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Oksana on the Attack Against Mel

3/16/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Oksana Grigorieva are going after Mel Gibson right now in the family law case ... trying to get the judge to hold a hearing on whether Mel struck Oksana.


Sources connected with the case tell us ... Oksana will ask Judge Scott Gordon for three things this AM.

-- An order forcing Mel to sit with a shrink to determine his mental state.

-- A hearing to determine if Mel did indeed hit Oksana. Oksana's team cannot use Mel's no contest plea in the criminal case because Mel made no admission that he did anything violent.

-- An order awarding Oksana sole custody based on the D.A. rejecting the extortion case against her.  Oksana's team believes Judge Gordon may have been influenced by Mel's assertions that Oksana committed extortion, and now that the case has been rejected they feel custody should change.



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LA me    

I was there during the whole DR RS HL triangle...wasn't pretty

1284 days ago


Tell..Found this for you, put your slueth cap on...and see if we can solve this MULTUM IN PARVO.

Dear Mr Gibson Sir.
Please find time to read this MULTUM IN PARVO message? REMEMBER ME?
Its still available Mel,the story for a screenplay?M/O FFTB?Kind regards to Mr Gooder Bonnie Watkins and special regards to Mr Bruce Davey.

All the very best for the future Mel.Hows Bjorn Mel?
Multum in parvo,bona fide.
Mr EDITOR,this little messaqge could be a CRACKER for your newspaper?
This message has mystery and liberty and laughs attached too it???


Posted by: Rob Fisher | Mar 14, 2011 at 03:29 AM

Los Angeles Times (blog)

Posted at 7:36 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by KM

Just sounds like someone trying to sell Mel a script. I'm sure he gets a lot of that. The person is using names of people they both know and terms that would be familiar to indicate who they are. If the comment is an indication of how well this person writes I would say the script sucks and Mel turned it down. :-)

1284 days ago

little aussie reader    

I was there during the whole DR RS HL triangle...wasn't pretty

Posted at 3:20 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by LA me

Oh La, you gotta email me! I always thought there was something not quite right there. I have a dear friend who met (and has photo's to prove it) HL on a visit to the U.S. Would love to compare your view with his fantasies. LOL!

1284 days ago



Writer living in LA. Wrote screenplay.

1284 days ago


SXSW: Jodie Foster defends Mel Gibson at the world premiere of 'The Beaver'
by Karen Valby
Categories: Mel Gibson, SXSW Festival

Before tonight’s packed SXSW world premiere of The Beaver, the new Jodie Foster movie starring Mel Gibson, there was an interestingly anxious energy in the air. What would it be like to see Gibson on screen again? Could an audience give themselves over to his portrait of a severely depressed man who copes by communicating with the world with a beaver hand puppet? Or would his ugly tape-recorded voice, which too many indulged in listening to when his rageful phone conversations with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva went public last year, play as background noise?

Here’s the thing: In the film, Gibson plays a man who hates himself, a flattened, desperate father who has made a wreck of his family (Foster plays his wife; the deeply interesting young actor Anton Yelchin his teenage son). His demons are dark and powerful, and yet the performance is quiet and dear. In some ways, it’s the only role I can imagine inspiring any compassion in audiences for Mel Gibson.

There was a telling little moment in the Q&A that followed the screening. A gentleman asked Jodie Foster to elaborate on her earlier declaration when she introduced the movie that The Beaver was “the biggest struggle of my professional career.” She paused, and then spoke about the tricky job of getting the tone of the film right. Come now, the enormous Australian elephant in the room needs addressing. Finally the gentleman dared wonder if the source of her agita was in fact her star, and asked if she did have any regrets casting him. “I feel incredibly grateful to have Mel’s performance in this movie,” she said firmly. And suddenly a little wave of applause seemed to spread around the room. Whether folks were cheering for Mel Gibson’s performance or for Mel Gibson the human being or simply for Mel Gibson’s loyal friend and director who has always enjoyed enormous audience good will was unclear. “Anyone who’s ever worked with Mel,” Foster continued, “knows he’s the most beloved actor in the film business.” And then, in an unforeseen shout-out, she gave props to her Anna and the King co-star. “The second most beloved is Chow Yun-Fat.”

Towards the end of the Q&A, before she was asked if she was planning to star in a musical like Bugsy Malone again (no), Foster described her intimate connection with the film’s portrait of depression. The story “has to deal with all my struggles and all the things I think about obsessively,” she said. “Life is full of this half comedy, half tragedy. And the only way to get through it is to know you’re not alone.” One has to think that whatever a mess Gibson has made of his life, he must find some genuine comfort in stalwart friends like Foster.

The movie is good, or at least fine, people seemed to agree as they made their way up the crowded aisle. Mel Gibson is good. Sad and moving and good. Whether audiences will have a stomach for him, let alone a film about the drowning ache of depression, let alone a film that involves you explaining to your date that The Beaver refers to a beaver hand puppet, remains to be seen. It’s a hard sell every way around. The movie opens in select cities on May 6, followed by wide release on May 20.

1284 days ago


New thread

1284 days ago


Good morning all :)

Hope all of you in the US will continue to be OK.
In the meantime - 'better safe then sorry' :)))

The above links also include some harrowing images of Japan .. a hell on earth! Trully. God bless the souls of the Japanese

1284 days ago

Just Saying    

Mel's lawyers need to just do the minimum, initate nothing in fhe family case, and let the judge fend off Oksana's transparent attempts to build up a civil damage case.

The judge will then deny Oksana's next request for $$ for lawyers to fund this nonsense and without cash the lawyers will go away.

Mel is NOT going to lose custody over this plea, and he needs to be disiplined and think long term: Cut her money off by making the court realize it his SHE trying to perpetuate this dispute, not Mel.

As long as she, and not he, is the one initiating these continual returns to court, she will not get anymore funding.

1284 days ago


This woman is a nut job. I'm doing my job by supporting any and all of of Mel Gibson's movies. Her lawyers are bigger s*** than she is, there is a reason why so many lawyers drop out of this case because they knew she was crazy.

1284 days ago


Jeez, she is such a meanie and a sore loser. Get over it sweetie, he dumped you. Move on and raise your daughter.

1283 days ago


I hope Oksana is made to go to a shrink she has defiantly screwed up her first kids life. I wonder what she was giving Tim Dalton for lying for her; maybe that he did not have to pay the child support back payments. Also the judge who heard the extortion case has his own political history with her lawyer so I think that needs to be revisited. As for Oksana claim Mel hit her; he has never hit his soon to be ex-wife in over 20 yrs. I believe she was shaking their baby and he slapped her but did not knock out her teeth. I had veneers to lengthen my teeth; they do not work. I broke 2 on a BLT sandwich and cut my lip from the broken area by my two front teeth. The glue they used was not strong enough and it would have been around the time Oksana had hers done paid for by Mel they used those veneers & glue. I also kept the pic of my broken teeth; telling husband I would use them to black mail him but I was kidding. She is a gold digger and I feel sorry for her next meal ticket; I hope the kid is taken away from her quickly every time you see her at the mall her daughter is not around; who is paying for all these shopping sprees and nannies???

1278 days ago


Yeah Boxsana



1251 days ago
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