T.I. -- Cornered in Georgia After Prison Release

11/10/2010 8:30 AM PST

T.I. -- Cornered in Georgia After Prison Release

T.I. won't exactly be a free man when he's released from prison next year -- TMZ has learned he'll be barred from leaving the northern half of Georgia without a really, really good excuse.

TMZ has obtained court documents outlining the terms of T.I.'s year-long supervised probation when he is released from prison in 11 months ... terms that are gonna put a serious damper on his spontaneity.

According to the docs, T.I. won't be allowed to leave the Northern District of Georgia -- Atlanta, Gainesville, Rome and Newnan -- unless he can prove it's for "verified employment within the United States." That means he can't leave the country.

T.I. is also banned from leaving northern Georgia for more than seven calendar days per month or for more than seven days in a row.

And that's not all ... as long as T.I. is on probation, he can't drive a vehicle, can't own "any firearm, dangerous weapon, or other destructive device," and must participate in a drug/alcohol testing and treatment program.

Still, it's better than being in prison.