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Oprah to Joe Jackson: Take the Hint ...

11/2/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Oprah Winfrey visited the Jackson family at their compound in Encino, CA -- she made sure there were just enough chairs at the table for the people she was interested in talking to ...



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I'm Glad to see Joe & Katherine working together as a TEAM !!

There is STRENGTH in UNITY!! The Jackson Family is at WAR with the POWERS that BE!!!

Stay Strong and Learn not on YOUR own Understanding, But Trust in the CREATOR that Lives within BOTH of YOU!!

RIP,MJ and May the CREATOR Guide and Bless the Jacckson Family!!

1459 days ago


I dont think Katherine would make the kids do anything they dont want to do. I think the kids will have alot of interviews in the future. They said they want to continue to share his legacy and work on the causes of healing the world etc. When you lose a loved one you want to share the good memories with others. These kids are well taken care of thats all the matters. They wont ever have to worry about money, I think their Blessed. They know longer have to hide from the world. MJ lived a life of fear. I think alot of that had to do with his addiction. Randy your brother left his children to your mother because he trusted she would make the right decisions for them. You need to respect her decisions , she has to take care of these kids and make sure they will be taken care when she passes away . I looking forward to watch OPRAH and see how the kids are doing.

1459 days ago


Also, the claim that Jordy was drugged with truth serum was proven to be a lie a long time ago.
Posted at 11:46 AM on Nov 2, 2010 by T

In 1993 when the police asked Evan Chandler if his son Jordan Chandler was administered sodium amythal he said that his friend Dr. Torbiner administered the drug instead to his son so he could pull his wisdom tooth.Under the influence of the controversial drug the boy 'agreed' that MJ molested him.

1459 days ago


bitch oprah!!! only want to be the first lady to interview with the jackson family .............specially........micheal jackson kids .she is only her matters is that interview..she is not care about anything coz she is nasty witch woman

1459 days ago


I agree with #14. You could bet this is Joe pushing her on doing this crap. I must say that I think Katherine is doing a Great job. The kids look very happy. Now is they could only keep Big Daddy Joe away.

1459 days ago


oprah bitch! she only want to be the first lady to interview the jacksons family and specially the micheal jackson kids that is a shame very shameful .i hate her so bad.the kids been through a lot and that is very sad i know now that micheal is very upset right now very angry and sad be couse his kids now will be watching their first interview with the bitch oprah! she is not care about any thing except of that interview .im just very angry of that.but why the grandma let the kids be interviewed like is be couse the kids wants to talk about their daddy or grandma wanted it or,oprah now finely find the perfect chance right now..................very shameful.but if the kids wanted that is fine it is grate now that they finely speaks.very happy for them.ilove u paris prince and the cute blanket.but i hope that witch will leave them soon.

1459 days ago


I think it was rude...if she did not want him there, tell him. How would she like to be photographed standing as if no one wanted her there. Rude, downright rude!!!!

1459 days ago


1459 days ago


1459 days ago


I notice that TMZ has lightened the picture to make all three children look lighter than they really are. Blanket in particular was darker in the original, he looks like a half black and half white child.

1459 days ago


I notice TMZ has lightened the picture to make them look whiter, in the original blanket is darker.

1459 days ago


I have to say they look more like happy, well adjusted children now than they ever did when MJ was alive. by Ginger

Ginger, how are you going to say that Mj's children look more happy and adjusted now than when they were with their father? You never even seen these kids when their father was alive. you don't know anything about what their lives or personalities were like then or now to make a comparison. I think its digusting how much these kids have been exploited since they've been in that manipulative old b**** katherine's custody. She hasn't been concerning herself with those kids protection or care. It seems to me she & that evil S.O.B Joe is more concerned with how she can use MJ's kids to keep her and that lazy family in the spotlight.

1459 days ago


oh, my God... it's so horrible to see those kids exposed like that... Michael always wanted to protects their privacy and they're destroying everything. Specially cause the interview is for Oprah, the Monster.

1459 days ago


MJ never wanted his kids out in the open like this. This is not right. He hid them all the time. He did all he could to keep them out of the limelight. Now the Jacksons are throwing them right up front and center. Not right. Its against MJs wishes

1459 days ago
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