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Bill Clinton

Films Cameo

For 'The Hangover 2'

11/15/2010 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson was persona non grata on "The Hangover 2" set ... but not so with Former President Bill Clinton, whom TMZ has now confirmed just shot a cameo.

Bubba was spotted on the set in Thailand yesterday (left) where we're told extra security was added for his presence.

Our spies say they saw Bill walk on the set and were told by crew members he was filming a cameo. None of the people we spoke to, however, saw Bill actually step in front of the camera.

Although some people associated with the flick have told us Bill just "hung out," we've now confirmed he did indeed shoot a cameo.

In the photo on the right, you can see Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper riding in a rickshaw -- Zach is sporting a shaved head like in the pictures we posted earlier this week.

We're guessing Clinton did some serious work ... on the craft service table.


No Avatar


What a dirtbag this guy is... maybe he found a PA to unload on. LOL

1403 days ago


Woah, Frieda, I know stimulants are fun, but they can really mess with your brain...take it easy with the meth!! I don't know what else could explain the excessive typing..

1403 days ago


Bill Clinton + Thailand = A Match Made in Heaven

1403 days ago


Can't wait to see Hangover 2, the first one was so funny - I am still laughing!!

1403 days ago


WHY did you steal my friend's photos? I was with her when she took these photos and I know for a fact you stole them from her blog and did NOT pay her. Does TMZ always steal photos?

1403 days ago


Bill is an attention whore just like Obama.
They're both in love with themselves and the camera.

1403 days ago


i <3 it bill clinton is perfect 4 this movie...

1403 days ago


I'm sorry, Mike, but that is a Jeepney. Yes, I know the term originates from the Philippines, but the Thai actually use that term now, as well.

1403 days ago


That's a tuk tuk, not a rickshaw. I have a son who lives in Bangkok---been there three times to visit him and I've ridden many times in one of these. Tuk tuk not rickshaw.

1403 days ago


wow, you guys keep up with just about everything, and you get Clinton wrong....He's been dieting, looks thin actually....Why would you put a comment like you did? Showed someone is paying attention.

1403 days ago

H. Ujek    

Ona musi miec tego samego chirurga plastycznego od geby,
co Edytka Gorniakowa.

1403 days ago


Well Bill certainly took any dignity out of the presidency.

1403 days ago


I OBJECT to the spot with Mr. Bill Clinton!!!!

He perjured himself to the entire country! He started the mortgaged-backed-securities fraud scam while President AND his friend was George Soros and his Progressive Society movement and it's President John Podestra. Down with Clinton. He runs around acting like he is innocent BUT he is guilty, guilty like all the rest. AND he started NAFTA sending thousands of American jobs oversees. He therefore should not be given a cameo performance.

1403 days ago


Demi, get your facts straight. NAFTA was started by Reagan, continued to be pursued under Bush, and finally signed by Clinton. Bush has stated he was disappointed he wasn't the one able to sign the actual bill. Second, NAFTA stands for NORTH AMERICAN free trade act. No part of North America is overseas. In addition, it is mostly Republicans who were big on free trading. Hell, they voted against closing tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas just before the election.

Your George Soros comment sounds like something Glenn Beck would say. Don't be a sheep. Learn to think for yourself and actually fact check the guy. He's playing you and those without the mental capacity to actually think for themselves.

1403 days ago

Purple Haze    

Just a thought, but the plaid shirt in that picture is probably Stu. In the picture of Stu's face tat that you posted, he's wearing that same shirt.

1402 days ago
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