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Elin Nordegren -- In the Halloween Spirit

10/30/2010 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren and her two kids were all about Halloween yesterday -- little Charlie in his Batman outfit, adorable Sam in her princess costume ... and Elin dressed as the hottest $100 million bachelorette on the planet.

She totally pulls it off.


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I love her. She appears to be a dedicated mom. Hot moms are awesome!

1419 days ago


Something about plaid and $100M is sort of sexy! She is looking fine! Chunky but fine!

1419 days ago


Tiger Woods is a dumb tool for leaving her. She's 100 times hotter than any of the sluts he slept with.

1419 days ago

Grateful one     

I have alot of respect for her and have none for Tiger whom I used to have a lot of repect for. She is a claasy Lady. You don't hear her talking bad about him to anyone. How could any man want any any one of the women Tiger cheated with when you have a wife who has total repespect and shows total commitment to you at home. But I guess the money and power got to his head. I feel bad for her not him. I wish her nothing but the best!

1419 days ago

Joe Jackson an illiterate child abuser    

I don't know why white America especially, believe that this woman after 5 yrs of marriage deserves 100 mil dollars. America is really fe dawg, woman, an pickney! This woman should have got her 20 mil as per the pre nup and moved on with her life. No wonder there is so much man on woman spousal violence; men feel robbed! This woman is a cold frigid ... who could not satisfy her man! Get over it America! She got damn more than she desrved. She is not the first or last woman that a man is going to cheat on; and for men, the more women the merrier, that's just life. Can't stand the heat, get out of
the damn kitchen! And don't try to take the fridge and stove on your way out!

1419 days ago


why cant this crazy lady learn how to dress herself.She must get dressed in a very dark room.No wonder tiger was getting plenty behind her back,she looks dumb.Why cant she let the kids learn how to walk.What is that one kid crippled or something.Put a leash on him and drag him around.Let the kid walk elin..

1419 days ago


Wow lots of jealous haters on here. Too bad you'll never be as rich or beautiful as Elin. So keep on hating I'm sure she doesn't care what you think of her. If you weren't in their home you don't know what went on. Making assumptions just makes you look foolish.
I'm wondering if the men hating on her do so because they are lowlives that were taken by their wives lol and the women, well they're just jealous because they'll never be or have what Elin has. Have a cry you'll feel better. :D

1419 days ago


i wouldnt give a damn what i wear with so much money in my bank account!

1419 days ago


She's to conservative, tiger likes them hangin out, see u at the party victor!

1419 days ago


Woods the disgusting pervert can eat his heart because he will never ever find another woman as hot and wonderful as Elin .
Poor stupid idiot who can hit a dumb golf ball with a stick and believed the world revolved around him. He didn't care about nobody else but himself and his appetite for worthless whores.
One day he will read in his children's eyes what the word DECEPTION really means !!!!!!

1419 days ago

Vote NO Meg Whitman    

You would think she could afford a stylist that would tell her those Cave Woman shoes are hideous.

1419 days ago

Eric Anderson    

Elin has been divorced since she is taking Tiger's brothers to
bed with her! Perhaps not knowing the difference between him and his brothers and/or cousins! Elin appears to have gotten away from herself and believe that Tiger's invading twin is living here in the Phoenix and/or Mesa Arizona area. Be on teh lookout Elin you may have the cousin of Tiger at your threshold insead of the real thing!

1419 days ago

Chun LI    

#15 LOL Those shoes are ugly.She may be rich but she has no style sense

1419 days ago


Her kids look white and she married a black man. Maybe Michael Jackson is PARIS,PRINCE AMD BLANKETS BIO. Dad. . . I cant believe how big Tiger Woods house is in Florida. All that house and no family to enjoy. what a big price to pay for a cheating.

1419 days ago


100 million and she couldn't afford the WHOLE shoe? Somebody send her a coupon for Payless.

1419 days ago
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