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Cam Newton Drama Ignites FBI Investigation

11/9/2010 7:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ Sports has confirmed ... the FBI has requested a meeting with a key figure in the Cam Newton college football recruiting controversy to find out if, "young men are being shopped to colleges."

Cam Newton NCAA investigation:

The man feds want to speak with is John Bond -- a former Mississippi State football star. Last week, Bond claimed people connected to Heisman front-runner Cam Newton contacted him back in 2009 and said it would take $180,000 to get Cam to commit to MSU. 

Newton eventually committed to Auburn University, where he's now one of the top quarterbacks in the country. 

Bond's attorney confirms to TMZ Sports that the FBI has requested a sit-down meeting with his client -- and tells us the agent who contacted him said, "We are interested in whether young men are being shopped to colleges."

Newton has denied any wrongdoing -- and reps for Auburn have stated that Newton remains eligible to play and will start this weekend against Georgia.

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This is NOT bitterness on the part of MSU, for the LAST TIME! They reported the incident to the SEC in DECEMBER of 2009, when MSU was still the front-runner to land Newton. Don't be fooled by ESPN and other media's careful wording and phrasing that suggests otherwise, they just don't want to miss an opportunity to make use of one of their favorite whipping boys. Tell me, how is it bitterness on their part for reporting a violation related to a player that was, at the time, most likely to commit to them?

1414 days ago


Folks, the reason this BS is coming out is because Cam Newton is already being called the best football player since Bo Jackson played at Auburn. That's VERY high praise.

People need to watch Cam play. NOBODY this year has been able to stop him ... either running the ball or passing the ball. He's like Vince Young with the Tennessee Titans except Cam's been a better passer in college and he's probably going to continue to get better. He's way better than Tim Tebow. Any idiot can see that.

If Cam keeps doing what he's been doing all season against Georgia, the Heisman should be his. If Auburn crushes Alabama, I don't see anything stopping Auburn from winning the National Championship. Auburn's defense just needs to "hold down the fort" and they should win it. Cam is THAT good.

If you watch him, he looks like a "man among boys" out there. He looks like a star NFL quarterback who decided to put on a college team's jersey and go out there and have some fun. Usually he rushes for about 200 yards and throws for 200 more (at least).

1414 days ago


This is NOT good for Auburn. If I was an Auburn fan I'd be very nervous about the FBI digging around and what they might turn up. It's starting to look like Cam was being shopped around and the Auburn Tigers were the high-bidders.

1414 days ago


Bottom line is this. The cheating and the lap top incident happened. He was to go before the board at UF for an academic hearing due to the incidents. He WITHDREW because he knew he would be expelled and deemed inelligible in the future. By withdrawing, he got to tranfer into JC where he played for a year. Auburn knew of his shady past and didn't care, they got him and wanted to win. So, if you look at it, both Newton and Auburn are frauds,cheats and liars.

And the Heisman is given to the player who has not only a great college football career, but INTEGRITY as well. Something this kid knows nothing about. He doesn't deserve it, and Auburn doesn't deserve to win another game let alone a championship.

Whoever leaked his academic records should be prosecuted. Those records are sealed and private, and leaking them is illegal. Everyone involved in this is at fault in some way or another.

1414 days ago


Cam Newton is a great kid and he has done an incredible job for Auburn this season. It is unfortunate that he is not allowed to speak in his own defense. I do not believe for one minute that Auburn paid him in any way. Whatever he did at Florida is in the past. He has moved on and is top notch kid. It is a shame that people are always looking to take someone down who has the abilitity to reach greatness!

1414 days ago

bud fudlacker    

The comments on here by the Auburn faithful are instant classics. They are about to **** a brick.....

1414 days ago


As a BAMA fans I wish this crap would just go away. If Alabama isn't going to win the NC I will put for the SEC (Auburn) to win it all. The FBI hopefully will clear this up a lot quicker than the slow azz Nzaa. I hope Florida is the East winner. The West has the strongest SEC teams and South Carolina played the game of their lives when they beat BAMA. Now USCe can not find a win. Roll Tide Roll.

1414 days ago


Why would you hope they "know on some doors in...Tuscaloosa". What in the world does this have to do with Alabama?

1414 days ago

kc lee    

Hope they knock some doors in Gainesville and Tuscaloosa, too. We are witnessing the character assassination of an innocent young man and his family.
Sounds like you are striking out at everyone and anyone in desperation.

1414 days ago


msu is pissed because they wouldnt pay cam and cam originally wanted to go to msu.....when auburn pu tup the money, msu lost is fair chance to get him.....that is why people are upset.......msu was trying to play fair and auburn didnt is what prolly is the real story behind all the watever.....

1414 days ago


Folks, there's a lot of slimeball "wannabe" agents and so called "boosters" out in the NFL and college football world. There's no telling what one of these idiots might do. Some idiot "agent" probably was just trying to scam some boosters at Mississippi State and he probably never even talked to Cam or his father.

I hear that Cam Newton's father is a preacher in the Atlanta area. I seriously doubt that Cam's father would be stupid enough to be talking with shady people that he didn't know and trust. I'm sure Cam's father heard all about what Reggie Bush and his family did. His father knows his son had a lot of talent and he wouldn't even think of doing anything to screw up his chances of making it to the NFL.

1414 days ago

kc lee    

Why would you hope they "know on some doors in...Tuscaloosa". What in the world does this have to do with Alabama?
It doesn't. This is just typical auburn BS about Alabama. When auburn gets nailed to the wall, we will see ORD (Operation Red Dog) get started up again, even though it has fallen by the wayside with the deaths of Stump Thrower and David Green in recent months. Thei obsession with Alabama won't allow themselves to be down while Alabama is on the upswing.

1414 days ago


Am I the only person who thinks it is ridiculous that the F.B.I. is even taking up time and tax dollars to investigate this matter when there are wars going on and terrorists trying to kill people and so many other issues that have to do with the safety and well being of the citizens of this country and not to mention people in the armed forces in other countries that cant even get equipment they need to do their jobs safely!! What a waste !!!

1414 days ago


The SEC is the biggest bunch of cheaters. Alabama has been on probation for the last 15 years! UF has a bunch of frickin criminals. Heaven forbid the $EC follows the rules. NCAA won't do s thing to them because of the money they bring in. Money talks regardless of your criminal status.

1414 days ago


Since when is this anything new?

1414 days ago
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