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Sam Ronson Sued over 'Vicious Murderer' Dog

11/12/2010 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Ronson has a "vicious murderer" living with her named "Cadillac" -- this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

Sam Ronson

Farnouche Kamran just filed the lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court -- claiming Ronson's dog Cadillac attacked and killed her dog Tiger in the hallway of their apartment complex back in August.

In the docs, Kamran claims Cadillac has a long record, biting and attacking other dogs and people.

The suit claims a man in Ronson's apartment unit let Cadillac out just before the fatal attack.  Interesting, the suit makes it clear "it was not Lohan."  Michael gets blamed for everything!

Kamran is suing Ronson, Empire West Homeowners, and the landlord at their apartment complex for $750,000 ... plus medical expenses and punitive damages.


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From what I've read before, Ronson was casual about keeping her dog under control and while this wasn't the first time her dog went after someone or another dog, it was the first it attacked and killed another animal. You can't blame an animal for the way it's owners treat it, but Ronson seems to be a bad owner who shouldn't be allowed to keep a dog.

1254 days ago


750k way too much. Looking for a settlement. They'll get a decent one too. She is clearly at fault, it's her dog.

Yeah I don't get how Ronson seems to get all these good looking girls. Seems to me if you like women you should want the one you're dating to at least look a little like a woman. Ronson looks like Peter Pan. Not hot!!!!

1254 days ago


$750,000 for a dog?!?! I think she should get some compensation, but $750,000 is ridiculous!!! $2,000 at the most and the killer dog put down!

1254 days ago


Farnouche Kamran, why don't you go back to your country ? dumbass!

1254 days ago


I'm sorry for the owners loss and all, but seriously? How many times has a dog been attacked by a dog just 'being a dog'. What on Earth gives them the right to sue for THAT much? Ugghhh.. Hollywood!!!!!

1254 days ago


Trying to rationalize the 750K is an exercise in futility. They are all insane out there, whether it's 750K for a dog, some loser rapper named Curtis sitting in a car with a million dollars on his lap, taking photos, or Mel Gibson having to pay 20K per month for the needs of a 1 year old. There is no rationalization possible for the whole life style these people's pure entertainment value to the rest of us "normal" people. Now get back to work before your boss sees you reading TMZ.

1254 days ago

The Teeto    

This lawsuit will get thrown out. I mean, a man in Ronson's unit? Puh-lease. And we all know that Ronsons eat *******, not dogs.

1254 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Her dog mauled Bruce Vilanch.

1254 days ago


I agree with Ed. It's the owner's fault (Sam's), not the dog's. If you know you have an aggressive animal, it is your responsibility to train it/muzzle it/keep it in an area where it can do no harm. If you can't handle that responsibility, you shouldn't have the dog. People here keep cracking's not funny. Can you imagine having your dog mauled to death? I feel awful for the person who lost her dog. And now Sam's dog is probably going to be put down which is just another tragedy because this didn't have to happen.

1254 days ago


$750,000 for that ugly little mutt (the dead dog, not Ronson)? RIDICULOUS!

1254 days ago

Maui Girl    

people that don't contain their dogs should be held responsible. We all know that they won't get 750,000. For whoever said "dogs will be dogs" are you kidding me!!!!! The law in LA is that dogs must be kept on a leash. My neighbors dog got out and killed my cat. I was devistated. I wish I was able to sue them, because guess what? Their dogs still "accidently" get out. And their dogs have bitten other dogs too. Some people as much as they might love animals are too irresponsible. It sickens me. I don't feel bad for Ms. Ronson at all.

1254 days ago


Good! A precedence needs to be set when people refuse to take responsibility for a viscous dog…this dog should have been better trained, muzzled at best and probably not lived in an area so close to others. Owning a dog is a responsibility that should be taken serious…this is exactly why certain breeds are not allowed places and outright banned in others. I own and rescue rotties, Sheppard’s and on occasion pit’s among other breeds…because of people like this, it is almost impossible to live anywhere with these breeds…it is a serious problem and I am sick of those that refuse to do the right thing where their pets are concerned, it’s a death sentence for some dogs..IMO a lot of people should not own dogs, period..

1254 days ago

Brad Sullivan    

TMZ, where is page two of the complaint?

1254 days ago


I am sure sam ronson loves dogs,,the dog and a jar of peanut butter and she is set for the evening..arf arf,,barf barf

1254 days ago


Unfortunately all they can sue for is the worth of the dog, vet bill & perhaps burying the dog. But suing for $750,000. - was a human hurt?

1254 days ago
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