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Lindsay Lohan -- Back to Work

11/14/2010 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It may be Sunday, but it's a work day for Lindsay Lohan -- she's getting set to do a fashion shoot this afternoon ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Lindsay has the blessing of Betty Ford to do a one-day photo shoot. Sources tell us that shoot will go down today ... not too far from the Betty Ford Center.

We're told the shoot is for a Russian-based clothing line called Kira Plastinina and we've been told the pics will end up in a major magazine.

Sources tell us Lindsay will get paid for the gig, though it is unclear how much.


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Court ordered rehab when you completed the hardest part "voluntarily" is better than jail.
When you look at all the legal do***ents and take into consideration all of Lindsay's probation the sentence on July 6th was just extremely excessive and outrageous.
All the Judge had to do was give her the 30-180 days and end her probation the sentence was just a setup for VOP.

Since July 20th when she surrendered there has been at least 4 court hearings on a 3 year old misdemanor case were the person had met all the reqs of the plea deal.
Her probation should have been terminated the second that unprofessional Judge recused herself on August 5th.

I would rather Lindsay fail 5 rehabs than relapse before the February 25th court hearing when this joke of a probation can finally be over.

1417 days ago


Of course she's a model... and an "actor"... and a "singer"... and a "songwriter" (yeah, right)... and a "fashion designer"... and a "spokes-something"... and a consumer advocate and a long-haul truck driver and a systems analyst and a world-class beekeeper AND so much more. There's literally NOTHING she can't do - perfectly - and she does it all better than anyone else. Give to her one trillion dollars.

Let's not forget - she is seriously the BEST marketer in our solar system. Up next? Lindsay Lohan-brand book binders. Each book features a small-yet-useful hidden compartment just inside the back cover. What you're supposed to put in there, I don't know - but I'm sure she has something stellar in mind. Unabashed genius.

She's the most gorgeous, brilliant, talented, level-headed, good-smelling person that anyone dares hope to be.... ask Dina - she'll confirm.

Yep. One trillion.

1417 days ago


looks a little beat up by hard times for someone in their twenties

1417 days ago


Will someone PLEASE tell me what they see attractive about this 5'6 MESS.. The Vanity Fair Article stated she reaked of Cigarettes..Read the article. She is Dirty looking, the FAKE hair is a mess.. the plump in the lips looks like it is loosing the look she tried to portray. This woman is a freaking slob, I am sorry, ... An Actress... GIVE ME A REASON to spend $1 on anything she is in.. The parents ... well, NO COMMENT.. what do they do to make money?? Lindsay Lohan is an embarrassment.. She's been a Lesbian, now she's not.. She's a Drug she's not. She gives me the heebee jeebees!!! makes my sking craw...

1417 days ago


What kind of company uses a junkie for advertising?

1417 days ago

This is a joke

1417 days ago


The Vanity Fair article stated:
Lindsay looked a little raw. And yet shining through her worry and stress and whatever else was currently affecting her mood was her all-American beauty,finer and more delicate in person than in pictures.She still looked like a movie star. She smelled of cigarettes and exotic perfume.

This interview took place AFTER the injustice on July 6th

1417 days ago


This label closed last year. Renamed "Lublu" TMZ should do their research!

KIRA PLASTININA TAKE TWO Remember Kira Plastinina, that bubble-gum pink-and-metallic-leopard-themed line of clothing designed by a Russian prodigy? Remember how it unceremoniously closed 12 of its stores last year? Well, she's baaaaack—but this time, her line's called Lublu and it'll be sold wholesale to existing multi-label shops. The only Kira Plastinina store that didn't close last year—in Los Angeles on Roberston—has transitioned into a Lublu flagship. "Lublu’s audience is older," Plastinina told WWD. "It’s more expensive and much harder to find. It’s sold in Tsum in Moscow and Harrods in London. We have a showroom in Milan that is selling it to multibrand stores." [WWD]

1417 days ago

Marilyn Monroe    

My prayers are with Lindsay and her family. Good luck & looking forward to seeing Lilo on screen.

1417 days ago

for now    

Losers like 5 disturbed think that they know more than all the producers,editors,promotors
and other executives who keep hiring beautiful,talented,adorable Lindsay.
More movies. More photo shoots. More modeling. More songs.
No wonder the haters are jealous,

1417 days ago


am i the only one who checked that so called fashion line web site??? it is certainly not ending in any magazine except a high school paper.

1417 days ago


I've heard before that Betty Ford is a joke. Is there another serious rehab facility that would let a person out that was directed there by the court? Must be how they make their money - keep 'em coming back and back and back. She needs to be in a serious rehab facility. She's ordered to rehab yet gets out - a work release program, that must be new in the junkie world

1417 days ago


I thought that line was dead, it blipped here in Vegas at Audigier's club for like a minute and a half, but I thought the stores closed as part of a bk.

Anyhow, at this rate, LiHo will be rivaling Erik Estrada career-wise - do you hear timeshare sales calling??

1417 days ago


Betty Ford is a joke. Plain and simple. One big fat joke. She must need the money to pay the bill. Therefore, she is well enough to go model.

Ok, Betty Ford. We get ya.

There is not many secular rehabs in this country that would let any of their clients leave the program this early in the game.

Again.... her smoking addiction has not been addressed. And that will lead LL back to the real deal in lickey-split time.

Nicotine is worst than most illegial drugs. Just ask the millions who say they are going to quit and never do until they get sick and it's too late.

Oh well ... such is life in Hollywood. Does anyone really care?

1417 days ago


@Ernie - I tend to agree, wonder if she ran out of cash and they're letting her stay on the condition that there's some cash coming in - find it hard to believe there's a lot of dough in a defunct Communist clothing line, but who knows? Maybe they will pay her in Russian rubles...I think Betty Ford runs about $50K/month.

1417 days ago
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