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Colbert & Stewart

Bring the Sanity

And/Or Fear

10/30/2010 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart took to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. today as part of their "Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear."

1030_colbert_stewart_getty So far sanity has a slight lead.



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Y do he got    

GOP says lets...KILL MINIMUM WAGES and hand out firearms to everyone and see what happens that`s thier ideal of downsizing by a run on firearms and no livable wage in fact NOT MINIMUM WAGE AT ALL are you freackin crazy it will be open war in the streets in your hood not just some gettos you drive araound

1422 days ago


Great job everyone! An oasis of laughter and fun. Thank you!

1422 days ago


31 you are nuts united in no minimum wage no unions no jobs all sent to china by the GOP.A run on firearms by the GOP no way to make a living and you want to be my buddie? after you cut my heart out and stab me in the back cut my toes and fingers and even lip and ear off.Crush my rib cage shot me in the head burn me and switch blade me while you steal my right to make a living SORRY I`don`t need want or should have friends like that thats insane suicide..I`d leave the country and country after country to get away from your insanitys..had all that done to me plus 50 years more or wireless murder via the GOP that not american that anti american actives.

1422 days ago


Amen to number 29...a person who migrated from another country knows the U.S. is STILL the best place to be..and yet these two "pundits" like to joke about tearing it apart...I have an idea...RUN FOR OFFICE or just shut it. along back to your cable've accomplished nothing today.

1422 days ago


Yea lets make a joke out of NO MINIMUM WAGE NO JOBS RUNS ON FIREARMS and the GOP stealing us blind.OBAMO got in office by a LAND SLIDE and should stay in office.GOP has gone totally INSANE on themselfs as the cyber econ took over and the markets changed as predicted years and years ago.CHANGE take time not firearms and shipping jobs to china for the GOP 1% brainwashing brain drain states say zombie?.Your wife wnet to school but you are brain dead want2BB

1422 days ago

Y do he got    

35?WTF some outsider knows all about america? 35 is not one percent so watch your job float away to china MINIMUM WAGE be removed more GOP run run on GUNS like when the first black president got into OFFICE BY A LANDSLIDE and forget any unions or livable wages and your overseas green carder will slide on to greener places as many american`s themselfs have already done and are doing.WHO needs a GOP murder INC run mobster GOP no job no safe place to live and no way to ever retire.As you see america beeing striped by the GOP^^^one percent you will see people leaving just as 100`s of years ago they came here seeking better lifes so we they leave doing.

1422 days ago


It cost about ten grand and take about three years to COME TO AMERICA and only the rich get in and on one coming here knows spit about america.Try being from a GOP run state or murder INC`ers and slave pickers camps most are going to canada nowadays thus our GNP is dead as our workforces age and our unions are BUSTED funny funny stuff hah ha ha.Get a GUN said the GOP when obamo took office and they still nutty about not having no N in office

1422 days ago


35 yes yes tell that to thier parents back home when they get shot trying to be a american..happens all the time and the GOP does`nt like people of color anyway!.

1422 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Leave it to someone who immigrated here to put it all into perspective while weeding out the double-talking b.s. by the others. There are many reasons to criticize this country. For every one there are even MORE to admire. I'm reminded of Michelle Malkin who is a second-generation Phillipino & is a successful author & political commentator. You can wallow in the negative or hit the ground running with the positive, & if it doesn't suit you, show up at the voting booth, plain & simple. That's what you did in '08 right? That's the only thing that matters. Posting on threads like this only serve to get sensible ideas lost in the tangle of posts by people who can't even put a coherent sentence together with proper spelling, grammar, & punctuation. And I was a product of the same public school system they were, also without the benefit of college education. Imagine that!

1422 days ago


Someone tell me where you got the info that Bush/Cheney were responsible for Fannie/Freddie? If you follow the money, it leads back to Bawney Fwank. Do you have other info?

1422 days ago


Some seriously ignorant comments TRYING to be politically relevant match this stupid rally which tried to be relevant too.

0bama is a stinker and we all know it.

1422 days ago


They should stick to comedy and not politics. They are part of the problem in this government controlled media. We the people are going to take back our country and not the celebrities. Unfortunately, they still don't get it - part of the ego thing!!

1422 days ago


I am finding some of these posts quite entertaining especially the ones blaming Fannie and Freddie on Bush and Cheney.......hysterical. Once again the dumocrats are rewriting history and they believe everyone will believe every little word that Obama reads from his teleprompter. I love how the little college kiddies eat up his big bad wall street rhetoric when their dear sweet Obama accepted the most cash from Goldman Sachs. If you belong to a union or work for the government then Obama and the democrats are your people bought and paid for by the unions and Georgie Soros! If you are someone like me who just got laid off along with her department, who works in the private sector that gets taxed to the max to pay for all of the unions that support Obama then you are SCREWED BIG TIME!!!!!!!!

1422 days ago


Everything is fine well and good as long as YOUR job, YOUR career is not the one that someone else targets. The jobs everyone likes to say NO ONE WANTS were at one point filled by a legal american. Constuction is where we are being hit hard. I am not in the union, do not wish to be!!! Work done at a price that should be able to be afforded by the purcharsee and the worker paid a living wage. Illegals live in a way NO ONE WANTS to address. Do you want to live in shifts in an apartment meant for 1 person, when 10 people live there, and the money earned is sent to another country, where they return and live like KINGS after 10 years in this country. The illegals do not, for now, hit people who make large sums of money, LIKE stewartand colbert, YET!!! They do not want to live the American dream, they want our money and our stupidity. We give it to them. Those who want the American dream do all those things in the proper way to achieve it.... Those of us, not in the union, not with media jobs or born into money, who live and work everyday make ends meet. Work or compete with illegals do not feel sorrow for them only wish they would do what we do the way, more importantly, for the living wage we do it for. But, a big splash and the thought that I am not a compasionate person or I am elite. This is said and I live a very simple life, raising my children. But, I suppose since I did not go to college and recieve my degree, I got pregnant, I do believe in abortion. I do not have that perfect job and my husband does not either. We chose the baby, shame on us....We live to eat, eat to live and compete with people who do not live like AMERICANS. Rise to our standards do not bring us to the standards of mexico.

1422 days ago


In the last ten years I've watched Congress slowly turn into highbrow Jerry Springer opera, as we've strangely come to value our politicians being 'just like me' instead of demanding they be more educated, more worldly, and more experienced than the average American who never leaves the country, speaks only one language, and still thinks America is economically and morally superior to the rest of the world.

I joined the Republican party long before it was co-opted by the Christian right, and partly that was because I believe we need elected leaders who are better-educated, more experienced in governing, and more worldy than the average citizen. Today we glorify the ignorance of the 'everyman' and send him or her to represent us.

The founding fathers of this country were not 'everymen' - they were intellectuals, wealthy landowners with a good head for business, well-travelled, fluent in multiple languages, and well-versed in political science and history. They would be appalled at the legislators we elect today - and the fact that 20% of registered voters elect our government.

Shame on us for squandering a magnificent opportunity.

1422 days ago
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