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Lindsay Lohan -- Back in Los Angeles

11/13/2010 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan returned to her home in Los Angeles today, with no chaperone from Betty Ford in sight.

Sources tell us Lindsay got a day pass for good behavior. We're told she'll get a little shuteye in her own bed, grab a few things, and then head back to the sober living facility tonight.


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soyled mydget pantaloons    

I'll bet she's already high as kite.

1417 days ago


Do they test her when she comes back, or are they just thanking their lucky stars she even talks to anyone there? And is Dina Lohan giving WEEKLY updates on the Today Show now? Boy, we gotta keep that gravy train on the track baby! Momma needs a new reality show. Roll me a 7.

1416 days ago


@rob5150 let's get some perspective here. Since July you can count on one hand how many times Dina has appeared in the press. 2 times on Lauer and I think once on another show. Look at Michael Lohan, he's appeared on so many shows since then and had press conferences right after Lindsay's sentences. It's ridiculous for people to say Dina is talking that much to the press when she isn't. For all of her faults, she's not in the press that often, doesn't come close to the amount of times Michael talks to the press, and doesn't tend to air Lindsay's private matters out to the public. She tries to protect. Whether that is wrong or right can be debated.

1416 days ago


Way too soon.

1416 days ago


I don't care what she left FOR-that is irrelevant. The fact that she left for home and a meeting is not what this judge intended when he handed down the order. This is yet another event wherein she flips off the judge. And this time she's even using BF to do it! She's not free to do what she pleases. BF needs to understand this is a young woman that can act her way through rehab and sober living. Evidence of that is she's had FOUR prior rehab situations wherein even UCLA and it's physicians thought she didn't have a bad drug prob when she did. Buy an effn' clue here BF. She's playing you!

1416 days ago


FYI-dumas1000 is DINA LOHAN. She's also posting on ROL under several other names as well (since she's not using them here, I won't bother to list them). That's why she's in support of LL and all things LL. This info is well known on ROL.

1416 days ago


wow, she wins her self-destruct game AGAIN.
was she not supposed to stay in court ordered rehab UNTIL january?
betty ford has fallen for her avt just like the UCLA smartypants doctors did, and we all know what happened NEXT...

one day her life will be made into a movie that gets lots of razzie awards, because it is just so silly

perhaps the younger fanning(elle) sister will play lindsay lohan, because it wont be many years until that movies end will be written in the real world

1416 days ago


Here we go again.....celebrity getting special treatment.

1416 days ago

Michael Klein    

Read about her Prehab Centers - no kidding!

1416 days ago


Hey TMZ...How about taking a Lindsay hiatus for a bit? Lindsay is so very vulnerable right now...Why don't you allow her the dignity of recuperating from her illness without your cameras in her face. Surely you can find another Starlet to follow while Lindsay is trying to cure her ills...Thank you!

1416 days ago


This is a 90 day program which is the Judge is forcing her to complete and actually do 98 days as she is in rehab until Jan 3rd.

Fox referenced a handwritten letter that Lohan wrote for him.

"I appreciated it," he said. "I'm new to this rodeo. I think there's nothing better for the media than a Hollywood celebrity in a train wreck. You are going to complete the program. I cannot emphasize enough that I will not be manipulated."
"You are an addict," he added. "You have to change the lifestyle."

After decreeing that Lohan remain in rehab until January, Fox asked Lohan, "Do you understand exactly what I'm saying?"

"Yes, sir," she replied, her voice quivering. When Fox asked if she had anything else to say, she reponded, "No, your honor, I understand, thank you."

It is abotu progression and transitioning back into normal life while trying to maintain sobriety.
It isn't just 90 days of lockdown.
It is about therapy, treatment and trying to live a sober lifestyle after rehab.

For some people nothing Lindsay ever does is good enough.

1416 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I hope she did some cocaine.

1416 days ago


@nicole #49

Why on earth would she violate? Well, gee, I don't know...why did she violate when she was on probation, ordered to take random drug tests, and had the threat of jail at that time also? She has a history of violating...

@me #56

She already won 3 razzies in 2008 all for the same movie!

1416 days ago


Okay she has violated in past but before she was facing "30" days which is less than a week.
In September she risked it and got caught but looking back do you honestly think she would have risked it if she knew she would be forced to spend over 2 months in court ordered rehab and her next violation would result in a six month jail sentence.
Now she is facing 180 days with supposedly no early release so she would serve a month min and 3 months max.
Her only real option is to comply then after Feb 25th her sobriety is up to her.

1416 days ago


Oh now that was real smart! If she wanted to get a little glug or snort, what would stop her?

1416 days ago
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