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Katherine Jackson's Secret Contract

11/12/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has been bitterly complaining the Michael Jackson Estate is not giving her enough money, and now we know what she's done to supplement her income in a big way.


TMZ has obtained a contract Katherine signed with Vintage Pop Media (VPM), the company that owns tens of thousands of photos, videos and other MJ items.  Under the deal -- which is not sanctioned by the MJ Estate -- Katherine agreed to participate in the production of "The Katherine Jackson Story," some sort of MJ documentary set to music.  Katherine also agreed to pen the book that was just released, "Never Can Say Goodbye."

In return for her work, VPM -- owned by her controversial business partner Howard Mann -- agreed to pay Katherine 25% of the net profits with a minimum monthly guarantee of $10,000-a-month.  But here's what's really interesting ... there's no end date for the $10-grand-a-month, so if you read the contract literally, VPM agrees to pay Katherine at least $10k-a-month for the rest of her life.

And get this.  The contract also says Katherine has the legal right to "forever bind" Michael's kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket.  According to sources familiar with the MJ Estate, Katherine does not have the power to contractually bind Michael's kids.

Katherine is already raking in $26,000-a-month from the MJ Estate, but she's complaining she wants more.  Looks like she found it.

Howard Mann tells TMZ, "This is one of several agreements with Mrs. Jackson. This was a starting point in our relationship."


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Why does the date on this legal do***ent say February 31 2010?

1256 days ago

rosie segerra    

Did u see how many of her grandchildren are living in her house? How can $26,000 be enough for them? She must have been receiving a monthly allowance from Mihael when he was still alive.

1256 days ago


Enough with calling Mrs. Jackson a "whore, Ho, etc."!! How incredibly disrespectful some of you are!

This is an 80 yr. old woman who is trying to support an extended family. While to us it seems that she may be making some bad decisions with who she is choosing to work with (Howard Mann) we do not know the whole story. I cannot imagine how much pressure is on her to make enough money to raise MJ's kids and everyone else's too. Jermaine and Randy need to get off their lazy butts and raise thier own kids for goodness sakes!! They need to move all of them out and take responsibilty for a change. Mrs. Jackson should not be trying to take care of that many kids. We all know how much it costs to raise a child. Imagine trying to do that with so many mouths under your roof.

Give her a break!

1256 days ago


misty, I am sure there are tons of people who go and visit the Elvis grave site. He was a great entertainer as I said. I still don't think he ever reach the status that MJ did but that doesn't mean he wasn't a great entertainer. I have respect for all three of them, Elvis, Lennon & MJ.

1256 days ago


Checkout there is a guy on e-bay saying he has 8 unreleased songs that he is selling for $300 a pop. I am sure the estate is aware of this guy, but in case they are not I shall alert them.

1256 days ago


uh oh....i don't wanna say too much!

1256 days ago


Aq, I think you're the only one who talks sense on these boards...

1256 days ago


@69... Your comment is typical of the other ignorant comments on this article. What leads you to believe that it wasn't the intention of MJ, Elvis or John Lennon to financially care for their loved ones for the rest of their lives? Why is it a sin for those loved ones to sell off assets, which the assets were left to them? If you ever read anything besides TMZ, you would know that EVERYTHING that Pricilla Presley did with Elvis' estate was done to create a legacy for his daughter who was the love of his life. His estate, when he died was worth around a million dollars and taxes on the property were $500K a year. It is because of Priscilla that the extate is now worth in excess of $100 million. Yoko Ono was the love of John Lennon's life and, whether you like her or think she is a whack job, she is doing exactly what JL would have wanted her to do. As for Kathryn... what the hell are you so upset about. The woman is WORKING!!! Geez, people. And I am willing to bet that the majority of the posters on this site, if they were to get an inheritance would blow through it in under a year... blinging themselves out. STFU.

1256 days ago


money=reason for all the crap. a different system needs to be made or we are facing some ****ty times. end of the world as we know it ****ty.

1256 days ago


It's all about money with the whole Jackson family. I do't think they even miss Mike, just the money!
The whole bunch of them make me sick, MaMa included.

1256 days ago


Graceland Mansion, Elvis Presley’s home and refuge for 20 years, is one of the most visited homes in America today, now attracting over 600,000 visitors annually. In 1991, Graceland Mansion was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2006, Graceland was designated a National Historic Landmark.
Record Sales
It is estimated that Elvis Presley has sold over one billion record units worldwide, more than anyone in record industry history. In America alone, Elvis has had 150 different albums and singles that have been certified gold, platinum or multi-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), with more certifications expected as research into his past record sales continues and as current sales go on. Research is also underway to do***ent his record sales achievements in other countries. It is estimated that 40% of Elvis' total record sales have been outside the United States.

International Acclaim
Elvis Presley’s trophy room at Graceland is filled with gold and platinum records and awards of all kinds from around the world. Some of the countries represented are: Norway, Yugoslavia, Japan, Australia, South Africa, England, Sweden, Germany, France, Canada, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

It is interesting to note that, except for a handful of movie soundtrack songs, Elvis did not record in other languages, and, except for five shows in three Canadian cities in 1957, he did not perform in concert outside the United States. Still, his recordings and films enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, popularity all over the globe, and he is known throughout the world by his first name.

Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Michael Jackson were all gifted. But why put down Elvis, Lennon or anyone. Give credit where it is due and be respectful instead of tearing someone down. Look up the history. Just because someone makes a statement on TMZ, doesn't make it a fact.

Life is short. Enjoy it while you can. Bickering is not worth it.

1256 days ago


GREEDY! $26,000 a month and still wants more. She seems to be more upset about the money, than getting people in trouble for the death of her son! I don't like MJ, but come on, I couldn't imagine what he must have went through with this money hungry family. Probably just paid them to go away each month

1256 days ago


October 24, 2010

By Brad Patton
Freelance Music Writer

Even though Elvis Presley the man died more than 33 years ago, Elvis Presley the icon will never truly leave the building.

Not when his music is everywhere, including his very own 24/7 channel on satellite radio. Or his movies are constantly getting upgraded and re-released. Or when more than 10,000 people list their primary source of income with the IRS as “Elvis Tribute Artist.”
That’s right, more than 10,000 – and that’s just the professionals. If you counted all the people who put on white jumpsuits, curl their top lips and swivel their hips while singing “Don’t Be Cruel” or “Suspicious Minds” just for fun, the number might reach into the millions.

1256 days ago


Damn all the Jacksons are money hungry! Mike is rolling over in his grave i bet, he's still supporting the family even in death so sad!

1256 days ago
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