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Cyrus Divorce

Kids Comfort Mom

10/28/2010 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after Billy Ray Cyrus filed for divorce ... his soon-to-be ex-wife Tish was out in Los Angeles, getting some serious emotional support from her two kids.

While Miley was MIA, her younger siblings Braison and Noah spent some quality time with their mom ... whose eyes were hidden behind dark sunglasses. Tish's forearm tattoo -- which reads "She wants to fly" -- was in plain sight, however.

As we previously reported, Billy Ray blamed the split on irreconcilable differences. The couple has been married for 17 years.


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Moe Green    

Free the Quaids!

1454 days ago

Pretty LL    

Don't worry Tish, Miley will be right over to comfort ou as soon as she's done banging the pool guy.

1454 days ago

Sterling Archer    

Billy Ray is gonna upgrade, Donald Trump style! Going with the younger woman.

1454 days ago


omg!!!! now we have to deal with this retarted family all over the media divorce this suck tired of this garbage

1454 days ago


Marraige is an outdated, stupid waste of life! Don't get married, it only works for women who want to breed. Men don't need kids, it's a myth... Women need babies, that's the only reason they exist. She's gonna make out like a bandit getting all of Billy's money.

1454 days ago

Raoul Duke    

Martin- I'm sorry but you cant call people retart(d)ed. I share your pain but unless English is your second (or third) language you need to stick with twitter or texting where spelling and grammar don't count

1454 days ago


Sad for the kids that these egotistical money hungry parents can't make it work!!
Now BILLY RAY is gone go get him some wrangler hootchie cootchie!!! YEEEEHAW
cowboy up

1454 days ago


I predict Miley will now do porn and star in the motion picture, Hannah Mount Tanner. Billy Ray Cyrus will turn gay and Tish will remove her penis.

The Marshmallow Man

1454 days ago


Don't tell my achy breaky heart,
I just don't think it'd understand,
but if you tell my achy breaky heart,
it might blow up and get some teenage pop tart!!!!

1454 days ago

Raoul Duke    

Apparently a lot of rejection in your life. Try the Charlie Sheen way and just pay for it. It might help with your misogny.

1454 days ago


She was the hootchie in one of his first video's.Miley's real name is Destiny and she was born out of wedlock,there used to be name for that

1454 days ago


Is Billy Ray the next Joe Jackson? What would that make Miley? OMG! Just give it time.

1454 days ago


People in Hollywierd divorce all the time, I don't understand why people find this story so shocking.

1454 days ago


OMG, I am so sick of this s*it. Men are the biggest prostitutes and whores in the world but when it comes to name calling women get it all.
Of course you are will call Miley a whore (hoe or whatever else), because God forbid women might enjoy their sexuality. It is much easier to call women hoes in order to control them so they would feel bad about having sex. However, once one of you OLD Disgusting men gets a Hot 22 year old...all that crap goes out te window. And the only way any of you get a girl that young is because of money (Why Else?!?!) Not even your own wife would touch you with a 10 foot pole.
By the way, Justin Bieber was probably banging chicks at the age of 15 and nobody ever called him a W*ore. F*ck you America!

1454 days ago


Miley will be with u as soo she's done drinking alcohol and ****ing hot worthless guys

1454 days ago
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