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Oksana: Mel Was Cheating on Me

11/9/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva believes Mel Gibson was cheating on her with multiple women during their relationship -- and now she wants to take it a step further and ask the women if the actor ever attacked them ... in an effort to prove Mel is too violent to be around their daughter.
TMZ knows of no evidence Mel had relations with any women while he was with Oksana much less any evidence he was violent.

Nevertheless, Oksana's attorney, Dan Horowitz, tells TMZ his team has hired an investigator to track down at least four women whom Oksana believes may have had secret relations with Mel.

We're told Oksana's team wants someone to come forward and say Mel was violent toward them.  The end game for Oksana -- trying to prove Mel is far too dangerous to be around 1-year-old Lucia.

The judge in the custody case has been unmoved by Oksana's arguments to date and has given Mel full visitation rights.

And get this ... Horowitz tells TMZ he's provided a soundtrack to keep his investigator motivated ... complete with the song, "Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places."


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I can't wait for the investigation on her computer to be completed. She might as well just jump in the huge a$$ hole she has dug for herself now and pull the dirt in after her.

1409 days ago


And what's with the corny motivational song that Horoputz claims to use? LMAO!! Shame there isn't a song called, Looking for Money In All The Wrong Places......

1409 days ago


That should have been "inspirational playlists" - ugh, fingers didn't even want to type something that lame.

1409 days ago


"Mel Gibson's Friends Allegedly Sent Him Prostitutes to End Oksana Grigorieva Relationship"

Posted at 4:49 AM on Nov 9, 2010 by Bard59

Papa G. must be so proud.

1409 days ago


d) Horowitz' playlist should start & end with "Insane in the Membrane" - but then again, who over the age of 13 puts together inspirations playlists? Ugh.

Posted at 6:13 AM on Nov 9, 2010 by sobeyondcaring

Was good for a laugh with my morning coffee!!

1409 days ago


She is a sociopath. No empathy or conscience.

1409 days ago


I thought Horowitz was a respected attorney. Everyone else has run fron this sad excuse for a human being. He is now trying to engage in tabloid journalism to win points for this sad exuse. My condolences to a once respected attorney.

1409 days ago


well unless they find proof beyond "she said she slept with Mel and he beat her too" it won't stand up in court AT ALL. They would need to provide actual evidence that he was not only with them, but also do***ented abuse of some know, kinda like the evidence OX herself is lacking LMAO

Good luck with that! If they can't prove OX was actually abused I doubt they'll be able to prove that random women were too.

Could they be any more desperate???

1409 days ago



Might as well jump on the bankrupt stars program...why not??


1409 days ago


Maybe Harvey can lend his Allred halloween costume to Horowitz since Horowitz is trying desparately to be just like Aldred.

1409 days ago

kickaboo "Father Peter Oksana Grigorieva Chernukha: "Over the past two years have Mel Gibson had four mistresses!" it emerged that Mel Gibson over the past two years, had four mistresses: Tiffany, Jennifer, Nicole, and Violetta. Two of them could act as witnesses in court. Violetta Kowal even gave interviews to several newspapers. But the girls were intimidated. And quickly silenced. Alas, recently passed away one of the witnesses - the nurse Lucy Latisha. In her presence, Mel brought into the house of Violetta Kowal and yelled at her. Posted at 4:47 AM on Nov 9, 2010 by Bard59

Ahh yes, Oksana's father, Peter Grigorieva Chernukha, that one told the Russian media that Lucia had rats running rabid in her nursery in a new 2.4 million home, courtesy of Mel. How much trust-free money would it take to make PaPa Chernukha happy?

1409 days ago


I might add that Violet's information is damaging to several others as well. The whole story has been swept under the rug for some reason.

Posted at 4:16 AM on Nov 9, 2010 by just curious

JC, Violet has a credibility problem. She had also accused Gibson's camp of verbal threats a while back. Her discrepancies would be shot down in court by either team.

Posted at 5:49 AM on Nov 9, 2010 by sugart*ts

If she has recordings and text that back up her claims that Herzog threatened her to cooperate with Ox then she will be more credible for Gibson's camp. She will also have to explain how and why she got involved in the first place and why she switched sides. I'm still not even convinced she actually slept with Gibson.

1409 days ago


A third person (possibly a boyfriend) of Laci Peterson kidnapped her and killed her. Her body was buried somewhere and later, in an effort to blame Scott Peterson, the body was exhumed and dumped off the Richmond-San Rafael bridge. Before the body was dumped the head was removed to hide the cause of death, a bullet or blunt trauma to the skull. Scott Peterson’s romance with Amber Frey was initiated not due to his "cheating" on his wife but in response to being cheated on. He anticipated announcing a separation from Laci after Christmas and truly believed that he and Amber would be together at that time. Dan Horowitz

1409 days ago


That deal about the friends fixing him up with pros struck me a long time ago.

They are telling him 'your relationship is built on nothing but sex. Hey look how good these girls do it with no strings attached.'

I would be so humilated if I were her. I would never want that known.

1409 days ago


What a dummy. He wasn't cheating on HER with other women. He was cheating on HIS WIFE and she was just one of the women he was cheating with, hard for her to swallow I know......well maybe not hard for her to swallow........

1409 days ago
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