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Domestic Violence Lobbyist: We Want Oksana

11/14/2010 1:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A lobbyist for battered women and other domestic violence victim tells TMZ she has been speaking with Oksana Grigorieva for the last few weeks and wants her help in lobbying Sacramento legislators.

Camille Hayes, Membership & Communications Coordinator for California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, tells TMZ Oksana contacted her group several weeks ago and offered her help. Hayes says she and her group believe Oksana is a domestic violence victim.

Since the initial call, Oksana has been in contact with the organization numerous times offering help for other women. Hayes says both Oksana and her lawyer have been in discussions with the organization about a role Oksana could play -- but no specifics have been decided.

As we first reported, Oksana plans to go public in a big way -- holding news conferences about domestic violence.


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all about the money    

Yes as others have said this foundation is really stringing themselves out. There is a good possibility that Oksana is "faking" the whole DV thing in an attempt to extort more money out of Gibson. And more recently word has came out that the night in question where the DV occurred Oksana was seriously endangering her own child. In fact if the latest claims are confirmed then she could very well have a strong chance of loosing custody of Lucia maybe even her older child due to child endangerment.

DV is a serious issue. Sadly there are some unscrupulous people that will use DV as a way to get back at others. There was a story recently that a lady came home from a long shift but was unable to sleep because her husband was snoring to loud. She woke him up which started an argument. So she called the police and told them he assaulted her and he was detained over night because in DV reports one party has to go. She later admitted when it came time to charge him for DV that he didn't touch her. That she couldn't sleep because of his snoring so she wanted him out of the house and knew claiming DV would get him out of the house for the night so she could get some sleep.

There are other stories where people claim abuse when there was not any just because they know in most cases the male will be removed, arrested, charged if a female even hints at any kind of abuse. Even cases where the female is the abuser yet the male (the abused) is detained or arrested in reported DV calls.

DV is a serious issue. Sadly it appears that Oksana is trying to use abuse as a justification in her current court battles. Its a slap in the face of the true DV victims and the fact this foundation wants to use her for publicity is sickening.

1447 days ago


I called Peace Over Violence this morning. I was told Oksana grigorieva is NOT involved with their organization. The person who is FIELDING "this storm" is Darcy Pollan.

I ask everyone to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reach out the media outlets to ask Ms. Pollan for comment and get the record straight where PEACE over VIOLENCE goes. That organization is NOT NEW. It is a VERY REPUTABLE ONE. And A GODSENT.

I hope to speak to Ms. Pollan this afternoon after PT.

Her number is 213.955.9090. BTW- the executive Director is
Patty Giggans. Please talk to her too.

DV is real. And those who are on the front line trying to help us do better, deserve OUR BEST.

1447 days ago


The California Partnerhsip to End Domestic Violence and PEACE over violence is not affiliated with Oksana. The information provided is not correct.

1446 days ago




1446 days ago


Yesterday it was reported on the web site TMZ that Oksana Grigorieva, the ex-girlfriend of Mel Gibson who has brought domestic violence charges against him, was working with CPEDV and Peace Over Violence. The way the story was spun indicated that she might be a CPEDV spokesperson, or that we were going to ask her to fill that role. This is not the case. She is not affiliated with CPEDV or Peace Over Violence in any capacity.

As a domestic violence coalition, CPEDV provides education, referrals for counseling or support groups and resources for anyone who may feel they are a victim of domestic violence. At no time was Ms. Grigorieva asked to be a spokesperson, and no role within CPEDV was ever identified for her

1446 days ago


Media Advisory

TMZ Article Misleading; Oksana Grigorieva Never Asked to be Domestic Violence Spokesperson

Sacramento, November 16, 2010—On November 13, the website TMZ published a headline which implied that the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence had pursued Oksana Grigorieva, the ex-girlfriend of Mel Gibson who has made claims of domestic violence in their relationship, to act as an agency spokesperson. This is incorrect. Ms. Grigorieva does not work for the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (CPEDV) in any capacity.

As a domestic violence coalition we seek to validate victims/survivors by encouraging them to define their experiences and acknowledging that they are the experts in their own lives. Therefore, as an organization we seek to provide information and resources so victims/survivors can consider options and make empowered life choices. We advocate for all battered persons while respecting victims'/survivors’ rights to self-determination and control over their own lives. CPEDV feels that anyone who believes they have been victimized has a right to tell his or her story. However, Ms. Grigorieva was never asked to play an official role for CPEDV. Furthermore, CPEDV is not in a position to validate any of her claims. “That is not our role,” stated Tara Shabazz, Executive Director of CPEDV.

CPEDV is the statewide domestic violence coalition, and provides leadership on public policy issues, community education and training and professional services to its member programs. We are committed to raising public awareness about domestic violence by educating policymakers, media, individuals, and communities on effective and comprehensive intervention and prevention strategies to end domestic violence.

Shabazz also said that the TMZ article mischaracterized the role that her organization plays with individuals seeking information and resources on domestic violence.

“All people who contact our agency and identify themselves as domestic violence victims are provided with support,” she said. “Our agency offers information, education, or referrals to direct service providers in the person’s community. Ms. Grigorieva was never asked to be a spokesperson, or given any official role within our coalition. TMZ is a tabloid publication which writes its headlines to maximize traffic to its website. Those headlines do not necessarily reflect the stories they accompany, or the facts on the ground.”

CPEDV recognizes that domestic violence is a serious threat to the well-being of all women, children and men, and hold steadfast to the belief that safe homes and safe families are the foundation of a safe society. We affirm the rights of all persons to live without fear of abuse, oppression or the threat of violence, and believe every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence is California’s statewide domestic violence coalition, with over 150 member organizations and individuals. Working at the local, state and national levels for nearly 30 years, the California Partnership has a long track record of successfully passing over 100 pieces of legislation on behalf of domestic violence victims and their children. As the unified voice for California’s domestic violence agencies, CPEDV provides statewide leadership on public policy issues, offers professional training and services to domestic violence service providers and promotes public awareness through community outreach efforts. With offices in Sacramento, CPEDV’s member programs span the entire state.
# # #

1446 days ago


To "the rock": what goes around, comes around. Everything you wish to Oksana will come back to you in your getto.

1440 days ago
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