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Tila Tequila Gets 3 Years Protection From Photog

11/12/2010 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The paparazzo Tila Tequila has been battling is going to need a longer lens to cover her -- today a judge ruled he has to stay 100 yards away from her for three years.

The move comes one month after Tila obtained a temporary restraining order against Garry Sun -- the photog who claims Tila kidnapped his girlfriend. Tila and the alleged girlfriend deny the allegation.

Tila was in L.A. County Superior Court this morning when the judge made the restraining order permanent ... meaning Sun has to keep away from Tila for the next three years.


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what a mess    

Do we (the public) get any PROTECT FROM HER? GROSS wh-re.

1442 days ago


what a mess, you beat me to it. Precisely what I was thinking.

1442 days ago


That shouldn't be hard. No one cares about her. The only ones still talking about her is TMZ. She's like the balloon boy famous for really nothing. Its time to stop talking about her. all together. Nothing to see here...... Move along.

1442 days ago


Oh man, I was hoping you were going to say she got 3 years in prison! I first saw the 3 years, then, damn, protection.

1442 days ago

Hey TMZ and all paparazzi, boycott this fugly, no-talent, fame-whore. The public really wants to throw up evey time you report on her.

1442 days ago


When will the public get three years protection from this whore. Put her in the same location as Lilo lock the door and move on to some thing new.

1442 days ago


Haha, this makes the girls at the rotspot look crazy because they took the side of Gary Sun, the paparazzi.

I don't like Tila, but obviously Gary Sun's story was absolutely nutty - even nuttier than anything Tila has come up with. The girls over there just like to pick at anything about Tila, which is sad, really, because Tila is so obviously down on her luck. That they continually pick at everything about her just shows how pathetic those girls are.

1442 days ago

Peter Hobson    

I am begging you, TMZ, quit reporting about Tila, Lohans, and Spencer/Heide and the world will be a better place.

1442 days ago


Ask yourself what Garry Sun had to gain by revealing that story. He had nothing to gain, and everything to lose. He's not a dumb man. He honestly felt threatened, as anyone who heard the ghostrider radio interview could see. His father was threatened directly. If this was a hoax, it was a very elaborate hoax set up to ruin Garry. If it wasn't a hoax, it was a real kidnapping and the victim has been silenced. Either way, Garry was going to go down, and that exactly what Tila wanted. There has yet to be a man who has escaped her clutches unscathed. Just ask Shawn Merriman.

1442 days ago


We should all be as lucky to stay away from her for 3 years. How about a 3 year break from media stories about her?

1442 days ago


#10 You make a great point.

1442 days ago


Tila DID NOT get the restraining order because the judge 'saw through his lies' like she claims on her fail blog she got it because Garry was late and the judge issued a default judgement which is what they do in cases like that because they dont have all day to wait for someone to show up. Garry lost on being late not on lies he told.

Why was he late? What did Tila do to sabatage him?

1442 days ago


Getting a RO for three years does not mean she "won" anything and just like the previous poster said she only got it becaue Gary was late. I'm sure staying away from her for three years is a blessing in disguise.

1442 days ago


I've seen crack whores that have more talent and better looking. This girl needs to go away. I would think SHE is chasing the paparazzi, rather the other way around. FAME WHORE

1442 days ago


Take two Shankamycin and call me in the morning.

1442 days ago
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