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Cirque du Soleil -- Michael Jackson Immortalized

11/3/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cirque du Soleil is unveiling the images that will drive what could be the biggest show under the big top ever -- driven by Michael Jackson's music ... and TMZ got hold of the image that will drive the production.


The world tour is a partnership between the MJ Estate and Cirque -- each sharing 50% of the profits.  It will kick off in the Fall of next year in Canada, and work its way south to the US of A.

The show will end up with a permanent home at the MGM Mirage hotel in Las Vegas -- probably in late 2012. Cirque has already released sketches of what the show will look like.

110410_michael_jackson_video2This project -- unlike some others -- got the thumbs up from Katherine Jackson.


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This is great news and will certainly be a fantastic show. I hope zillions of people are going to watch it. But personally, I won't find the heart. Michael's music, Michael's dance moves – not performed by him, but by different artists in his costumes (how brilliant they may be) – that hurts me almost physically.

And I'm so sad that nobody was interested to stage such a spectacle in Michael's honor when he was alive. I guess he himself had not even dared to perform in Las Vegas, for fear of demonstrations in front of the casino doors. It was for more than one reason that he chose London for TII.

1412 days ago


Oh, I definitely can wait. That's right, I'm not going. I haven't seen an Elvis impersonator either.

The sheeples think this is a tribute and it's actually a money grab.

1412 days ago


"If you've been here since the beginning Barb, you would know that all the ones you've mentioned is not 'PEOPLE', they're all the same idiot TROLL!! Trust me, all their comments are generated from the same computer, at the same ID address!!
You're just wasting your typing, because the TROLL feeds off of 'getting a dig in' and upsetting people.
Just ignore the idiot!!"

Ummm, I'm one of the people Barb mentioned in her little rant and I am completely separate from the other people. I'm not a troll, nor do I comment on the same story under different names. I simply stated my opinion that I think MJ was a child molester and pedophile. I do not support anything with his name on it. Just because men are found "not guily", it does not mean they are innocent. Are people really that naive to believe that all mean who are acquitted are truly innocent. Geez!! Plus, the man is dead. Move on.....

1412 days ago


tink981 and your naive enough to believe children don't lie. Why don't you educate yourself and do some reseach instead of delcaring someone of such disgusting behaviors just because your naive enough to think that children won't lie for their parents!!

1412 days ago


If it were just one child, I might. But several children were involved and it spanned several years. There is no denying MJ was very much obsessed with children. Why else would he live in a place he called "Neverland Ranch" and invite children to sleep over at his house. You are letting your love of Michael the musician cloud your judgment of Michael the man. I just refuse to glorify and defend a pedophile. And that is what he was.

1412 days ago




1412 days ago


@ tink 981

You're wasting your breath, the fanatics will never change their minds, they've been brainwashed. Think it's funny how they jump on us calling us haters etc but then in the next breath declare how much they hate us and in the case of barb A wish for our deaths. I just wish them peace and love and hope whatever drives them to be so intolerant of other people's opinion loses it's grip on them soon.

1412 days ago


I think Michael would have LOVED it and the kids will be thrilled. MJ loved circuses.

For those of you complaining about people making money of a dead person...well, hallooo....that´s what happens ALL the time! Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash - they all made tons of money after their death. Why would Michael be treated differently?

I´d rather see his legacy continue, the tributes, the shows, the music - people KNOW it is not him on stage but he made an impression in the world and this is a way to make sure he stays in our memory for ever!

1412 days ago


Looks like crap to me. Michael, can't wait for you to come back and piss off the public and lose more fans. And then found out that your children are not blood related to you.

1412 days ago


Barb A and other nice people -

never mind the ones who are only here to cause pain. They'll try to tease and anger you enough so you will answer, but just ignore them. They are not here to discuss anything in earnest. All the right info about Michael is out there and has been published on TMZ in comments hundreds of times, no need to do it again. They are some kind of sociopaths who think that believing MJ was wicked will somehow make them happy. The truth is not of interest to them. So don't let them disturb your peace of mind.

1412 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

"They think that ready cash, flashy clothes
Will her life with laughter
But I've got the very thing that she needs
True love forever after
Then no more will she say

That no one's gonna get it
No one's gonna get it, oh no
But someone's gotta get it
And I feel that I will be the one who will"

L.O.V.E and Miss MJ

1412 days ago


Tink, Carlew instead of pretending outrage at Barb's comment, perhaps you could explain something to me, because this never ceases to amaze me.

Why do people who hate Michael, think he's a pedophile, etc., bother to click on a link to a story that is obviously about Michael Jackson to post their nasty comments? When I see a story about a celebrity that I'm not interested in I just don't read it...much less comment on it.

This is why so many people say the haters are just looking for attention, and it's also why I don't address them and give them the attention they seek. Why don't you just read and comment on a story about someone you're interested in, not someone you don't like? Then people like Barb (and myself) wouldn't be thinking evil thoughts about you. Problem solved.

1412 days ago


Pre-sale started today and lasts for 3 days. Got my ticket for NYC April 3, 2012!!! Can't wait. Too bad it's 17 months away :( But sooooo worth the wait. Wish it was a real MJ concert.

The legend lives on indeed...

Posted at 10:23 AM on Nov 3, 2010 by Tara

In Alberta, Canada. the Cirque show will be in Edmonton (hubby's hometown), so we will drive up there & make it a family affair + watch the show. Can't wait.

1412 days ago


Michael was a showman above everything else. He would love this. He was a big fan of cirque du soleil. I can't wait to see the show in Las Vegas, where Michael felt very at home. He loved all the lights and glitz. His children will be very proud to see there dad's memory in a positive "light". It is all for L.O.V.E Peace out!!!!

1412 days ago


I wish MJ were alive and singing and dancing at this concert.

1412 days ago
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