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11/13/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Black Eyed Peas front man wants no part of the new Michael Jackson album -- because he feels the entire thing goes against everything Michael stood for.

1113_will_i_am_Michael_jackson_REG tells EW, "Whoever put it out and is profiting off of it, I want to see how cold they are ... He just wasn't any ordinary artist. He was a hands-on person. To me it's disrespectful. There's no honoring."

His biggest issue, it seems, is using unfinished MJ tracks -- something he feels the King of Pop never would have stood for: "Michael Jackson songs are finished when Michael says they’re finished ... Maybe if I never worked with him I wouldn’t have this perspective. He was very particular about how he wanted his vocals, the reverb he used ... he was that hands-on."

It's worth noting ... the album is put out by Sony, through Michael's estate. So Michael's kids are the ones who stand to make money off this.  


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I believe it has everything to do with the money. I believe Michael left this legacy for his children (MJ3) & not all the others (Sony, Branca, McClain) who are profiting off of his hard work & efforts. Katherine & the children are not happy about this release. What does this tell you?

1348 days ago


Yes you are right it does have to do with money in Sony's corner, but I think we fans just want to enjoy the music Michael left us. I don't think Michael would mind his friends, finishing his unfinished work since he can't. Michael left his money, music, and whatever else he had to John Branca, and John Mcclain to handle, and that is what they are doing. They sold his music to Sony for a huge sum of money. Michael left his kids to his mother. He decided to let the exectors handle his finances. So far I think they have done a wonderful job. The kids will never have to worry about money. His mother won't either. Her home is paid off and she has lifetime rights to live there. After she is gone everything goes back to his kids. I don't know why he didn't leave the music or money to the Jackson family but he didn't so we fans need to respect his wishes. The exectors sold the music to Sony so it is up to them how they deal with the music. It is not up to the Jackson family. It is up to Sony, and no amount of fighting and drama is going to change that. I know the Jackson's are upset because they probley felt they should be able to finish the music and maybe they should have, but that is not what Michael wanted in his will or he would have wrote it that way.

1348 days ago


Prince, Paris and Blanket do not need the money. Sony and the greedy executors don't need the money either. Until Prince Jackson replaces Branca/Mcclain I will not buy a single solitary product by MJ released by Sony, its affiliates and approved by the estate. Once Prince Jackson places those crooks, that's when i will start shopping for MJ's after death releases......and not a moment sooner!

1348 days ago


Sony tried to destroy him in life so why should his death make a difference to these money hungry demons? They are like a racehorse out of the gate, now that Michael has passed. Disgusting to the core.

1348 days ago


Last time he spent 30 million dollars producing his 'Invicible' album which by the way is an underrated masterpiece.

Posted at 11:16 AM on Nov 13, 2010 by Marie

I agree with u. Invincible did at the end sold 10 million copies. Oh, I luv the song called Speechless. MJ sang it with such emotions & feelings. Beautiful song. On another note, I heard that it was Mottolla that MJ had disagreements with, not Sony. Overall, I like the tracks (the ones that I've heard so far) from the new album. Can't wait to pick up my copy of the Michael album.

1348 days ago


I understand what Will I Am is saying but MJ did want to be remembered through his music and he intended to finish them. I like Breaking News. It gives insight as to what MJ was thinking at that time of his life. Unfortunately, I can't hear much of MJ in Hold My Hand. I find Akon's voice to be overpowering but then again I only listened to it once. The title of the other songs are interesting. I would like to hear the lyrics to get a feel of where MJ was coming from. Hopefully the children will benefit more than Sony from the album.

1348 days ago


Track of AKON "featuring" MJ, on an album LABELED "Micheal".. AS IF.

Posted at 12:05 PM on Nov 13, 2010 by get it right

There are artists whose tracks were made with other artists, i.e. Eminem with Rhianna. I think the track is good, nice tune to listen to. Its popular to do that now. Don't look at it as if its something bad on either Akon or MJ. I thought the Hold My Hand song is good. Hey, MJ wouldn't want all his unfinished music just sit in the closet, it's worth noting ... the album is put out by Sony, through Michael's estate, so Michael's kids are the ones who stand to make money off this.

1348 days ago


It's so amusing when the haters think their opnions matter to anyone. Keep it up!

1348 days ago


I completely understand what is feeling. This album will be no where near the quality it would have been had MJ completed it. He was fussy and a perfectionist. And it is unfortunate that there is greedy people that continue to profit off of him that have no right to. Despite this, I've pre-ordered the CD and will likely enjoy it and yet will mourn the fact of what could have been. It is still such a sad thing that he no longer walks this earth - I will continue to support the efforts to "keep him alive". (P.S. I, too, consider the Invincible album to be genius from beginning to end.)

1348 days ago

Brigha from UK    

51. ....Either the unfinished work is destroyed or someone has to finish the songs because Michael is gone....
Posted at 11:35 AM on Nov 13, 2010 by marson
You make a very valid point marson. It would be unthinkable to destroy ANY of MJs recordings, no matter how raw they may be. Personally, I enjoy the early demos such as ‘Fall Again’ or ‘PYT’ as much as the finished articles. I think an album of MJs unrefined ‘works in progress’ could be successful. However, when Sony are obviously trying to pull the wool over our eyes, so what are we supposed to do?
This situation should never have happened. If the estate had not been so eager to get into bed with Sony in the first place, the fans would have been far more accepting of these tracks. Maybe if they had waited until the children could have had some involvement, or at least until after the trial, it may have been a different story. As it is, Michaels legacy is very much in the hands of a company which he despised, and that, by itself, is a tragedy.
I question why MJ did not use these tracks to release a new album whilst he was alive? Despite being strapped for cash and having all this material, he chose not to do so. Why? Could it be that he was somehow still contractually restrained by Sony and stubbornly refused to allow them to continue to exploit him?
I don’t claim to really understand how the recording industry works, but I hear that several artistes have made recordings under assumed names to avoid breaching their recording deals. It just seems strange to me that Michael suddenly preferred to work with others such as, Akon, Usher etc. rather than have the complete autonomy that he was used to.

1348 days ago


Those kids will probably never know their real parents, maybe the $$$ will be some consolation.

1348 days ago

Bad Dog    

". There's no honoring." Umm honoring a person who obviously has some issues with children?

1348 days ago


Will speaks as a true, passionate friend – I love that! Basically everything's clear: Michael didn't release these songs, this must have been for a reason, over and out.

On the other hand: I've just listened to "Keep your head up". And even if it's "just Akon featuring Michael": It was oh soooo good to hear this voice again! Not snowed under a mountain of instrumentals, background vocals and fillers like in "Breaking News", but real, recognizable, pure Michael.

However, it's very important imo to always notify that these songs are unfinished. UNFINISHED. A memory, a clue of what could have been, but nothing you could apply the same standards to as to Michael's classic, perfectly polished masterpieces of the past. It's important to tell that in all honesty because otherwise Michael's legacy will be in jeopardy. Critics in my country have already written about "Breaking News" that it's "clearly Michael – unfortunately". That sucks. And I don't want to read something like that too often. It breaks my heart.

1348 days ago


Bloodsucking, moneygrubbing liars and thieves....the lot of them.
the not "dead" Michael J. Jackson

1348 days ago
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