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LeBron James -- Payback's a Witch

10/26/2010 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lest anyone forget -- LeBron James is still the most hated man in Cleveland ... as evidenced by this video of self-proclaimed "Wiccans," aka witches, casting spells on King James just in time for his Miami Heat debut.

LeBron James
The coven gathered this morning at 100.7 WMMS in Cleveland ... armed with a pentagram, pig and cow bones, a fake skull, and a voodoo doll to curse LeBron before tonight's Heat-Celtics matchup.

One of the evil chants -- "Tie a knot against the king. May he die without a ring."

Hey Cleveland ... isn't it time to move on? Ya still got Drew Carey.

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Karma is a bitch, hexing unsuspecting people usually nets the opposite results. These people are only screwing THEMSELVES.

1460 days ago


It's just a couple of wack-jobs who do anything for publicity. It's not racial; it's just stupid.

1460 days ago


Seriously? I hate the media and all of its propaganda. It must be a slow day in TMZ land. A radio station (least of all WMMS) surely doesn't represent myself or many others of those I know here in Cleveland. I love how the media wants to turn the whole lot of us into a pathetic self loathing hate mongering group of people.

1460 days ago


Clevland = Dump
Miami = Shady Dump

1460 days ago

Tamara H    

This is only making the people on Ohio look bad. GET OVER IT! No one feels sorry for you guys anymore.

1460 days ago


These aren't true Wiccan's. Real Wiccan's would know better than to curse someone.

1460 days ago


can you imagine how they would be acting if he really left them before his contract expired..geez his contract came up and he opted to play else where get off of his nuts.

1460 days ago

Miss Cleo    

Wiccans are "white witches" and do not put curses on anyone. They are big on Karma, and wouldn't put a curse on them lest it come back upon them.

1460 days ago


I am Wiccan/Christian and know for a fact that IF these were true Wiccans they would not put a curse on ANYONE! To do such would and will come back on them THREEFOLD.

Thank you, you idiots for once again putting the Wiccan religion back 200 years. (and that was directed towards the morons that call themselves Wiccan).

1460 days ago


Yeah, those are fake Wiccans. Wiccans don't curse people - something about it coming back on you threefold. I'm pretty sure they don't use pentagrams or animal bones either.

1460 days ago


This story is reprehensible! True Wiccans know that to curse someone would be against everything we stand for.

1460 days ago


U can't put a curse on some who already sold his soul. Dumb witches. If you watch before each game Lebron throughs up a old cult hand sign thanking the devil for his success.

1460 days ago


Please do better research before posting stuff like this as fact... As many people have stated, Wiccans don't curse people as it directly messes with their "Do No Harm" rede. The use of animal bones would clearly be incorrect as well.

Perhaps you should change "Wiccan" to "Satanist". The sweet little "Wiccans, aka Witches" is incorrect as well. Some witches are not Wiccan, some Wiccans do not call themselves witches, etc. Also, I have to love the whole "Wiccans" in quotations. I suppose I should start going around putting "self-proclaimed "Christian"" when I write as well.

1460 days ago


No wonder he left this city, what a bunch of losers. The mans contract was up you idiots get a life.

1460 days ago


@CriticAl - yes we do use Pentagrams. If one is upside down however, it represents Satanism - WHICH WICCANS DO NOT DO. And no, we do not use animal bones. Again, that would be linked to Satanism or possibly Voodoo.

'You shall harm none, for the law of nature is that the harm you cause will return to you in threefold'. Pretty good 'law' for everyone to follow, is it not?

1460 days ago
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