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Mel Gibson -- Armed and Loaded

11/12/2010 3:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson had multiple weapons that he turned over to the LAPD, after Oksana Grigorieva accused him of domestic violence ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ has obtained an LAPD document called "Receipt for Property Taken Into Custody," dated July 15, 2010.  Judge Scott Gordon ordered Mel to surrender his weapons, after Oksana filed for a domestic violence restraining order.  The order to surrender is standard operating procedure when domestic violence is alleged.

Here's what Mel surrendered:

-- A blue steel, semi-automatic 9 millimeter Glock handgun

-- A blue steel, semi-automatic  9 millimeter Beretta handgun

-- A blue steel, semi-automatic 12 gauge Benelli shotgun

-- A blue steel, lever action Winchester rifle

-- A magazine for the Glock

-- A magazine for the Beretta

-- A speed loader for the Glock -- which allows someone to load the gun quicker

Oksana claims Mel waived a gun and threatened her life during their January 6 blowout.  Mel denied doing any such thing.



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Actually he was stripped of the guns by a judge -- Judge Gordon.

Posted at 10:09 AM on Nov 12, 2010 by TMZgossip

Read. Standard with ANY restraining order.

Posted at 10:55 AM on Nov 12, 2010 by Maya

and you're posting that to the wrong person.
I don't take issue with the order, or who imposed it, or the fact it is SOP for DV situations

1351 days ago


The nasty dwarf deserves all that the courts will throw at him.

1351 days ago



Disgusting is right!

Who is leaking this stuff anyway! How did this info get out, but from a corrupt police!
Or is it the judge himself? Someone save him from this judge anyway!

And Mr. Gibson,
That's all? I expected a much more extensive list! ;)

Posted at 10:26 AM on Nov 12, 2010 by IA

I'm guessing this is due to the gag order no longer in affect.

1351 days ago


BTW. if you want to be prepared for an attack, don't count on a speed loader. Have several mags already loaded. But for the most part, if you can't take care of the problem with your first mag, then you're probably doomed anyway... ;)

Posted at 11:08 AM on Nov 12, 2010 by IA

I agree.

1351 days ago


The nasty dwarf deserves all that the courts will throw at him.

Posted at 11:02 AM on Nov 12, 2010 by Dave4526

Don't talk to your penis that way. He didn't know it was illegal.

1351 days ago


Actually, I think that so far at least, the Judge has done a good job of keeping everyone unhappy. So he doesn't bother me yet.

Don't have guns because I am much better with a sword. Wouldn't let me kids play inside anyone's house when they were younger because I just didn't know how well firearms were kept. Have some big-time bow hunting friends though and the guns do not seem like a lot.

Tee hee

1351 days ago


No gag order and THIS IS WHAT WE GET! Old news!!!

1351 days ago


Mr. Jesus Freak himself. I'm sure JC would advocate owning Glocks and talking to the mother of your child the way he did. Mel Gibson should die, who needs him. Certainly not his daughter.

Posted at 10:46 AM on Nov 12, 2010 by me not you

You never cease to disgust me.

1351 days ago


This is obviously an article meant to smear Mel a little bit more. More smear from TMZ because Horowitz is a friend of theirs.
It's disgusting !

When is somebody going to tell the truth about Oksana ?
Even after she goes to jail the media probably won't try to smear her the way they've been trying to smear her victim.

1351 days ago


Don't have guns because I am much better with a sword.

Posted at 11:12 AM on Nov 12, 2010 by middleagedcrazy

Why do i have all of the sudden Uma Thurman and "Kill Bill" in my mind...:-)



1351 days ago

don't make me laugh    

What a lying piece of work she is.This was so planned out on her end.She wanted the baby for the money.But,she sure doesn't want joint custody.She wants to call all the shots.So what better way to make him look as bad as she can.He cussed her out period.Yes,the words were awful for sure,but he never pulled a gun on her and she knows it.

1351 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Legendary Mae West said:

"Is there a gun in your pocket
or are you just happy to see me"


***Team Mel***

1351 days ago

what a mess    

Funny how TMZ keeps moving the MEL "story" to the top of the board. All the other stories posted AFTER this went up originally are further down...clearly done by # of hits.

1351 days ago


He's still a citizen of the united states.... right to bear arms. only having 4 guns is not a big deal. i hope no one blows this out of proportion. it's his right. also, a speed loader for the Glock- useless. i have one. it automatically comes with the gun as an added accessory. not anything really useful. I hope people can separate him abusing his girlfriend and him owning guns. two separate things. owning guns is NOT what makes him a questionable person- him abusing his girlfriend does. two separate matters.

Posted at 10:39 AM on Nov 12, 2010 by Kiley

Right, Mel being f'cking nuts enough to brandish a gun during a DV blowout is what makes him a questionable person, not the fact he owns guns. The fact he had to surrender his guns, that is a direct result of him having a DV retraining order against him. The 2nd amendment isn't an absolute right to own guns.

1351 days ago


Bet Oksana has a bunch of guns to kill all those wild rats she has. Bet she keeps them neighbors up all night shootin em.

1351 days ago
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