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Akon: Is WRONG About MJ Album

11/16/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Akon not only disagrees with Will I.Am's criticism that the release of the new MJ album is "disrespectful" ... Akon believes Michael would have WANTED it to come out.

Michael Jackson Hold My Hand Akon
Akon was at LAX yesterday ... and told us that working with Michael on the song "Hold My Hand" was a "dream come true ... it was epic."

As for Will's comments, Akon says he "honestly disagrees" ... adding, "I don't see anything disrespectful about it ... these albums would have come out if [MJ] was alive or dead so I think this helps to keep his legacy alive."

Based on all the fans who rated the song a 10-out-of-10 on our poll ... we think the public agrees with Akon.


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Michael gained worldwide recognition while at the same time setting the bar for industry standards and he did it buy being true to his visions of how an album should be. He was a perfectionist for sure, and I think he also thought very highly of himself in private. I love him for it (I love all of him). But I also think Michael wanted to be no.1 no matter what. He wanted to be the best of the best, and I think he would want that even after his passing, as a way to live forever and never grow old...So that's why I agree with Akon that MJ would have wanted this music released, he was just not given the time...He left us way too soon.

1435 days ago

The Netherlands is jealous because HOLD MY HAND is such a KILLER SONG!!! is jealous because ANOTHER DAY is such a KILLER SONG!!!!! is jealous because MICHAEL is a KILLER ALBUM!!!!!!!!!

1435 days ago

Mary P    

Most of us who watched "This is It" realize Michael wouldn't have probably wanted *so much* to come out so fast. Michael was a notorious perfectionist who had the last word on everything from writing to basslines. Since these were not finished by his hand, I don't think he would have released anything. He wanted to be a legacy, and he is, but he had a musical genius and he knew it. Without him giving final okay, wouldn't have happened. He has dozens of songs he deemed unfit for his talent.

1435 days ago

The Netherlands PLZ SHUT UP!!!

1435 days ago


Akon seems like a really nice guy. As he said MJ would have wanted his stuff to be released as it generates more money for his kids.

1435 days ago

The Netherlands


1435 days ago

sarisam is right about MJ album!
"Hold My Hand" is a typical Akon-Song and has nothing to do with Michael Jackson.

1435 days ago


Well, now THAT'S an amusing little SPIN on the (5,8,10.. no that's not a set of for 'skewed'. nah.) "rating" thing, Harvey. Let alone take it down THEN post an Akon 'rebuttal' without being able to see what the rating results were? Hmm.


The rating was for the SONG Hold My Hand, itself. -- NOT "do you feel it's disrespectful to MJ that Sony/Akon did this?"

Insulting people's intelligence, much? How about putting up a rate box so we can vote the actual question of "Is this disrespectful..." yes or no.

Better yet.. how about a rate box where we can vote where we feel on a scale from ONE to FIVE where your intelligence is in pulling this bit of SPIN about generalizing what fans think that HAD NO VOTE... speaks about the level of intelligence on TMZ's part.

K... any takers on the bet this post disappears within .. eh... by noon tomorrow? lol

1435 days ago

Paul G.     

I think the release of Michael Jackson's new album would be a great honor in remembering such an outstanding legend. That's if all of the songs on the album are truly MJ's. Now I think it would be kinda strange and awkward if more albums followed this one. Hell, 2Pak is still producing records and he's been dead for years. Releasing MJ's final album, AWESOME! Cashing in on his success like those with 2Pak would be down right disrespectful. May Michael Jackson's legacy live on forever.

1435 days ago


Akon you rock my world !!!!
I love you Michaellll come back soon, I want to see you dance One More Chance live on my table :))))

1435 days ago


Oh wait, now.. my bad, it IS still there.

This afternoon it said 58% with far less votes on it then now. Just so happens it always get ... um.. 'stuck' at the higher rating no matter what is being voted upon and just so happens to STAY at that exact percentage no matter how many MORE votes were made in the interim, or later. Even in contradiction to the POSTED contrary of sentiment reflected in "poll results".

Pssst... Love the 'voting' disclaimer, Harvey.

Just sayin'...

G'Nite. :o)

1435 days ago

Rodney Peterson    

First of all, I know a LOT about music-currently doing A&R for a a company that places a lot of music worldwide in movies, TV, video games, etc. AKON is a CERTIFIED LIAR!!! The Smoking Gun exposed him as being full of BS concerning his gangsta rep-he never actually spent any time in jail, as they found out AND he was trying to shave eight years off of his life-in the book Billboard Top Pop Singles 1955-2006 Akon's birthdate is listed as 10/14/1981, then the Smoking Gun certified his true age and lo and behold AKON's birthdate is ACTUALLY 10/14/1973-that makes Akon 37 years old as of now, although he wanted you to believe he isn't even 30-he's also the kind of guy that brags about having a stripper pole in his house-so in short Akon is a douchebag, despite the fact he's famous and can sing. Not all that different from other s***bags like Joe Francis or his Australian counterpart ****head who ran down a 21 year old girl in his Bentley less than a week ago in West Hollywood, killing her and then fleeing the scene of the accident. Akon is flat out a liar and the simple fact is musically if these tracks were that great, they wouldn't have been left on the producers floor in a manner of speaking they would have made the first cut on albums like Thriller and Dangerous. Go on and listen to any of the Box Sets put out by The Doors and try to tell me the stuff they left out is as good as Light My Fire or Riders On The Storm-not a chance...

And whether people are so deluded as to think Michael Jackson did not have a serious drug problem, when he in fact did, doesn't change the reality of the situation. All the best Michael Jackson stuff is already out there and has been for years, despite what any marketer tries to tell you. And he was in no shape towards the end of his life to perform-which AEG knew-or write or sing his best material. Drugs had taken all that away years before he died-it certainly didn't help matters that his father is an abusive douchebag as well.

Rodney Peterson
Cutting Confessions

1435 days ago


shoot... almost forgot to add before signing off:

Wonder how many passed up on voting since 0-4 wasn't offered, so decided "Wth?? If I can't vote 1, or 2, or 3, (how I feel) then I'm not voting at all." Nah. That poll wasn't by any means rigged for skewing.


Really, Harvey, tsk, tsk.


G'Nite, finally - peace out, all.

1435 days ago


I saw the vote on TMZ and it was a majority who felt it was a 10 out of 10. Poster No. 8 doesn't know what she's talking about here. Sorry Rose, you are dead wrong on this one.

1435 days ago


Akon is the best! Thank you for helping make this song and pull it together into a finished effort. It's fabulous and will undoubtedly go platinum.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, SIR. Michael thanks you even more than I do...

1435 days ago
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