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Tables Turned -- Tila Tequila Gets Restraining Order

10/29/2010 4:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is refreshing ... Tila Tequila just convinced a judge someone was harassing her, because she just won a restraining order against a photog who claimed Tila kidnapped his alleged girlfriend.

According to docs filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Tila wanted Garry Sun ordered to stay 100 yards away from her ... but the judge said 10 yards would do. That's funny on so many levels.

As we first reported yesterday, Garry filed an application for a restraining against Tila -- claiming she kidnapped his so-called girlfriend Shyla Jennings on October 19 and then threatened to kill him.

Shyla has since told us Garry's claims are totally BS ... and that she has "no idea who Garry Sun is."

UPDATE: Tila tells TMZ she's also preparing to file a lawsuit against Sun for "making such crazy allegations about me."


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Wow, Tila's looking wrecked. Say what you will, but she used to be kind of cute... now she looks busted.

1454 days ago

Restraining Whorer....

1454 days ago


Don't worry, Garry. At 10, yards you'll still be close enough to bean her with a bottle of Faygo.

1454 days ago


Can you stop putting this NOBODY on your show and web site? She is a broke ass, no body, who had ONE show on MTV what 4 years ago? Hardly anyone knows who she is, and lets let her fade into the nothing that she is. No one cares about her.

1454 days ago


I love that she's upset someone else is making up crazy crap about her life. I mean, really? Is there anything someone can say she's done that's worse than the BS stories she's put out about herself?

Where's that baby, Tila? You've been 'pregnant' at least twice and adopting about a million...

1454 days ago


Tila is a crazy ``````` B-I-T-C-H!! That WILL never `` change!!

1454 days ago


As much as I hate her, it's clear this Garry guy is lying. He said she drove to Texas with 3 armed guys, but flew back. Where is the car she drove to Texas? Where are the plane tickets? Not to mention the girl that was supposedly kidnapped said it's a lie.

1454 days ago


This coming from the queen of crazy allegations ...

1454 days ago


It's funny that it says she has 'no idea who Garry Sun is', considering on her fail-blog she's talked about him PLENTY of times in the less-than-a-year it's been open, calling him crazy and saying he was sexually harassing her and her 'staff'. You'd think that by now, she'd know to be careful with what she says, because the internet NEVER forgets.

1454 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

a little tiny asian chick that small,..... you KNOW!!! she's got some massive dudes somewhere in the background!! lol! tiny asian chicks are funny!! #D!!

1453 days ago

dick anderson    


1453 days ago


Hi Harvey I was just reading Dax Live & someone mentioned some hidden cameras? I know about this happening in Vancouver. A group of losers set up hidden cameras & monitored people in their most intimate students. I heard through a friend about some of the people involved. They even drugged people's drinks. They also broadcast it liive through a secure net site & charged money for it. What do you think about someone that allows as something as criminal as this to continue or happen. Do you think a person who knows about a crime what ever that crime may be, whether it be torture or murder, should be allowed to live themselves? I'm asking you this because your a lawyer & I know that if you know about a crime been committed & you allow it to happen or participate in that crime it makes you yourself a criminal or no better than that person committing the crime. So if someone gets the death penalty for torture & murder shouldn't the accomplis get the same sentence?

1453 days ago


LOL @ "Tila wanted Garry Sun ordered to stay 100 yards away from her ... but the judge said 10 yards would do."....the judge knew this biatch was lying but he threw her a bone probably to STFU and get out of his courtroom.

Some danger to society he is...LOL.

It's funny how Tila claims to have the #1 gossip site in the US beating out TMZ and Perez but yet she always sells her stories about herself to TMZ and Radar Online first THEN she puts HER version of how things went down on her own gossip site and has the nerve to tell you FROM HER OWN SITE...."you can read more about this at TMZ and Radaronline"...SMH.

1453 days ago


@ #7 Disturbed....I saw the two YouTube videos Gary put up yesterday before they were removed and Gary said Tila has a friend who is a pilot and this pilot flew Tila and the 4 armed men to Texas in a private plane, got Shyla and brought her back to LA. Gary also said they went to his home and threatened his father who was the only one home at the time.

Gary did mention something about him and Shyla were dating and Tila was mad or might have been mad and was getting back at him. That part is not really clear to me so I'm only guessing

On the second video Gary showed us his FB pade and Shyla was on it, yet she says she never knew Gary.

There is also a tweet that someone sent to Tila about Shyla and Tila responds by saying in part..."Exactly! She wrote me on FB a while back that Gary was planning this all along and that she wishes he didn't bring her name into it".

You can go to they have everything on there including the two videos w/Gary Sun and videos of Tila arriving at her birthday dinner acting all nonchalant and smiling when the paparazzi were asking her about the "kidnapping" and she said "me....I don't know". I knew by that answer she had something to do with this.

1453 days ago


This was all a ruse to trap Garry. Tila, Shyla, Keilani and Skylar are all buddy-buddy. One of them, probably Skylar, started coming on to Garry and acting like they had a little online romance brewing. One of the 4 had the great idea to tell Garry there had been a kidnapping knowing he would freak out. He did. To make it more believable men were sent to Garry's dad's house (Tila knows exactly where he lives) and acted all tough and scared the poor old man, and by extension, Garry.

Garry's reactions were those of a man who felt he had put a romantic interest in jeopardy. Should he be punished believing the situation/story and acting on it?

Skylar Jayden/Jaylen has a long history of dragging innocent people into the drama she tries to create around Tila. For a long time she had represented a little girl as her own, posting photos online, and it turns out the child was someone elses and Shyla stole the girls images and pretended they were her own.

1453 days ago
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