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Pam Anderson

25,000 Reasons to Get Naked

10/28/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Pam Anderson nude photo shoot doesn't come cheap -- TMZ has learned Playboy offered Pam a cool $25,000 for her upcoming pictorial ... and she's turning every penny over to charity.

Pam Anderson naked.
In fact, Pam never even accepted the check -- she had Playboy send the cash directly to Waves 4 Water ... a charity that distributes water filters to people who don't have access to clean drinking water.

Anderson tells us, "Waves 4 water are my heroes. They get things done ... and yes, Playboy wrote them a check when I shot the cover (Jan. 2011 issue) directly for 25Gs."

Pam adds, "I've also donated personally. I wish I could do more.  Indonesia, Haiti and Pakistan are all in need of these filters. Spread the word!"


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Thank you, Pam! It's a very good cause.

1268 days ago


If celebrities and the rich only spent as much time trying to help in their own countries it would be nice. Not to say they shouldn't help other countries, but when was the last time they did anything to help people that are poor or sick etc. in their own countries?

1268 days ago


Ok great, but Playboy pays at least $40k for a cover, with Pam its likely in the 75k range, so basically she chipped off a piece of her payment to look good, with the other payment going to an LLC or her management. Nothing wrong with giving to charity but its a bit annoying when PR spins the press to look a little more charitable than she really is.

1268 days ago


Nice that she's giving her paycheck from Playboy to her favorite charity Pam but I thought I read she would get paid $75,000 to do the shoot.

Funny, I thought Playboy paid more than that for their nude shoots of celebs whether they are famous now or famous back then.

1268 days ago

TMZ addict    

lmao #13 that was funny!

"more tucks than an azz with hemorrhoids"

1268 days ago


25 grand doesn't sound like a lot of money. It'll only buy you a so-so car. "Doesn't come cheap?" It sure looks like it does.

1268 days ago

bob watford    

Amazing how evil the internet has made people. I really can't believe these comments. I can see them for some people but Pam seems nice (although clearly has some problems). 25 grand from Playboy seems stupidly cheap, but nobody is buying the mag anymore anyway so I would guess unless it's Octomom or some other freakshow they don't pay too much. No matter what the post the internet life losers come out and bash the person. Unreal.

1268 days ago


i agree with #3!! kinda sick of seeing this hag get naked. give it up already. that makeup and hair worked 20 years ago but now you look like an old whore. getting your tits done larger makes you look older too. should have stayed w/the D cup instead of going to dolly parton size.

1268 days ago


right on #38. Thank you!

1268 days ago


I am so sick of the Hollywood so called saviors. This country has folks in need, children without food, families without homes living on the stree let alone drinking water. When are they going to step up to the plate here. Help the people that actually are responsible for where these stars are at now. Why does it take the normal you and I to donate all we can to help our country when the so called Socialeits of Hollywood ship their money and time overseas. Lets see how many Hatians and Pakastians make Pams movies or photoshoots worth what she makes.

1268 days ago


Pam Anderson is not just old, she's ugly too.
She may be a nice person, but she's nothing to look at.
Heavy, heavy makeup please!

1268 days ago


Easily the coolest thing I've ever heard about Pammy.

This seriously casts her in a different light for me.

Way to go Pam.

1268 days ago

either or    

Well done Pam. You must be Canadian....putting other people and countries ahead of these self-serving American aholes. (For the record you still look great and I'd do you in a heartbeat!!!)

1268 days ago


i say good for her! i think she still looks great. she does alot for peta and many other organizations. as for who wants to see her nude? well if playboy is paying her 25 grand they think alot of people do. anyone ever offer you 25 grand to take off your clothes? i doubt it.

1268 days ago


Some of you are such sheltered morons. If you had ever travelled to a developing country you would understand the difference between the critical life & death issues faced there versus problems in N. America. In the US we have many social services available - you should experience poverty with absolutely no safety net. We live in a world, not just an insulated country. Grow up. And, oh yeah, Pam at whatever age is better looking than just about any 20 something & she is in fantastic shape for any age. Get over yourselves.

1268 days ago
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