DOESN'T WANT rehab...the only reason he went before was to avoid jail,he likes his life. If people don't realize this by now...well I just don't think they ever will.

1466 days ago


if he's such a dbag, why do ppl hang around him?

1466 days ago


I will never understand the sense that, when it comes to Charlie Sheen, there's a bit of a "boys will be boys" mentality. Somehow his out of control behavior is "cuter" than, say, Lindsay Lohan's. It's arrested development to the nth degree. Trashing hotel rooms, threatening/abusing women, paying high-priced call girls, etc. All laughed away--"pooh poohed" as long as he makes the network money. I'm sure everyone who has continues to accept this kind of behavior as long as they are making money off this trainwreck will come out when he kills somebody (or himself) with the sentimental quotes about how they TRIED to help him, or what a great guy he was.

1466 days ago


$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Party on, Charlie, party on!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1466 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Whatever "normal" constitutes for Charlie Sheen, anyway. I always thought that both The Plaza and New York Hospital had higher standards than that. He needs to be sent downtown where he belongs.

1466 days ago

john p mcniff    

I hope he gets better
John P McNiff

1466 days ago


The man was found naked in the lobby of a hotel. I'd say it's a pretty desperate situation.

1466 days ago
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