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Oksana to Mel:

I'm Movin On ...

With My Career!

11/14/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva is close to jump-starting her music career once again with the help of a big-name producer ... but she still has a little unfinished business with Mel Gibson.

Oksana's rep, Steve Jaffe, tells TMZ that Oksana is in talks to work with a major record producer. While Jaffe wouldn't name names -- we're told the producer has worked with the likes of Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and some guy named Michael Jackson.

But Jaffe tells us Oksana is still warring with Mel over her prior works. As we first reported, sources close to Mel say he signed over all his rights to Oksana's music and even sent boxes of CDs back to her house.

Jaffe claims so far ... none of that has happened. Our Mel sources say he has indeed turned over everything.

Check out a song from Oksana's first album, then tell us ...


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LOL! Delusional!!

1439 days ago


She's in for a rude awakening!

1439 days ago


"Oksana is in talks to work with a major record producer..."

The key word here is "talks". This producer must really be having a hard time of it. Maybe he's looking for a good wife?

1439 days ago


Lol, as if her career will take off like a rocket.

Another waste of money.

1439 days ago


"Hello Meester Produce my name Oksana - I have rear talent!" lol

1439 days ago


How about you forget about your non-existent and pathetic "music" career and just go get a real job so you can support yourself instead of trying to leech money off of someone else like a regular gold-digger?

1439 days ago



"Hello Meester Produce my name Oksana - I have rear talent!" lol

Posted at 1:08 AM on Nov 14, 2010 by Bubba

hahahaha bubba, I voted bargain bin by the way.

1439 days ago


Ok I listened to some of it. There is no rhyme or reason to any of it. Its like just a bunch of music and words thrown together that don't make any sense. Then the piano pounding solo, I've heard kids play better than that. She sounds all nasally or something too.

Its not cohesive at all.

But really, hope it works out so maybe you can start supporting yourself for once in your life instead of needing men to support you.

1439 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Pay close attention to the words..
then ask yourself.. What lies hasn't she told? What rule hasn't she broke? What time hasn't she wasted (to RUIN HIM?) She would do ANYTHING, COMMIT ANY CRIME.. hmm (soon she will wearing chains! lol)
What hasn't she done to RUIN Mel Gibson, and his family life?
The words (as hard as it is to listen to) seem to have MUCH deeper than we may think. (SHE EVEN WANTS HIS SKIN!) -.-
I do like the video (muted of course) MEL is an AWESOME director! He did a great job with this awful song. Under the bargin bin, to hold the bin up!

1439 days ago



Ok I listened to some of it. There is no rhyme or reason to any of it. Its like just a bunch of music and words thrown together that don't make any sense. Then the piano pounding solo, I've heard kids play better than that. She sounds all nasally or something too.

Its not cohesive at all.

But really, hope it works out so maybe you can start supporting yourself for once in your life instead of needing men to support you.

Posted at 1:10 AM on Nov 14, 2010 by kali

I have this nagging feelings, she wants Mel to finance her "moosic career"

Mel already lose 4.75 millions any producer that will take her should prepare for the huge loss of investment to Oksana musical talents.

