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Woman in Charlie Sheen Hotel Room Will Press Case

10/28/2010 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Capri Anderson, the woman who ended up locking herself in Charlie Sheen's hotel bathroom, will ask Colorado prosecutors to violate Charlie's probation ... on ground he allegedly held her against her will.

Capri Anderson

We've also learned Anderson, aka Christina Walsh, has already lawyered up, hiring a high-profile Beverly Hills attorney -- not Gloria Allred.  

Our sources say Anderson claims after she locked herself in the bathroom, Charlie tried getting in and began repeatedly punching the door.  She alleges she feared for her life.

We're told Anderson wants the Pitkin County D.A. to attempt to violate Charlie's probation in the domestic violence case and she plans to fly to Apsen in the next few days to make her case.

Sources in Pitkin County tell us as far as the D.A. is concerned, any complaint that criminal activity occurred in New York must be filed in New York, not Pitkin County.  We're told, however, that if Anderson flies to Aspen, the D.A. has "an open-door policy" and would see her.

As one person on her team told TMZ, beyond the Pitkin case, "We're weighing our legal options."

Law enforcement sources in NYC tell TMZ ... when cops interviewed Anderson at the hotel, she did not say she felt Charlie was holding her against her will.

Capri Anderson photos.


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I knew it! Ha!!

1422 days ago


You have got to be kidding me... Didn't she say she locked HERSELF in the bathroom?

She said she locked herself in the bathroom after he fell.. It's not his fault that she was to effing stupid to run out the door.

Reminds me of those bad horror flicks where they run up the stairs instead of out the door...

1422 days ago


She is a freaking whore/hooker/prostitute,whatever you want to call it, no matter what she says! She sleeps with strangers for money and is a porn star, this bitch isn't even afraid of HIV or Herpes so don't tell me she was afraid of Charlie Sheen...She knew exactly where she was going when she went with him and that is the chance you take when you are a slut.

1422 days ago


Ha! Ha! Who is representing the door that was allegedly punched? Gloria Allred? Keep you checkbook within reach Charlie.

1422 days ago


What a shock, she wants to be paid now lololololololol. A 2 bit hooker feared for her life lololol, how original.

1422 days ago


Even though Charlie didn't put his children first here, this woman should take the high road and bow out of this as gracefully as she can.

She does NOT deserve a payday because she tagged along to a drunken celebrity's hotel room knowing full well what was gonna go down!

These girls these days look for an easy payout after conducting themselves as straight up hookers!

People will eventually side with Charlie because we wouldn't expect anything else from him. However we do want to see women acting like ladies or having some morals.

IMHO, she stands to lose a lot more than he does.

1422 days ago


Right on New York Girl!

You just went from hore to HERO in my book!

You go Capri! All the Way putting this entitled s***-bag into jail where he belongs.

1422 days ago


Tinalouise and Bootpunk nailed it right on the head. (Whore pun intended) Now que Gloria Allred. Enough said.

1422 days ago


"I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger, but she ain't messin' with no broke...uh...Charlie Sheen."

Somewhere, Gloria Allred is steaming that this one didn't come to her.Yet.
At least Charlie has a LITTLE better taste than Tiger. But just a little.

1422 days ago

all about the money    

Great another celebrity chaser looking for her 15 minutes (and 15 Mil) of fame :( Isn't she supposed to be a "professional", a.k.a escort, a.k.a hooker, a.k.a whore or something? Guess she has seen a chance to retire that worn out piece of leather between her legs early.

1422 days ago


What a trick

1422 days ago


Oh gee, I can see it now. She will probably get a gig on celebrity rehab with Dr. Drew just like Rachel Eww can tell or every other star ****er out there. Funny how the cops let him go and now it is a big deal. Amazing.

1422 days ago


Thank you Patricia #3...Didn't she say she locked HERSELF in the bathroom? Duh! Run out the door! What a stupid hooker. Not worth the money I guess....maybe thats why Charlie got so upset..HAHA

1422 days ago


She had the choice between the door to the bathroom and the door to the hall. She choose the bathroom. If she had chosen the door to the hall, she wouldn't have been in there at all anymore.

1422 days ago


Question for the legal people here. If she gives a sworn statement regarding the incident, does the DA require her testimony in court in order to deem Charlie in violation? If testimony is not required then once she gives such statement, it's in the DA's hands, not hers and there would be no "payday" for her. Maybe she's not just going for the money.

1422 days ago
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