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Oprah Airs Jackson, Molestation Shows Back-to-Back

11/2/2010 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey may not get a Christmas card from Michael Jackson's family this year ... because she's airing the tell-all interview with MJ's children back-to-back with a special on child molestation.

Michael Jackson molestation:
Oprah's big interview with MJ's kids -- Prince, Paris, and Blanket -- is scheduled to air next Monday ... but according to Oprah's website, the talk show host is airing a show the Friday before entitled "200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward."

Interestingly ... the Jacksons had beef with Oprah over her programming decisions back in 2005 ... when she did a show on pedophilia during jury deliberations in Michael Jackson's molestation trial.

A rep for Oprah's production company tells TMZ, "There is no connection whatsoever between the two shows. This is purely coincidental."



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nora, thanks for posting that excerpt from the reflections site.that is a wonderful and informative site.
there is so much misinformation out there concerning michael, but it is getting easier to find out the truth.
more and more people are getting informed about the true facts , instead of the tabloid trash,
u will notice alot of the mudslingers are hidings back under their rocks...

1448 days ago


**** all of you MJ Haters, you all go to mother****ing hell.
Stupid bitches, Oprah you can travel to hell as well.

**** off and leave Michael Jackson alone.


1448 days ago


He was cleared of all of his charges you ignorant bastards! If you are going to say something about Michael Jakcson bring up legit points to back it up or shut the hell up and grow the **** up.

1448 days ago


It is NOT proper to compare MJ’s case to OJ Simpson’s.

Justice was not served in OJ’s case because the race issue overshadowed the criminal one.

Unlike OJ’s, the focus in MJ’s trial was criminal justice, nothing else- and the court cleared him of ALL charges, despite overwhelming media bias and pressure to have him convicted.

Michael Jackson was innocent. The accusations were false.

1448 days ago


В России очень любят Майкла, и эти интервью Опры с членами его семьи просто возмутительны. Она его даже после смерти не оставляет в покое, особенно отвратительно что она использует детей для своего рейтинга. Как семья Майкла могла допустить такое, им так нужны деньги что они согласны продать его детей. Бизнес привыше всего, у Опры нет сердца.

1448 days ago


"purely coincidental" that Oprah is airing a show about child molestation a few days before the 'MJ tell all' show - bullsh*t. As in 2005 when Michael was on trial she's 'muddying the waters'. I wonder why Katherine allowed herself to be manipulated into even allowing that woman into her house after she jeopardized Michael's freedom by airing child molestation shows when MJ was on trial. I'm sure Michael is rolling over in his grave. He went to great lengths to protect his kids privacy and now here they are being paraded on TV by a woman who betrayed him. No doubt Oprah will be all smiles and sweetness during the interview to get what she wants out of it but then to air a molestation show before hand...
I believe there's no coincidence with the 2 shows being aired so close together - and if there is - it's unbelievably insensitive and stupid - I think Oprah is more cunning than that.

1448 days ago


I think, I'm sure that Oprah was and still is dangerously in love with Michael.

And she is a bad person. She would never forgive him that he didn't like her.

She is so ugly and fat.

1448 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

Don't care for Oprah, never did ... however, that being said, I think she is trying to say something here without ruining her career, her public persona and her many many $$$ causes/investments. I think she knows more about Michael Jackson than any of us were ever privy to ... that Michael WAS molested and WAS a molester. Read between the lines & listen to what she DOESN'T say!
Other than saying that I don't give one wit about Oprah or her show or her PERIOD>

1448 days ago

deborah mcdermott    

i think oprah is very wrong to air molesting with the jacksons. this just goes to show that she has an agenda to remind people to never forget that mj was accused of child molesting when the poor man was found not guilty of all counts.shame on you oprah!!!!

1448 days ago



No one here gives one wit about you or your ignorant comment PERIOD.

1448 days ago


DreamChild777 - Where are the rebuttals? You only posted the bogus accusations. However, the jury DID hear the rebuttals and vindicated this poor man. They could have convicted him and made a fortune from their stories, but they saw the prevailing truth. The media would run out of the courtroom to only report the ridiculous accusations, and while outside, they were missing every rebuttal going on inside. Unobliterated truth, my a**.

1448 days ago


I wonder if Oprah will ask those 3 white kids how it is to live without a mother. And if they know who their egg donor mother is? or if they know who their sperm donor is? They just have to look in the mirror to see that none of them are black and they dont look anything like Grandma Jackson, Joe Jackson or any of the Jackson cousins. When Blanket looks in the mirror he must see MJs pal TITO BRANDO. Does Paris see MJs pal BROOKE SHIELDS? Does Prince see MARLON BRANDO? Will Oprah ask them "Who's Your Daddy?" Poor little white kids!

1448 days ago

Girl in the mirror    

Oprah I just wanted to say that it would be better you work in a zoo or so...but to spresd lies in the TV about an innocent person is not nice...go and jump out of the window...this is the best what you can do..BeLIEve and support you Michael!!Who´s OPRAH you THRILLER MICHAELS NIGHTMARE!!!!F Y S you know..I hope!!!!

1448 days ago


I just hate Oprah! She'll do anything for fame! Go away already!

1448 days ago


Boycott Oprah! What a sleazy thing to do! You know, the jury could have convicted MJ and made a fortune from their book deals, but they saw and heard enough evidence that convinced them beyond a shadow of a doubt that MJ was completely innocent of all charges. The media, however, would run out of the courtroom just to report the salicious accusations, and while they were outside spreading the lies, they were missing every cross-examination going on inside.

1448 days ago
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