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Jessica Simpson Engaged -- Put a Cheap Ring On It

11/16/2010 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson's engagement -- great moment for her ... better moment for everyone else to passionately debate how stupid (or not) it is to buy expensive engagement rings.  Luuuuuv ...

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Diamonds depreciate the moment you walk out the door. Have a nice one for sale if interested. Last forever my ass.

1401 days ago


How tacky for some to comment on the price of engagement ring. Did you get the 50,000 diamond when proposed to? I think not.
Just be happy for two people that seem to be very much in love. Jessica has been through so much in the past years and I for one am delighted she has found love again. And I think her ring is quite beautiful and would be delighted to get such a ring as a token of the man I loves affection. Grow up women, you would hardly throw the ring in the face of your suiter.

1401 days ago


I think her ring is lovely and wish only the best for them.

1401 days ago

me not you    

Diamonds are nothing more than a huge scam perpetrated by the De Beers company. Google it, it's well known. They invented the "engagement ring" tradition, which was never heard of before they bought up all the diamonds in the world, stockpiled them, and decided that they could con women into being complacent and submissive by convincing men to put some shiny on their fingers, and the bigger the better because he'll love you just that much more! Bull****. John Stossel has done "taste test" type tests with a $100k diamond and a $10 cubic zirconia and 9 out of 10 women could not tell the difference. And PS? Both a diamond and a CZ are just rocks - rocks from nature that have no real value until a human puts one on them as a marketing too. Any woman who would put a dollar value on how much a man loves her is a sad little conned girl.

Secondly, look at the 50% divorce rate in this country, which Jessica will once again be a part of. No ring or piece of paper guarantees anything will last forever or make someone be faithful, so I wish that ALL marriages would STOP immediately and women stop buying into this fairy tale of rings and princes and unicorns.

1401 days ago


I'm totally with Harvey and the blonde girl. I'd rather have a house. In fact, I did. My husband spent $1,000 on my little ring and we spent a heck of a lot more to buy an awesome house to start our marriage in. Wouldn't do it any different.

1401 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

an expensive engagement ring is a total waste of money

i already have a total aversion to jewelry and except for earrings (and even then they're the kind you pierce your ears with) i don't wear any.

I would rather my man buy a lower cost ring and put whatever extra he would have paid, towards the actual wedding...

besides, huge rings look gawdy and actually make me wonder if the finger it's on belongs to a total gold-digger or was given by a man who's trying way too hard

1401 days ago


This was HILARIOUS! But totally agree with harvey, it is stupid to buy some huge massive expensive break the bank ring, you can still have a nice ring that doesnt cost what a house cost. WOmen are greedy and isnt it about spending your life witht he other person? Or about how much bigger mine is than yours.

1401 days ago


I totally agree with Harvey here. When my husband proposed, I actually asked him to return the engagement ring! I just couldn't see spending all that money for a piece of jewelry. We returned the engagement ring, got a beautiful wedding band with emeralds and diamonds and then used the money we saved for a down payment on our first house.

1401 days ago


I don't even think they will marry. She should have waited a little longer before convincing this guy he wanted to marry her. She looks pathetic and like she's trying to one up Nick. She would be so much happier in life if she ushered her Dad out of it. He's as controlling as Dina.

1401 days ago

So What    

Did she pay for the ring cause she surely is not worth it. Dude go pay for some ass it will be cheeper in the long run for you.

1401 days ago


Chubby chicken is enraged? ...... What?

1401 days ago

maryb. was Jessica who divorced Nick Lachey five years ago and not the other way around. As it turned out, Nick became an overnight multimillionaire due to the divorce and the reason he could afford to barely work throughout the years and still be able to enjoy a lavish lifestyle and a huge diamond for his new fiance.

Leave Jessica Simpson alone... She has built a financial fortune as a smart businesswoman and deserves more respect than she is given by the rag gossips. She's a young woman who needs coupling and, fortunately, a private friend introduced she and Eric to one another. I can only imagine we will see only good come out of her second marriage. Her wedding ring is absolutely beautiful and shows a lot of forethought on behalf of Eric.

1401 days ago

Tony B    

I agree 1OO% Harvey.

#1 Diamonds are boring. If you have all the $$ in the world, why get something that's a total snoozer? Why not a colored stone like a sapphire, ruby, or emerald?

#2 If a guy bought me a ring, I wouldn't care how much it cost. It's the meaning behind it that's important, right? Just the fact that he cared enough about me to do that would thrill me.


1401 days ago


The ring is just nothing, what's inside between these couples is more important to them. So to those who are bashing her and calling her fat...please get a life. No body is perfect on this earth.

1401 days ago


She bought the ring herself. Cost was 100,000. That's how desparate she is to beat Nick to the altar.

1401 days ago
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