1439 days ago

little aussie reader    

Oksana’s Truth:
There is no chance I wouldn’t take, no rule I wouldn’t break… There are no lies I wouldn’t tell, no possessions I wouldn’t sell. No chains I wouldn’t wear, no cross I wouldn’t bear.” “Yes, I would do anything…commit any crime…if I could spend the night with you,” Grigorieva sings.
Oksana's Lies:
1. I don't give a damn about the money.
2. I'm a good mother.
3. I did not sign the long contract in May because i did not know it would give Mel unsupervised visitation with Lucia.
4. I din leak the tapes
5. My sister destroyed tapes long time ago.
6. Mel is a liar!
7. I didn't know anything about Herzog [his record]. I'm withdrawing any communication with him."
8. I was married one time.
9. There was nothing for me.
10. I didn't understand the agreement. Nobody explained to me.
11. My first husband was a drug addict.
12. I was a super model.
13. I am a concert pianist.
14. There were 15 lawyers pressuring me to sign, they threatened me.
15. "I loved u so much" (addressed to MG).
16. I didn't know I could get money for recordings.
17. I didn't know the May mediation would give me money.
18. This is only about protecting the baby.
19. I am only doing this to let people know Mel is a bully.
20. He promised to take care of me forever.
22. I ran out to the police.
23. I had just got home, I was in my jammies, and I was barefoot.
24. I got a concussion but never had an MRI, only an X-Ray.
25. Mel isn't paying me any child support.
26. I was scared for my life, my childrens lives.
27. He won't commit suicide he is Catholic, scared of hell, but he would kill us.
28. He pulled a gun out of his shorts.
29. He threw Alexander onto a coffee table and broke it, everyone saw it.
30. He turned the baby into a conehead when he went out to smoke, I don't know if he went out to smoke, but I say it anyhow, I was with baby 24/7 because I was breastfeeding
but I wasn’t there then.
31. He was choking me with his arm I mean his hands while I was still holding the baby while 3 people(Jimmy, the nanny, Alexander)were witnessing..Oh and he had a gun too
while doing this.
32. A little to the left or right and the baby would be dead.
33. I e-mailed my attorney about the abuse that night.
34. Mel punched me in my mouth...punched me twice in my mouth and my temple...he repeatedly punched me (per
35. I only played the tape for my one "lower" (email to Mel).
36. I only gave the tape to my "lowers" (per people interview).
37. I gave the tapes to my sister (people interview).
38. I went to the therapist with the tapes (learned this week).
39. I am broke, living off credit cards, Mel is not paying child support
40. I only taped you for us (she forgets to talk about all the “lowers” she has been going to)
41. I never knew Hertzog was a felon.
42. I never refused to stop Hertzog being around Lucia with a gun.
43. I never knew Hertzog had a gun!
44. Mel beat me and beat me and beat me (People interview).
45. The (now deceased) nanny saw Mel threaten us all with a gun (earlier the nanny allegedly went home and wasn't there at all)
46. I knew nothing, I saw nothing, I heard nothing but I know it's all Mel's fault
47. I didn't ask Hertzog to threaten VK to lie or die (despite VK recording the threat lol)
48. I suffer from battered women's syndrome and that's why I never reported any dv
49. Alex saw it all
50. Alex saw nothing he was under the bed
51. The dentist saw my bruises (despite fact dentist's staff say there were no bruises ) and I applied make up to cover it for photo?!
52.Mel knocked my teeth out
53. Mel abused his kids, and his daughter with Robyn
54. Mel beat Robyn
55. Mel said he never in his life loved any woman but me
56. Jimmy knows what I went through he was with us 24/7
57. Mel was going to hurt or kill Harvey
58. Mel is trivializing DV.
59. Mel punched the baby.
60. Mel threw a tv at one of his kids and Robyn saw it.
61. I am not a whore.
62. Mel is not taking care of the baby, she comes home agitated with a cold and disturbed sleep patterns.
63. I need a new home with better security.
64. I have no money for my son's birthday gift.
65. Mel is trying to ruin me and my good name
66. I made a $100,000 a year before Mel
67. He made me stop working
68. Lucia and I are accustomed to his lifestyle
69. Mel has all his PR people out to ruin me
70. Mel throws something more out every day to ruin me
71. Mel is a danger to Lucia
72.Mel punched me in the face, the punch hit the baby, it was nothing, but there was blood everywhere.
73. I sent all of the originals of the tapes to my sister in Russia and they were destroyed
(original statement) I never sent a copy of THIS tape to my sister in Russia lol!!
74. Hint, hint, It's all my sister's fault lol!
75. I've done extremely well, but nobody asked you to spend so much money on the videos and everything.
76. You didn't give me a penny
77. I don't care if you don't spend another penny …
78. I don't give a damn about my music
79. I'm not the one to threaten.
80. I'll pay her myself, I found her, she's my dentist's ex-babysitter
81. I am not a user
82. I am not a thief
83. I am not a liar
84. I am not a golddigger
85. I feel sorry for Mel
86. Tony the bodyguard/chauffeur who works for Mel was there he saw it all, well I think he was there, I'm sure I heard he was there, IF he was there he would have known all about it !
