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Lindsay Lohan -- Back to Work

11/14/2010 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It may be Sunday, but it's a work day for Lindsay Lohan -- she's getting set to do a fashion shoot this afternoon ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Lindsay has the blessing of Betty Ford to do a one-day photo shoot. Sources tell us that shoot will go down today ... not too far from the Betty Ford Center.

We're told the shoot is for a Russian-based clothing line called Kira Plastinina and we've been told the pics will end up in a major magazine.

Sources tell us Lindsay will get paid for the gig, though it is unclear how much.


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Ernie-You're a f*cking joke! you're too naive and ignorant to know what the hell you're talking about in terms of rehab, her smoking addiction will be addressed later after everything else is dealt with, what you don't realize is that for addicts, it isn't as simple as just giving up everything all at once, if Lindsay tried ot give up smoking now in addition to her other vices, that would actually make it MORE likely for her to relapse, and nicotine is NOT worse then illegla drugs, because for one thing nicotine dosen't radically change your judgment or dramatically alter your brain chemistry like cocaine does, and you can't OD on nicotine obviously. Nicotine is only likely to kill if you smoke all the time every day, but if you only do it occasionally, then there will be far less negative effects.

1408 days ago


She needs to do a remake of Parent Trap as a Porno to save her career

1408 days ago


Why doesn't she just shut up and spread em! I'm totally disgusted with her "sick" choices. But they are "her" choices and it is her right to "destroy" herself.

1408 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can see it now "Dress just like a washed up drug addict who has NOTHING going for her" Gee, I wish everyone's kid could be in style just like her! NOT [ROLLS EYES]

1408 days ago


I'm just waiting for her to do porn for the money! I give it a year after rehab.

1408 days ago


Any product that uses a jailbird, junkie, drunkard, lesbo, slut who is also a filthy dirty and smelly thief as a representative of them is no item I would ever buy!

1408 days ago


It's spelt?? So you're correcting a spelling error with one of your own, alynaffit??

1408 days ago


It's disgusting. this company clearly is trying only to cash in on some desperate attempt to use her for some reason. I don't get it.

Despite her legal troubles, drug problems, etc. but every damn photo of her is her just filled with cigarettes.

Why does anyone want this wwwwhhoore

1408 days ago

Moe Green    

Yikes, she is really looking like she's in her late 30's from the cigarettes and drugs, especially in her face. I'm starting to see a resemblance to that juristic model Janet ****enson. When she stops doing coke I'm sure she will gain 30 lbs.

1408 days ago


I still can't understand how or believe that it's can someone be "rehabilitated" in so short a time?
I'm thinking it won't be long before the inevitable.

1408 days ago


of course why not get out she gets what wants.. not learning anything she will be back on drugs and in trouble the whole thing is a joke and she is making courts look like fools

1408 days ago


Moe-That's not a recent picture, it's from sometime in 2007.

1408 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

@27." 12:10 PM on Nov 14, 2010 by Delmar
Can you image if Judy Garland had this coverage in her day and age? Lindsay, IMO, is no where near the "train wreck" she's made out to be. Yes, she has issues, but I can think of others in the entertainment industry that had far more severe issues."

You make some good points Dell Maher. 1.No one knows what UCLA said about Lindsay despite what tmz "claims" they know. Lindsay could be bi-polar or have other issues. 2. No one much noticed that other actresses have gone off to Rehab for Cocaine habits such as Kristen Durst and Eve Mendez

But also, if Tabloid coverage was as intense back when Judy Garland was young or Marilyn Monroe was young, You Delmmore would be on the message boards defending Judy Garland or putting a spin on Marilyn's drug problems and blaming the media for overblowing their problems.

1408 days ago


@delmar and others who believe Lindsay does not have an addiction problem. Shall I repeat once again:

She has been in rehab 5 times. 2 months after the 1st rehab she was arrested for a DUI. She then went to Promises for a 45 day stay. She was out for 10 days when she was arrested once again for a DUI. She was in UCLA for 23 days, and less than 1 month later tested positive for coke.

I'd say she has an addiction problem ALONG with psychological problems brought on by her parents.

1408 days ago


she's a talented model , able to get the full attention regardless of the surroundings, including other people.

when she's on then your eyes are all for her

pure talent and a lot of work to get to that level.

maybe not like Norma Jeane but close

remember what you are , Lindsay. Thanks to yourself and yourself only.

1408 days ago
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