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Michael Jackson's New Album -- Now Prince Free

11/7/2010 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prince has always been a strange and mysterious man -- but now he's found a way to magically appear and then disappear from the cover of the new Michael Jackson album.


The cover to the album, "Michael," is a copy of a painting from 2009. If you look closely  ... you can see Prince's unique symbol inside of a circle (upper right). But now, when you go to Sony's website to buy the CD, Prince's glyph has magically disappeared.

The website,  which first took note of the symbol, claims to have spoken to Prince's people, who told them, "No permission was granted. Sony Entertainment has removed the symbol."

This is what it sounds like ... when Prince's lawyers send you a takedown notice.


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And that might be fake. All they have done is try to copy what Wacko might have wanted. It will not be original.
Posted at 3:41 PM on Nov 7, 2010 by Bill
Big deal. The fans don't give a flying flip about fattening the pockets of Sony or the executors anymore!!!!!
If the lastest release does not go gold or platinum it does not affect how the fans feel about MJ.
It's all a form of protest against Sony and the executors not to mention how the police and criminal injustice system have cheated and failed one of the world's most beloved and prominent citizens. It's all one big cover up and only the executors and sony benefit from MJ's death. Murray is a liar and a killer!!!!

1448 days ago

That's right bitches!    

Michael obviously wanted to be as talented and repected as Prince but of course will never be. All the Mickey mouse Michael fans can whine all you know mike wanted to be Prince! Even named his purchased son Prince! Lol.....fools.

1448 days ago


Sorry, but if we are talking about musicians, Michael was no Prince. Prince plays so many instruments, produced and wrote and played on every album he made. Michael is a legend and an incredibly talented performer, but he is not the modern-day Mozart that Prince is.

1448 days ago


Prince >>> MJ

Sorry, but that's how I feel.

1448 days ago


prince,u can never,ever,ever,forever never replace mj as a king of pop... ok! not even a 2nd king of pop...dahhh

1448 days ago


MJ will always be number 1
He is and will always be the king of pop
I never use to hear about anyone name prince until a few years ago when I saw Purple Rain
I love MJ and I will always be one of his greatest fans
Don't get me wrong Prince is a heck of an artist
But those are two different man, and Prince does not and cannot win over Michael Jackson

1448 days ago


@ mj is the sexiest man ever - This has got to be the dumbest comment yet. If you knew ANYTHING about Prince, you'd know that the last thing he wanted to be was a MJ wannabe and that they're totally different artists - like apples and oranges. *eye roll*

1448 days ago


@Kevn - THANK U! That's what I'm talking about! Musically, you can't compare MJ with Prince - Prince is far superior in that department. Better singer, FAR better songwriter, composer, and producer, he can do ANY genre he wants and do it WELL, he plays over 20 instruments......If we're talking about dancing and entertaining, music videos, then I'll give it to MJ (although Prince isn't far behind in that department either). I've gotten in plenty Prince vs MJ debates, and MJ's fans only argument is "he's the king of pop", "he sold these amount of albums", "he has these many #1s"..... Prince >>>> MJ! :)

1448 days ago


@brianna- glad you feel the same. I do want to make sure that I loved MJ, too. I'm 38 and grew up in small town in Kentucky. We didn't have Mtv until 1990. I loved Prince, Madonna, MJ, and Janet. I connected with all their music for different reasons. As I grew, I was able to still enjoy these artists, but I respected Prince's musicianship the most. I've seen both MJ and Prince in concert, and I loved both artists' shows. I believe that seeing Michael was exciting because of the spectacle and the kick of seeing someone that iconic perform. With Prince, I not only got the spectacle, but also a seminar on musical genius at work. Prince was at a piano for a bit, acoustic guitar for a bit, drums for a bit, bass, and still sounded great two hours in. That's why I believe that while Michael is the king of pop, Prince is royalty in myriad genres (soul, funk, jazz, rock, dance). Prince, MJ, and Madonna were all born in the summer of '58. There must have been something in the water in Detroit, Gary, and Minneapolis that summer.

1448 days ago


That ***got Jackson was just an overhyped bubblegum mickey mouse manufactured pop singer - nothing more - he isn't even a pimple on the ass of a REAL musician!
He tried desperately to get Prince to work with him, but The Artist wanted nothing to do with The Joke. Prince turned downed that that bloated wankfest that was we are the world, and he turned down performing on the aptly titled Bad album (thank God!).
Prince would never put a symbol of jacko on one of his albums (not that jacko has a symbol, but i hereby suggest that for now and evermore the MJ symbol should be an image of a warty bleeched **** in the face of a little boy).
Prince completed a legendary, unbeaten 21 nights at the o2, whereas the pedophile scared himself to death and OD'd at the prospect of trying to top it.
Pffff, what a joke.
Great music Prince still composes, will jackson merely decomposes.
Prince still rules, jackson just rots....
As Chris Rock said "Prince won!"

1448 days ago

Chocolate Box    

Its a ploy created by Sony to put Mj vs Prince against each other and a attempt to destroy and tarnish Prince career.........

1448 days ago


@ Kevn - Haha, I'm 15, and I'm a fan of all 3 (although Prince & Madonna are my favorites). But Prince is better than the both of them. Sure Madonna and MJ leave Prince in the dust when it comes to record sales and mainstream success, but that's not what I look at. I look at overall talent, and if we based this on talent, Prince is FAR ahead. I think I gave enough reasons why he is more talented on my previous post to back up my statement. MJ and Madonna are more popular because their music was geared toward a mainstream audience, their music is catchier, fun, and CLASSIC in their own right, but Prince's music is DEEP and had so much more depth to it. MJ never made a song as deep and powerful as The Beautiful Ones or Purple Rain, and never did he write a song as *beautiful* and perfect as Adore. Honestly, MJ's "Man in the mirror" is the only song of his that really moved me, and to my disappointment, he didn't even write it. Prince inspired me to start writing my own songs and pick up some instruments. Inspiration!

1448 days ago


Here is the link to the before cover WITH th prince symbol, you can see it very clear

1448 days ago


Meh, who really cares?
Prince is almost as self-centered as Bono...
That is interesting though..

1447 days ago


Maybe the artist (the painter, not prince!!) wanted to paint the Ankh symbol, and added some tribal art in it... the result was something similar to Prince's symbol but not a copy!!

1445 days ago
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