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Schwarzenegger's Kid

Cops Shut Down

House Party

11/2/2010 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 17-year-old son had a run-in with LAPD officers this weekend -- when cops responded to a house party he was co-hosting ... and forced him to shut it down.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops received six noise complaints about a house party in West L.A. on Saturday night ... and when they arrived to the scene, they were greeted by Patrick Schwarzenegger

We're told the officers -- which included members of an LAPD Vice Unit -- informed Patrick about the complaint -- and asked him and the other co-hosts to call it a night.

Sources tell us Schwarzenegger and his pals were very nice and complied -- but we're told the officers handed out multiple citations to minors who were in possession of alcohol.

We're told Patrick was not among those cited. 

So far, no comment from Schwarzenegger's camp.


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It's his damn Kennedy genes. the faults of his father are nothing compared to the men on his motehr's side.

1453 days ago

Tailee Raine    

This kid is 17..I hosted a few house parties when my parents were out of town and worse than that!!I turned out Okay. A kid is a kid no matter who your parents are...

1453 days ago


Thank goodness the nightmare of having Arnold as a governor is almost over. It only took him two terms to reduce California from a world economic power to what amounts to being economically equal to a third world nation. Of course now we have to deal with the nightmare of having either Whitman or Brown as governor. We're so screwed.

1453 days ago

JR Jake    

If not from Arnold the doo doo is going to hit the fan. I think I would much rather face Arnold than Marie anyway. It is the strong Kennedy/Shriver women that made their men somewhat noble. Butr appearances are everything to them.

1452 days ago


Get aaaot get aaaot ..tha caaps are koming !

1452 days ago

who dat    

Just a kid being 17. Give him a break until he steps in S.

1452 days ago

chet stovepiper    

im the potty poopah

1452 days ago


I so want to sleep with him! His dad is an old ugly Austrian but damn he is a hottie.

1452 days ago


Loves to party all night and bang hoes, sounds like a chip off the ol' block! Now, all he needs to do is ditch the yoga classes, start pumping serious iron, and take HGH...

1452 days ago


Those Kennedy genes didn't fall far from this tree. Where were the adults? Was no one supervising a gang of teens partying?

1452 days ago


@ Carvey

That sanctuary state was gone to hell long before Arnold got there. I was hoping he would do some good but he turned out to be a typical politician. Yeah he sucks so you don't misunderstand me but the gay loving, illegal loving state is getting what it deserves. I just hope my tax paying $ does not have to bail them out, we have enough problems in Texas with the illegals here and we are on the same path except for the gays. To clear that up, I don't hate gays it is just that they want to act like they are normal and you are far from it. Marriage is between a man and a woman ONLY, find another word for your union and I will be cool with it but don't degrade our status by your sense of wanting to be looked at normal because it is not normal for two men to be together, that is disgusting and the same goes for two women. Be that as it may, as long as I don't have to look at it, go do your thing but don't call it marriage. Quit shoving your crap in our face and get back in the closet or just quit advertising it, we don't want to see it, look at it or think about it.

1452 days ago

cindy lou    

All Kennedys are partiers, cheaters, and liars. Where was Skeletor Mom Maria??? They should make a mold of her face for a super scary Halloween costume!

Go home Arnold and supervise your family. Now you've ruined California even worse than Gray Davis.

1452 days ago

im mom    

My daughter was at the party....nothing new here on the westside, or any side. Wow! high school kids having a halloween party, big deal.

1452 days ago


I would love to see TMZ's people kids at 17... LOL Kids will always behave same, no matter who your parents are, and for a change, his parents are NORMAL and decent people.

1452 days ago


oh please, he's a kid who had a party while his parents were out. Who hasn't done that or went to a party like that.

Some of you seem like grumpy old people.

1452 days ago
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