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Lindsay Lohan -- Back to Work

11/14/2010 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It may be Sunday, but it's a work day for Lindsay Lohan -- she's getting set to do a fashion shoot this afternoon ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Lindsay has the blessing of Betty Ford to do a one-day photo shoot. Sources tell us that shoot will go down today ... not too far from the Betty Ford Center.

We're told the shoot is for a Russian-based clothing line called Kira Plastinina and we've been told the pics will end up in a major magazine.

Sources tell us Lindsay will get paid for the gig, though it is unclear how much.


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She's so weak that at the sight of some blow and whiskey she'll be deep in it again. She misses "the lifestyle"

1417 days ago


69- Actually as soon as that ugly little boy Sam Ronson is done having its way with Lindsay, you can bet that everyone's hopes of seeing her demise will inevitably see the light of day.

1417 days ago


The Parent ****

1417 days ago


What kind of company uses a junkie for advertising?

Posted at 1:13 PM on Nov 14, 2010 by Taters

The same type of company that, like all of Hollywood, hires druggies and criminals for their movies and singing gigs...Robert Downey, Jr., Roman Polanski, Mel Gibson, Elvis Presley, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, River Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix, Eminem, Pink, MJ, Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, the list goes on...hell, even the last three Commanders-in-Chiefs have all had substance abuse issues in their past. I actually don't find Lindsay Lohan to be that unique, or apparently, in bad company...

1417 days ago


Isn't that picture a snap of her in "Mean Girls"? The day she wears the pink shirt borrowed from the gay guy? Her hair looks the color it was in that movie...and she looks younger in that in this pic her lips aren't injected with gunk like in recent pics. Frankly, I don't have a problem with her doing this photo gig. She has to pay for rehab somehow. They wouldn't let her go if they didn't think she was capable of a day she will get tested the second she gets back, rest assured.

1417 days ago


Lucky-it seems that Sam has moved on from Lindsay to Christina Aguilera.

1417 days ago


74- I wish you are right, truly I do. Many may judge me for my foresight(except those I work with)but she is seeing it (Sam Ronson) at this time. I also had a dream Lindsay is worth about 75 to 100 G's at this time, but only time will tell. Hopefully Im wrong.

1417 days ago


I can't believe any company on the up and up would actually hire this drug-addled chick to represent their products.

1417 days ago

Heart Broken Mom    

Lindsay, like my husband, who rewards my son CONSTANLY for his bad behavior, you are being rewarded for your bad behavior too, yet again! You will learn NOTHING from being allowed to do this photo shoot! SHAME ON THE JUDGE! SHAME ON YOUR PARENT'S! SHAME ON YOUR DOCTOR'S! SHAME ON BETTY FORD! You sooooooooooo know how to work these people, just as my son knows how to work my husband! When you, and my son, are both in a grave, then, and only then, will these foolish people, including my husband, realize that they contributed to your death, and my son’s! I cry as I type this! I am alone. I am too ashamed to tell my family and friends about the situation that I am in, as a Mom, who loves my child. I wait every single day for that knock on my door to tell me that my son was found DEAD in a gutter, just as you Lindsay, will be found. I only blame your contributors and people like my husband for putting you both there. If I hear one more time from my son that “it is only pot that I am dealing!” I am going to scream! You are our children! The hell with your useless parent’s and people like my husband! Children are being murdered over pot ~ drug deals. Grow up Lindsay! This is your last chance, as I told my son today! I told him that he has hurt me for the last time.

You know Lindsay, I actually admire your dad! I dislike his loving the media, but at least he was not blind! Your mother caused your problems for being so blind, just like my husband!

I sincerely hope that you get well, but somehow I doubt it.

1417 days ago


She is ready to make money again now. Good girl.

1417 days ago


Heart Broken Mom:

If your story is to be believed then you are doing your husband and your son no favors by keeping it quiet. Tell the rest of your family (both sides). Stage an intervention. Get him arrested like Charlie Sheen's father did to him. You can't possibly have much of a marriage anymore if you ever did so if you alienate your husband or your son at least your family will know why and be there to support you. If your son dies from his indulgences at least everyone will know YOU did what you could...

1417 days ago


@darkrage, Try some anger management classes or
up your meds.

1416 days ago

Miss Kathy    

Kira Plastinina is known for throwing its money away and making bad choices. I know people who worked for them when they tried to open offices and stores in LA (doesnt anyone remember those short lived stores here?) and they got majorly screwed over by the company. Kira is just a spoiled brat from Russia whose Daddy throws his money away on her whims. She paid Paris Hilton $1MM to show up to a fashion show! Although, I must admit some of the clothes are cool but no longer sold in the U.S. I wish Lindsay wouldn't do it but she doesn't have a brain her in head either.

1416 days ago


how does the judge feel about this does the judge get a percentage of what this train wreck gets paid for her so called photo snort i mean shoot

1416 days ago


sothere-Sounds like you're the one who needs meds.

1416 days ago
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