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T.I. -- Cornered in Georgia After Prison Release

11/10/2010 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

T.I. won't exactly be a free man when he's released from prison next year -- TMZ has learned he'll be barred from leaving the northern half of Georgia without a really, really good excuse.


TMZ has obtained court documents outlining the terms of T.I.'s year-long supervised probation when he is released from prison in 11 months ... terms that are gonna put a serious damper on his spontaneity.

According to the docs, T.I. won't be allowed to leave the Northern District of Georgia -- Atlanta, Gainesville, Rome and Newnan -- unless he can prove it's for "verified employment within the United States." That means he can't leave the country.

T.I. is also banned from leaving northern Georgia for more than seven calendar days per month or for more than seven days in a row.

And that's not all ... as long as T.I. is on probation, he can't drive a vehicle, can't own "any firearm, dangerous weapon, or other destructive device," and must participate in a drug/alcohol testing and treatment program.

Still, it's better than being in prison.


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How is he supposed to work/record/perform? How stupid! Someone needs to take a closer look at these terms and put their thoughts before a judge. UNREASONABLE terms.

1441 days ago


I live, at least part-time, in Rome, GA(I have another home closer to Atlanta for work) and I can tell you that no one ever wants to be trapped in North Georgia for too long. It is beautiful up there and there is a lot of nature to see, but there is nothing for someone, like Mr. Harris, to do to pass the time. Hell, I greatly enjoy spending time in around the Georgia mountains, but I get bored after about three or four days.

I bet Mr. Harris ends up back in the pokey fairly soon after his next release. If I were him, I would just make a run for it.

I still do not understand why Mr. Harris was wanting to obtain full-automatic firearms outside of legal means. In Georgia, a private citizen can actually own full-automatic firearms and sound suppressors, as long as they have a federal license for the guns and the paperwork for each weapon. Sure, it can get expensive(upwards of $20,000), but hey, if you want it bad enough, do whatever it takes to avoid problems later.

On that same topic, what did Mr. Harris think the full-automatic firearms would do for him? Sure, it might make you feel manly and "cool", but a fully-automatic firearm does not really give you a "leg up" over the opposition, except in war zones, where the "spray and pray" approach might work. Sometimes. In civilian areas, you have to actually control when and where you send ammunition downrange.

1441 days ago


Who the heck is he and what does he do? Let me guess, another "rap artist"? I think every Black kid over the age of 7 thinks they're a "rap artist".

1441 days ago


"Still, it's better than being in prison."

Clearly you've never been to Georgia.

1441 days ago


I wonder how long till some of these criminals lite start fighting the charges with more vigor for the crimes they probably did commit.The cost of "rehabilitating them " and or locking them up for parole violations seems to be out of balance.They need to follow the Sheen playbook and wait out a sweet deal.

1441 days ago


He can look at the bright side, at least he's not in a Califonia prison (just trying to help)

1441 days ago

your own luck    

I wouldn't worry about him getting bored. He can get into plenty of trouble in Atlanta.

1441 days ago


Why can't pooky drive a vehicle???? Did he get a dui?

1441 days ago


I just don't get it. Two stories in a row here on TMZ reporting on what is it called "Gangsta Rap" and now convicted felons. What was the point of getting an opportunity to become rich and famous and still act like they are living in a ghetto. They are convicted of serious crimes, yet, they'll get out of jail/prison and be welcomed back with open arms, like it's just expected that at one time or another this was all bound to happen.

Why do people buy their music? Is that music so entertaining that people can still financially support these criminal thugs?
Why would they want to live like they do when they were given such an opportunity to make it big in music? And people celebrate them ? Celebrate their releases from jail ?

What kind of world do we live in nowadays when we can accept a music artist's criminal behavior as just the norm? All the while the poor people spend their hard earned cash to line the pockets of these criminals, these low life animals. I'll never understand it! JMO

1441 days ago


is it true that Tiny will be going to jail??

1441 days ago


Cali, if he was in California he wouldn't be in prison! If I were him I get out of the racist red state!

1441 days ago


Ha ha, by the time this clown gets out of jail nobody will remember who he was. Way to flush away your dreams Clifford! Actually, who was this guy anyway? Texas Instruments?

1441 days ago


How stupid that do***ent is worthless, he travels for his JOB he gets to Travel, also Child Molesters, Serial Killers, Serial Rapist are free to wonder this country but we're supposed to feel safe because TI will be confined to a certain part of Georgia? PLEASE!

1441 days ago



1441 days ago


If T.I was a white celebrity or a cop, then he could get away with murder...

1441 days ago
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