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Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva Showdown

11/9/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson will show up in court tomorrow to answer Oksana Grigorieva's claim he's not fit for overnight visits with their baby ... sources tell TMZ.

We're told part of tomorrow's hearing will focus on overnight visitation.  Oksana believes Mel's nanny is the primary caregiver when Lucia sleeps at his home.  Sources say Oksana insists the nanny takes care of the baby, especially at night, and Mel has shirked his responsibilities as a parent.

Judge Scott Gordon has enforced the custody arrangement that Mel and Oksana agreed to during their mediation in May.  Under that agreement, when Lucia turned 1 last month, Mel got an additional day of weekly visitation.  So now Mel is getting Lucia three days a week, with one overnight.

Sources say Oksana's lawyers will attempt to challenge the validity of the mediation agreement during tomorrow's court session.



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Chicago Dude    

TMZ can we PLEASE move on???!?!?!! Enough of these two!!!

1441 days ago


Harvey, sure is whipping this poor old pony to death today . Two assine tidbits in a few hours. That's cause he wants everybody back here for his coverage of the hearing tomorrow.

Haaaaaa:........... just had a picture of Harvey Levin as Mr Crab from SpoungeBoB SquarePants. Standing in front of his computer screen counting up the hits on this site ... going "Money-Money Money" ...... popped into my head.

1441 days ago



Tomorrow, Oinky loses again. What number lie is she up to now?

1441 days ago

charley hardman    

if solomon proposed cutting lucia in half, one part to each disputant, grigorieva would argue that she deserves 90%.

1441 days ago


Let's see the ramifications of this argument:

MG can argue:

Since the nanny is taking care of the child at night, I really need more time in the day with my daughter?

Since OG isn't with the child when she goes out to visit with lawyers, to attend Lakers games, to spend time with her former bodyguard (who we "know" was never near the child), to go shopping, to see her dentist/internist/aesthetic surgeon, that means she's abandoning the child to persons who are unsafe for the child?

OG's insistance that the child sleep in the room with OG is really not good for the child's development (for a number of reasons, including making the child too dependent on the presence of a parent to be able to sleep), so the child should sleep at MG's house all the time?

What else?

The idea that a parent who doesn't spend awake time with a child complains that the other parent doesn't spend sleeping time with the child is really astounding.

We all know that if MG had LG sleeping in his bedroom, we'd be hearing endless claims that such a sleeping arrangement is inappropriate from OG's team.

Yep, OG has officially won the limbo contest for tomorrow's hearing already. She needn't have her lawyer plant any more stories/claims/theories with TMZ before the hearing tomorrow morning.


1441 days ago


well now I'm really confused........ first she says that Mel is an unfit parent and doesn't want him around the baby, now she's saying that the nanny spends majority of the time with the baby not Mel ......if the nanny spends most of the time with the kid then it doesn't matter if Mel is unfit or not because he's not alone with her HAHAHA way to strengthen his case Oxtard!!

1441 days ago


It's all about her :D

"Oksana appeared quite smug after 91/2 hours in court with her ex sperm donar/ ATM machine/Winning lottery ticket, Mel Gibson. Looks like those 9 months carrying his baby will be worth it..... why buy the cow when you can just get the milk for free right.... no wedding bells ...but a baby should do the trick in filling that PIG bank of hers. May the GOLD DIGGING commence right?

Oksana can we introduce you to a make-up counter.... the natural innocent look is not convincing, just hard on the eyes.....OUR eyes.

No more wondering "Verr can I find rrrrrrich man" you just might be able to put those knee pads away for the time being, that is until your karma catches up with you and from the sounds of what Mel had to say.... You like the gold digging bit just not the work you are suppose to do as a Gold digger. So here's to hoping you can hide the knee pads with this meal ticket!!!

MAJOR skin crawling factor.......UGH.
Posted by HOLLYWOOD.TV at "

1441 days ago


Mel was good enough during the mediation even after these supposed horrible physical fights for Ox to agree to overnight visitations, and unsupervised visits. Mel has gone out of his way to appease her even paying for supervised visits when none were ordered. The only thing that has changed is Ox thought she could get more money since the first 15 mil was so simple.... Stop using the child as credit card

1441 days ago


He probably has the nanny be there as a witness so Oinky can't accuse him of abuse. Oinky will never be happy. So Lisa Bloom's comment, "we have concerns" means they're concerned that Lucia is getting too much care?

Oinky is jealous of the nanny because the nanny is a thousand time prettier and far more elegant than she is.

1441 days ago


Fasten your seat belts. This is about to get uglier than ever.

Posted at 11:15 AM on Nov 9, 2010 by Babushka


Yes, if that is even possible at this point. OG is a nightmare on wheels.

1441 days ago


Mel is smart to have a nanny around all the time the way Oksana throws accusations around left and right, so why does Oksana need a nanny? Did Robyn Gibson need nannies like Oksana? Perhaps if Oksana would keep the baby out of her bed at night, the child would be sleeping through the night at one year of age. (Oksana might benefit in sleep also, she is looking rather peaked of late.) Oksana seems to be grasping at anything to do with parental alienation to keep a child from her father, God knows what she is already telling this precious girl. Shame on Oksana!
You have a child to love, not to get rich and famous.

Control, power, revenge, fame and $$$$$$ = Oksana and her family.

1441 days ago


Hey Oksana - at least Mel was banging an ex-felon in the house where the baby was. That would be you. You did that!

Posted at 11:33 AM on Nov 9, 2010 by Tellthetruth59


1441 days ago


well now I'm really confused........ first she says that Mel is an unfit parent and doesn't want him around the baby, now she's saying that the nanny spends majority of the time with the baby not Mel ......if the nanny spends most of the time with the kid then it doesn't matter if Mel is unfit or not because he's not alone with her HAHAHA way to strengthen his case Oxtard!!

Posted at 11:37 AM on Nov 9, 2010 by Gia

Don't forget the part where she claimed that Mel's father, a 90something old man, who doesn't live in Mel's home was/is also a "danger" to Lucia. This is the same woman who was sleeping with/had a relationship with, a gun-toting felon, convicted twice of impersonating a police officer, who was her "bodyguard" for which he is neither licensed nor qualified.

1441 days ago


Oxymoron wants that nanny GONE.

Jealous much?????

1441 days ago


Don't worry about Lucia, Oinky. She'll be OK. You just make sure Alexander isn't going off the deep end. He's the one that needs special attention right now. Do you have any time for him?

1441 days ago
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