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'Obese' Contestant Horribly Dehydrated, Hospitalized

11/16/2010 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ABC's "Obese" -- an upcoming reality show on losing weight in your very own home -- is off to a really bad start ... because TMZ has learned, one of the contestants has already been hospitalized.

We're told 25-year-old LaRhonda Darby -- one of the show's eight, morbidly obese individuals -- was rushed to the hospital Saturday in Oklahoma City for dangerous dehydration levels. She was given fluids and sent home.

According to sources, Darby had been taking a prescription diuretic -- water pills.  We're told she woke up Saturday morning feeling light-headed with leg cramps ... so her sister-in-law called 911.

The show will air sometime in 2011. Calls to ABC and 3Ball Productions haven't been returned.

UPDATE: 3Ball Productions says LaRhonda's dehydration was the result of "medication prescribed for reasons unrelated to her weight loss" -- and that the "health and well being of our participants is our utmost concern." 



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I almost throw up!...aww!!

1435 days ago


ABC should be paying the hospital bill!!!!!

1435 days ago


Does not look like beef jerky to me - Morbid obesity really is a terrible term - I have been around folks like that and they are at least for me hard to understand. God be with her !!!

1435 days ago


Oklahoma City, go figure.

1435 days ago


Shame on you TMZ for intimating that this woman's health crisis was somehow a result of the television show. The hospital clearly stated her condition was the result of her taking diuretics, very dangerous drugs if not monitored. Since the show does not prescribe medication this can not be blamed on their intervention.

1435 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

I did throw up!

1435 days ago


it's not ABC's fault. She was bound to have some health crisis or another. I'm sorry but being that obese didn't happen overnight. It's called retraint! Have you ever been behind a large family at the supermarket? their carts aren't filled with vegetables and fruit. They buy every processed food available and fill up on soda. Poor education, and laziness is the true cause. Is there really a "disease" that makes people grow to 300 lbs? didn't think so.

1435 days ago


It's only a matter of time before someone dies on one of these weight loss shows.

1435 days ago


I just threw-up too all over my dog and she bit me. Good thing you are a lawyer Harvey!

1435 days ago


this is your typical team mel fanatic

1435 days ago


Honestly, this quote from 3Ball Productions is laughable:

"health and well being of our participants is our utmost concern"

No it's not. Making money off the exploitation of these people is their utmost concern.

1435 days ago


What is with you people. You think you are superior in the human race because you're thin. Guess what, skinny people die, too! Not everyone is able to maintain thin. Yes, there are diseases that can make you obese. Try hypothyroidism, or stress, or depression, or insulin resistance.

I'm sure I will be attacked with people saying I'm just a bitter fat person sitting at my computer. Sure, I might be. I might also be a woman weighed 115 lbs until I turned 25 and my thyroid died do to an virus. Now I struggle everyday with my damn weight. I don't sit around eating twinkies and bon bons. I drink water, nothing else. I eat lots of grilled chicken and broccoli and healthy crap. I occassionally eat a cookie or two. OCCASSIONALLY. But for some reason, you holier than me people have the ability to eat crap and stay skinny. I don't, even with tons of exercise. I just struggle everyday knowing that skinny people out there are judging me. Well, at least my husband and kids love me just the way I am. At least I do my best to be healthy even if I don't look it!

1435 days ago


What is wrong with you people. Obesity is not something people chose just because they like food. It's a disease, an addiction to food, it's life altering & isn't as simple to fix as 'just putting down the fork', if it were that easy more people would f*cking do it! There's no food in the world that taste good enough to hate yourself the way an obese person hates themselves....I was obese...I'm no longer so, but it took a lot of time to get over the issues that lead to my being that way. can call them fatties or whatever you want but they're people just like you. Ignorance doesn't help anyone...

1435 days ago


TMZ got a pic of Lezby Lohan, after she gave up drugs and started eating donuts instead!

1435 days ago


THIS is one show `````````````` this skinny B!TCH ``will NOT`` be watching!! OBESE people really need to put the fork, spoon and knife down `` in exchange for some `` hard core exercise!! I'm a mother of 4 kids ```` and have maintained a 5'6' 125lbs my whole life by eating properly and exercising everyday! ~~ When people start doing THIS``` There will not be any more OBESE FAT F-U-C-K-s around to do these boring types of reality shows!! Can I Get a ``` whoop whoop!!!

Posted at 11:54 AM on Nov 16, 2010 by 6one9
You sound like a great mom.

1435 days ago
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