87. I studied AND TAUGHT at the Royal College of Music in London?
88. I graduated from Saransk Music School.
89. I graduated from Kiev Music College.
90. I studied and taught at Trinity College of Music in London?
91. I worked as an INTERIOR DESIGNER in England.
92. I developed and secured a music patent.
93. Tim Dalton abused me.
94. Tim Dalton did not abuse me.
95. Mel stole my music I wrote and won't give it back (despite the c.d's having been returned and legal waiver of rights to her music by Mel in August!)
96. Timothy Dalton beat me (via her mother's own lips)
97. I spent $100,000 on groceries cooking for Mel's ARMY and
$17,000 in presents, Mel was mad about it.
98. Mel is a terrible father
99.I want Mel's paternal rights removed!
100.There are rats in Lucia's bedroom in the new 2.4 mil dollar mansion
101. Asks the Court to strip Mel of his parental rights, and in the People article she wants
him to be a part of Lucia's life.
102. Sorrel Trope didn't quit -- I fired him.
103. To radaronline; " I made the tapes because I was fearful for my life".
104. "I don't want Mel's money, but my attorney told me I would get nothing".
105. "I am religious".
106. "I am not angry".
107. "I forgive Mel, I just want him to stand up and be a man" (while I destroy him).
108. "Mel is fighting dirty".
109. "I am living off of credit cards and he won't pay me any money".
110. "I walked away from the Agreement because I didn't see the provision where Mel was to
get 50/50 child support".
111. "My first husband was a drug dealer".
112."I can support myself and always have".
113. Mel hit Tommy
114. Robyn lied in her deposition
115. Mel hated his mother
116. I was sterile and couldn't get pregnant
117. Mel threw a chair through a glass door
118. Mel is jealous of her career
119. The Lakers gave her a special gift
120. Dalton supports her
121. Mel slammed Sascha into a chair
122. Mel promised to treat her like a trophy girlfriend (?!) not a closet gf...
123. Hannah and Robyn were plotting against Lucia
124. Oksana wasn't stalking Robyn
125. Mel gave her nothing and did nothing for her career
126. Don’t forget the sin of omission: she did NOT tell the judge who put the restraining order on Mel that a custody agreement was in place.
127. He kept spitting all over my face till it was covered in saliva.
128. "So many young people come to my concerts (in America)."
129. Mel’s lawyers threatened my dentist and he changed his story. (Pravda)
130. I wanted to sort everything out peacefully. (Pravda)
131. The tapes were meant solely for court. (Pravda)
132. “I’m so scared! He put a gun to my head and threatened me”! (Pravda)
133. I had my appendix removed without anaesthesia.
134. I recorded all the tapes in one night.
135. "I thank God and his immaculate interception”.
136. Mel said that he wanted to have a ‘love baby’
137. Mel gets angry for no specific reason (Mel had plenty of reason to be angry at Ox)
138. I want Gibson to be well.
139. I’m standing up to a bully who is very rich and famous
140. For the sake of Lucia, I really want him to be well.
141. There' aint nobodys gonna judge me (Evening with daddy)
142. I've never had a bad word said about me in my entire life
143. "...I very much love ballet and always wanted to do it as a child. But my career pretty much ended when I WAS SIX WHEN I WAS HAND-PICKED TO BE TAKEN TO KIROV BALLET [in St Petersburg], which in late ’70s/early ’80s kind of Soviet era meant you were literally taken away from your parents. It means you don’t see your parents much… twice a year or so. But if your parents don’t live in St Petersburg it’s quite difficult. So, my mother decided that I should continue to follow in the footsteps of my parents who are music teachers..." ------- ( there is a 1977 do***entary film about the Kirov Ballet school -OG would have been 7 years of age when the film was released. At that time the Kirov took ONLY TWENTY new students each year, and they were aged 10 to 12!)
144. INTERVIEWER knew the correct name for who was DISTRIBUTING her CD BUT Oksana continues to call it ICON RECORDS. And ICON RECORDS at the time she was doing this cd was owned by a CANADIAN company.
145." I never even asked for money"
146. I never had relations with Hertzog, we never slept!
147. Herzog was Lucia's bodyguard.
148. Herzog was never around Lucia (per TMZ video interview).
149. I played in most of the great opera houses of Europe.
150. I took Lucia to the doctor so she could examine her injury. (Doc says it was a standard appointment and she saw no signs of abuse)
151. Lucia needs $50,000/month to survive.

1439 days ago


I do like the video (muted of course) MEL is an AWESOME director! He did a great job with this awful song. Under the bargin bin, to hold the bin up!

Posted at 1:12 AM on Nov 14, 2010 by Jus Another Viewer

Hehehehe I love your hilarious post, Jus Another Viewer:)

1439 days ago


Oksana's to appear on LARRY KING LIVE on November 22. has further details.

1439 days ago


151. Lucia needs $50,000/month to survive.

Posted at 1:16 AM on Nov 14, 2010 by little aussie reader

Absolutely! Lucia needed 50K to survive, to pay off her mother mounting debt and to feeds the rest of the moochers like her relatives.(mother side)

1439 days ago


I'll bet Mel wishes he could throw those knives at her again. Burning her piano was a good idea!

1439 days ago
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