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Oprah Airs Jackson, Molestation Shows Back-to-Back

11/2/2010 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey may not get a Christmas card from Michael Jackson's family this year ... because she's airing the tell-all interview with MJ's children back-to-back with a special on child molestation.

Michael Jackson molestation:
Oprah's big interview with MJ's kids -- Prince, Paris, and Blanket -- is scheduled to air next Monday ... but according to Oprah's website, the talk show host is airing a show the Friday before entitled "200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward."

Interestingly ... the Jacksons had beef with Oprah over her programming decisions back in 2005 ... when she did a show on pedophilia during jury deliberations in Michael Jackson's molestation trial.

A rep for Oprah's production company tells TMZ, "There is no connection whatsoever between the two shows. This is purely coincidental."



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Inappropriate my @$$. Why are folks so scared of offending someone ... get over it. It is what it is. If I want to say it or play it, I'm gonna say it and/or play it. If you don't like it, you can lump it!

1414 days ago


@ Annie it's none of your biz...they are Michaels children and no they don't look white, yes there are light skinned black people in the world, and a lot of them are not even bi-racial..GROW THE F UP!

1414 days ago


thats out of order, oprah

1414 days ago

mj fan forever    

This is really disgusting and shameful!!! And the thing is most deplorable is Michael children are involved in that!! Katherine and Joe did not know this??!! Only for their interests they pretended to forget what Oprah did and the squallid story is repeated with three poor children in the middle!! They were well with their loved father only, the unique person who really loved and protected them!! If Michael had vaguely imagined all this he would never left his loved children with a selfish, exploiter and greedy mother/grandma like Katherine. Both should be ashamed!!!

1414 days ago


i never can say it better than my sweety *girl in the mirror* Michael is an Angel of Earth ... Michael saved the life from over 100.000 children!!!!! Michael is alive ... i beLIEve .... Michael i love you 28 Jahre and it will never ends and i support you for the rest of my Life!!!

1414 days ago


Jackson family were totally stupid to allow Oprah to talk to MJ's kids. Oprah had no business even being in MJ's house. Ridiculous.

1414 days ago


When Oprah bows before the King of Kings one day she will answer for all the grief she has caused people.

1414 days ago


I am so sick of the Jacksons and their high horse. Everyone else is always out to get them and MJ, when most (not all) of them were the main ones using and abusing him and are still using him from the grave. MJ wasn't even cold in his grave before the majority of the Jacksons started cashing in on his death.

Oprah is a business woman. She's not in this industry to make friends. Say what you want about her but she is a smart woman who knows exactly what she's doing. If the Jacksons didn't want her talking about MJ they wouldn't have let her speak to MJ's children. If the Jacksons are so against Oprah then they wouldn't give her interviews. The Jacksons need to have a seat somewhere.

1414 days ago


It amazes me how ignorant people are. The state of our world people are too lazy to educate themselves!!!!!

1414 days ago

Carlos Barrera    

What did the Jacksons expect? she has hated Michael since a looong time ago. She is just USING them AGAIN for ratings. LMP and the Jacksons are a bunch of TRAITORS!!!!! Poor Michael.

1414 days ago

check yourself    

He def woke up to the reality of who and what his mother really was, and is, in his later years. The will stating his wishes to leave his kids to KJ to raise, told me straight off the bat, the will is not his latest will.

1414 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

MJj was a child molester that was protected by the powers that he used to allow to control him. The bottom line is the people who are in control of his money knew about his impending death because simply he is worth more dead than alive. Give you a hint. The dday MJ died a moving truck was at his house moving things out. Find out who hired that truck and when was it reqested? And that doctor who is still practicing will never see a day in prison. Too many people have too much to lose for that to happen.

1414 days ago


~Please..Enlighten Yourselves..Before It Is Too Late~

1414 days ago


Who cares about that dead pedo junkie? He was a loser. The children he bought are losers. They are pretending to be black, how pathetic is that.

1414 days ago


LOL the two programs are not even on the same day. TMZ u tryin to stir ****.. putting the two things in peoples brain. Not connected. At all. The end. Everyone shut up.

1414 days ago
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