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Capri Anderson: Sheen Ripped My Purse a New One

11/5/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Capri Anderson claims Charlie Sheen didn't just take out his aggression on hotel property during the night of his meltdown ... she says he also destroyed her super expensive Prada purse.


We're told Capri believes Sheen targeted the bag believing she hid his rare, $150,000 Patek Philippe 5970 watch inside -- then opened it up, dumped out the contents and "ripped it to shreds" ... only to find nothing.

Our sources say Capri -- who bought the $1,600 bag the day before -- took it back to the store the next day to get it fixed ... but was told it was "beyond repair."

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Capri never mentioned a damaged purse when they interviewed her in the hotel room.

As for Charlie ... his manager, Mark Burg, scoffed at Capri's allegation telling TMZ, "Maybe she can get a Prada sponsorship out of this."



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too funny

1446 days ago


I have Prada purses. There is no ripping it to shreds with your hands. This must be the new try for her. Each allegation get's more and more ridiculous. Absurd!

1446 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Her purse is no more beyond repair than any two orifices on her body.

1446 days ago


Yet another lame attempt to stay in the spotlight. she should concentrate on getting married to a patsy before she loses that naughty girl image.

On the flip side: in her line of work who will trust someone that established herself as unreliable and not discrete? and lastly, that purse probably was a "Prod ya".

1446 days ago


WTFever, Prada purses don't just "rip apart" with bare hands. They're made better than that.

****, even knock-off Prada is better made than to rip apart with bare hands.

1446 days ago


And another thing!

There is NO WAY she took a "destroyed" purse back to the store of purchase for it to be "fixed".

They would have told her "bi0tch, take better care of your shiz!".

1446 days ago


this girl sticks things in her holes for a living. just watch her lesbian porn videos to find out. it is quite obvious the watch went up her bung. :-)

1446 days ago


What a bunch of BS! She must think everybody is as dumb as she is! If anything, she had a super cheap knockoff. Stop stealing and being a WHORE, then people won't tear your sh*t!

1446 days ago


her story sounds more believable than oksana's story about mel hitting the baby and leaving her a baby pimple on her chin.

1446 days ago


Her story is changing as much as Oksana's!!!

I bet she sees Oksana and her story and her idea of the meal ticket and figures it will work as well!!

I hope Charlie is ok? He should have stayed with Denise...She is into anal and freaky sex!!!

1446 days ago


I hear she has a snatching habit.
As for the purse 1/2 hr of BEDROOM WORK should take care of that.

1446 days ago


Next time Charlie will have better luck with an ordinary L.A. "STREETWALKER" their better trained than the stuck up "porno stars"
A streetwalker would have treated Charlie like an Angel and would have taken care of him in ever way.
If seriously "tempted, sticky fingers would have pulled out a few dollars out of his wallet and end of story.
They have better sense than to help themselves to valuables and stir up the cops.

1446 days ago


This woman bought a Prada purse?? Lol! Prada doesn't rip apart!

1446 days ago


I agree with all of the above comments - nothing more to add - eXcept: Shut this whore down - no more news! Hopefully, the police will fine her big time for all the lies and waste of their time she has caused!

1446 days ago


Awwwwwwwwwww. Wah, wah, wah. Poor little rich whore. Can we get more of these pathetic type in the lime-light?

1446 days ago
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