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Quaids' Dog -- Help Is On the Way!

10/26/2010 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Doji the doggie is about to escape the clutches of death -- TMZ has learned a friend of Evi and Randy Quaid has contacted the City of Vancouver in an effort to recover the innocent pooch from a shelter in Canada. 

Quaids arrested.

As we first reported, Doji was placed in an animal shelter after Evi and Randy were arrested in Canada last week on an outstanding warrant in Santa Barbara ... and under Vancouver law, dogs that go unclaimed after several days for more than a week could be put to sleep.

But a rep for the city of Vancouver tells us they received a call today from someone on behalf of the Quaids who informed them that someone will be "coming to the shelter in the next couple of days to pick up the dog."

Doji seems to be holding up well -- we're told, "The dog is in very good health."


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How can you claim your dog if you're in jail? I smell a discrimination lawsuit! I smell money, Randy!

1356 days ago

Canada Girl Eh    

You are bang on Skippy.....TMZ is full of **** on this story!! I live in Vancouver and healthy dogs ARE NOT put down. Sick or very injured only. Thanks for pointing out Kevin C's great work with animals too.

1356 days ago


Dojo is the best of the Quaids. She is honest, and loving and clear thinking. I love her. Thank GOD a friend is coming to get her. Please, TMZ, let us know if and when she's actually headed back home to the USA. She is an American. I can't wait until she returns.

1356 days ago


I will take her as well. I am only in Portland, OR and can easily drive up saving her a long ride home. You have an open invitation, any time, Doji.

1356 days ago

Alan Carver    

Glad to hear that - someone cares about this dog and The "whacked-out' Quaids. And as for Hollyweird turning their backs on them - is ridiculous, maybe it was the other way around! :^)

1356 days ago


You Canadians keep bloviating about how humane your country is and how dogs aren't just put down but this law is total crap!

You sanction taking someones beloved pet and giving it away to another because the owner is in jail. Again I ask, what happens if the original owner is found innocent and released only to find out their beloved pet has been given to someone else???

I own a golden Macaw, raised from an egg, it is easily worth $6 thousand and more because it is on an egg. If your idiot law let some collector take my bird what recourse would I have if I were found innocent?

Your law stinks and this article puts a spotlight on just how cruel and ignorant it is!

1356 days ago


Evi and Randy have friends?

1356 days ago

Politico Pablo    

As long as Doji's at that shelter, there is a possibility he could mistakenly be put to sleep.

That person needs to claim the dog immediately, and not wait a few days. It would be ashame to lose such a cute dog.

1356 days ago

Canadian Girl    

Are you kidding me... in Canada the SPCA has a NO KILL POLICY... where do you people get your information... the only cir***stances that would cause an animal to be destroyed is if the animal is deemed aggressive with no chance of rehabilitation or if the animal is extremely sick or injured so badly it's quality of life would be no quality at all.

1356 days ago

Pixie Cup    

TMZ motto: Never Let The Facts Get In The Way Of A Good Story.

Can you people not do some proper research? This dog is perfectly safe. It is not going to be destroyed. No adoptable dogs that go through the Vancouver Animal Shelter are destroyed - GET IT? Many dogs wind up at this Shelter who are later redeemed by their owners or by people appointed by the owners. They are well-treated with access to outside yards, handled by kind kennel attendants, given medical attention if they need it. This dog will survive his "detention" just fine: whether he'll survive his idiot owners is the question.

1356 days ago


Poster #3. does not understand that he does not OWN CANADA nor does any one other individual person OWN this country. It is the joint ownership of We the People and is administered by our duly elected politicians plus the civil servants they hire on our behalf.
Therefore it follows that the rule of law shall take precedence, and this "couple" of scoff laws who have entered our country have the same rights as any other persons that have been allowed by our Border Services Dept. to set foot in Canada. Namely the right to apply for refugee status and protection. If in the view of our courts this is or is not a valid claim, it will be dealt with accordingly.
If you feel so strongly about this case, then take the time and effort to prepare a presentation to Canada Border Services and Immigration Canada why you deem it inappropriate for these persons to be granted asylum! And an Asylum just might be where they belong, too!

1356 days ago


So glad to hear this. Please have pics of the pup out and about (I want proof)!

1356 days ago

Jon H    

Look...They were not going to kill the Dog an time soon.

All of the shelters in Canada will wait forever and look for a new home for the animal, and in most cases this is a very, very long time.

What the law says and what they do here with animals are tow different things as they very rarely kill healthy animals.

1356 days ago


If the friends don't pull through, I'll adopt the dog. Blue Heelers are my favorite breed...already have two, a third would be no problem.

1356 days ago


I would so take this dog! Just give me info on how to get it! Love your show!!!

1356 days ago
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