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Emails Say Oksana Was Intimate with Bodyguard

11/10/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Team Oksana Grigorieva lied to TMZ when they denied she had an intimate relationship with her former bodyguard ... at least according to several emails between the bodyguard and Oksana's lawyer.  But Oksana's lawyers say there's more to the story.

Oksana bodyguard:
TMZ broke the story .... Kristian Herzog -- who has served time in jail for impersonating a cop -- claimed to have been in an intimate relationship with Oksana that began in May. Oksana's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, told TMZ last month -- with Oksana looking on -- Herzog's claim was "ridiculous".

But TMZ has obtained an email Herzog sent to Martin Garbus, another one of Oksana's lawyers, on November 6. The email reads: "Martin: Do you agree that Team Oksana at some point, needs to admit Oksana and Dan LIED to TMZ and you need to tell TMZ the truth that in fact Oksana and I were intimate?"

The next morning, Garbus responded with one word: "Yes."

Dan Horowitz explains the emails this way: "Marty's job was to placate Kris, because once he got cut out of Oksana's world completely, we assessed him to be a clear and present danger to her life. By stringing him along and making him feel important, we hoped that he would just fade away rather than explode and hurt somebody."

TMZ has also obtained photos (above) showing Oksana in a nightgown, sitting on a bed with Herzog at her home. But Horowitz tells us the pictures were taken during a PEOPLE magazine photo shoot and were in no way intimate.

The judge in the custody case issued a restraining order against Herzog last month, concluding he was a danger to Lucia and prohibiting him from going near her.


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Peter Johnson    

I think Oksana will go back to Gibson. After all, he wrote her such nice poetry:

1409 days ago

Jus Another Viewer­ibson-tapes-tampered-11169063

Spliced, Diced, self serving EDITED Blackmail material!­orieva-mel-gibson-dentist-phot­o-doctored-teeth-domestic-viol­ence-punch/

HER dentist debunked HER pix!

ANYONE who thinks radaronline is credible is a NUT!
(she also accused Tim Dalton of abuse too) TWO kids, BOTH famous RICH fathers! co-incidence? Doubful.
Octosana will be going to jail soon, Mel will get the baby, she'll be deported

1408 days ago


In response to logolologo's delusional statement: "mimik" and "sam" are either one of you that infamous beaver puppet or one of the other puppets??!!!. I've never seen sunglass frames lay so perfectly on someone's hairline. Especially with someone as delicate looking as his guy! Hysterical!!!!

You guys did a crappy job photo-shopping this and if I were Mel I would ask for a REFUND!!! That's right Mel...A REFUND dammit!
Posted at 10:32 AM on Nov 10, 2010 by loloagogo
-------------------------------------------------- search for Oksana and Bodyguard Pics

What does this mean? It means she's a lying liarface, liarhead with extra lying on top!

Which she keeps proving over and over again

Posted at 12:52 PM on Nov 12, 2010 by Frieda

1408 days ago


i know herzog my uncles and dad went to skool with him they were best friends herzog is nice but wier

1353 days ago


PEOPLE magazine photo shoots don't usually have subjects posing in nightgowns.

At the same time, these photos while certainly odd, don't convey intimacy to me. She's not revealing anything or posing provocatively. The body language is off as well.

Would she really ruin her meal ticket with Mel by sleeping with this obese nobody?

1339 days ago


@#377. Maybe on Jan 6th, Oksana got out of line with Herzog and he jacked up her teeth and they're blaming it on Mel. Hmmmmm

Posted at 10:42 AM on Nov 11, 2010 by Knight


Excellent theory! I'd buy that. One call to People Magazine is all this will take, Harvey.

1339 days ago

Jimmy Money    

Those ruskies loooove the small fat and hairless krustev look.

But that butterball turkey guy should loose that stache. It looks like pin the stache on the ugly, smelly, fat, loser,
creep game.

Note to self: Never let your ex-wife who is a ruskie, ever get within ten feet of a guy who looks like a small penis with stubby arms.

1339 days ago
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