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'Bad Girls' Chick -- Shoppin' Her OTHER Sex Tape

10/29/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What do you do when one of your three-way sex tape partners blocks the sale of the flick? If you're "Bad Girls Club" hell-raiser Erica Langston ... you simply sell your OTHER sex tape. Duh.

Sources tell TMZ Langston and one member of the ménage à trois -- her boyfriend Adrian -- tried to sell their masterpiece to Vivid Entertainment head honcho Steve Hirsch earlier this week ... but sex tape partner numero tres threw a wrench in the deal.

We're told #3 -- who happens to be one of Langston's "BGC" castmates -- demanded way too much scratch for the tape ... around $200k ... so the deal went sour.

But our sources say Langston had an ace in the hole -- another sex tape with Adrian ... sans her financially demanding XXX cohort. 

We're told Hirsch made a new offer for the two-person porno ... and that the deal is all but sealed.


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Well, what the hell are you in life if you don't have a sex tape through Vivid? It's getting so common, it isn't noteworthy anymore.

1453 days ago


Now, who is this pig and why should we give a crap? She looks wasted. How do these skanky dogs keep getting attention? She's not hot, she's repulsive.

1453 days ago


Please God, take Kooky and Balls and give them a power outage that lasts for life....

1453 days ago


Again, another Z-list celeb who thinks will make them the next Kim Kardashian. This sextape scheme is dead already, why do people keep doing this. Who actually even watches Bad Girls Club? it's all white trash and idiotic. That show is worse than any Real Housewives season.

1453 days ago

Raw Shoshanna    

This skank is soooo unatractive, all it will do is make her the 3rd tier feature stripper at "Chuy's Hookerama" strip club in Pacoima. She is a nothing, & not worth looking at... especially naked. Her partner? Don't quit that fast food gig yet, dude.

1453 days ago


Who is this person? Seriously TMZ, you're supposed to be reporting on actual stars not VH1 dummies. It's like TMZ goes into a bar, finds the biggest piece of trash there and tries to convince you she's famous instead of doing the hard work and getting close to actual celebrities. I sometimes wonder what the deal is between TMZ and Vivid, you would think they were both owned by the same parent company as TMZ seems to be their free advertiser. This person is not a star, I've never seen nor heard of them prior to today and I'll forget this person as soon as I add this comment.

1453 days ago

Oval Beach    

Oh the world wants to see this whore and her stinky ***** get plugged by that pimp and his limp ****...yeah..that is something the world has yet to see...****in' get a life and quit prostituting yourselves already.

1453 days ago



It used to be that a “celebrity” was all wrapped up in a scandal cause they were fighting to stop the release of a sex tape. Years ago it was considered taboo. That’s what got it so much attention.

Now a days they don’t even try to hide the fact that they are the ones selling it themselves. There is no scandal around it, therefore no one really cares. These two are nobodies. Who even cares. I can thankfully say that I’ve never watched a ‘celebrity’ sex tape because their sex life doesn’t interest me in the least. I don’t care that some z-lister is banging some other z-lister and from what I’ve heard, the videos (even the ones released by s*** balls Vivid) aren’t that great anyway. So I guess the point is… WHO CARES.

Sex tapes are becoming too common now to be anything but a lame attempt at getting your name on TMZ. TMZ should stop allowing these losers to use their website to promote themselves.

1453 days ago


Who cares I love gett'n me some *****

1453 days ago

Natasha Shaman    

Come to see Erica and Adrian for next MAN of STEEL Wild edition - MEN of DREAM 2010 contest at HEDONISM-2 resort, JAMAICA! December 5-12, 2010! Craziest PARTY of the YEAR where ALL your DREAMS come true!

1453 days ago


Lots of people Jason, that's the IN thing now; Blonde bimbo with black guy. Or is "I'm a lesbian" the IN thing now.

1453 days ago


I was responding to a comment that TMZ took out. Personally, I'm getting sick of TMZ removing comments. I realize this is their website and they can do what they want but people have a right to comment.

1453 days ago


One more thing: If you are going to remove comments, then leave the number of the comments the same. A lot of time people respond to posts and put the # of the post to which they are responding. When you remove posts and change numbers, suddenly I'm more confused by the responses than the stupid story. Because honestly, most of this stuff on here is stupid crap that we don't really need to know to get through our day. But it's this stupid crap that makes me realize that I'm not as screwed up as I think I am.

1453 days ago


another ****** loving whore.. how proud you must be looser.. sex with talkin monkeys is gross.. street trash

1453 days ago


Is this what America has become? Putting the worst immoral people on TV to give them easy money and fame, then they use their 15 minutes to sell out their skanky lifestyle for even bigger money! May all these famewhores' and TV executives' money burn-up fast and they can't get any more whatsoever!

1453 days ago
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