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Oksana to Mel: 'Too Much Evidence, My Dear'

11/15/2010 4:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained emails Oksana Grigorieva sent Mel Gibson just before their mediation, which Mel's lawyers believe are proof of extortion.  Oksana claims she has "Too much evidence, my dear."


According to court documents, Oksana sent the emails on May 2, two weeks before she and Mel went into mediation which resulted in a $15 million package for Oksana and Lucia.

In the email, Oksana accuses Mel and his family of leaking stories to the media about their breakup -- specifically "...they claim that you dumped me."

Mel's lawyers believe the emails show Oksana as a manipulator who was not fearful of Mel at all, but rather someone who was scheming to extort millions.

Oksana writes, "Does your family think that my modesty and class could pass for stupidity?"  She adds, "Do they think, i will let them carry on with ruining my reputation, which was unblemished before i ever layed eyes on you?"

Then Oksana gets serious: "The facts are stubborn things, the information is power, you told me so yourself."

Then, far from being scared, it seems Oksana wanted Mel back, writing, "Untill this morning I was still missing you so much and secretly wanted and hoped for us to be together again."

Oksana accuses his wife, Robyn, and daughter, Hannah, of waging a "silent war" against her, complaining, "Are you a little boy, or are you a man? Why are you so easily influence by your mommy Robyn?" 

As for secretly recording Mel, "As far as the tapes go, I only played one to my lawyer, becouse on march 15 Michelle proposed on ur behalf not a very generous gift for our daughter and there was nothing for me." 

Oksana adds " lawyers also told me that tom Hansen said i woudn get a penny and more importaunly, my lawyers warned me that ur laywers are capaple of false fabrication about me in press, i.e., an unfit mother, a prostitute etc. so you can have the baby and I get to go to my moth hole as u told me."

Oksana talks about taping Mel and makes a big statement Mel's lawyers have seized on:  "Too much evidence, my dear."


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Oksana is one vile vixen. Mel should get the child.

1405 days ago


Fools all over The Mel Zone.

Oksana did not ask for money, and did not threaten to release the tapes. Therefore it is not extortion.

She had every right to play them to her lawyers.

Posted at 11:22 AM on Nov 15, 2010 by moussemaker
Make no mistakes about it.. Harvey has THE EXTORTION LETTER

1405 days ago


I dare say, that Ox has rage issues herself...remember she takes 900-930 pills a month to control that rage, according to her friend in the Russian media.

1405 days ago


Mel...I got a vasectomy so this could never happen to me. After looking at you old boy, I think I may go to Dr. Bosley too.

1405 days ago


Lots of drama from her.

What is all of this about her giving him a child? Robyn gave him 7 children!

1405 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

I am reading this do***ent and her spelling is cracking me up! 'Skeeming'?? LOL!

1405 days ago


geez, wat a b*tch. mel should never have hooked up with her. wtf is she talking about? having an unblemished reputation? her own exes have said she was a lying cheating gold digger! sheesh, this woman is seriously delusional, and no i do not believe she was a battered woman. a slap from a fight that escalated out of control does not a battered woman make. Geez, and i thought this was all about her daughter. And she has the nerve to accuse his family of destroying her? she was his mistress and accuses mel of taking advice from robyn, she's just like tiger's ex, the one who accused elin of making tiger cheat on her. why do these women think that they are of equal status or deserve better than the wives? mel may have been wrong to slap her, but with the way she is, it's hard not to. Mel, what were you thinking? you could have had any other woman but you hooked up with this piece of trash, now she's all out to destroy you.

1405 days ago


Make it stop, TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!

1405 days ago


So, she sent the tapes to the lawyers, huh?

We would still like to see her demand letter, TMZ.

1405 days ago


"why are you so influence by your mommy robyn" "are you a boy or are you a man"

why does she always feel the need 2 castrate? must b some kinda war going on in her little mind.

1405 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

"seemply' LOL!

1405 days ago


For those of you that seem to get off on posting "first" as the first comment. Lol, You really need a life and nobody cares.

1405 days ago


The problem is that these fools...Foster and Gibson (and whoever was in the middle of them and before them) can blame Dalton. Why check out her past when she has been with a previous movie star or music producer? Her Russian past of social climbing? Of her mother spinning about Igor and his family? Notice Foster is hiding his name now in embarrassment. Didn't Oksana help break up his marriage?

1405 days ago


Ms. Oksaan did not see a problem with mr. Gibson being around Lucia when she wrote the e-mails. Why the sudden change? Are the lawyers pushing this agenda?

1405 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

"I still believed that you loved me, but now i don't"???

IF that was even written by her, its nothing but BS

if you believed someone still loved you than why would continue to destroy them... you don't, unless you're only trying to make yourself look good

1405 days ago
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