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Prince William to

Seal Deal with

Kate Middleton

11/16/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After living together, breaking up, living together, breaking up, Prince William has decided to tie-the-knot with Kate Middleton.

Prince William Engagement
The royal family announced the engagement this morning and the buzz in England is that the wedding will be at least as big as Princess Diana's. Middleton is described as upper-middle class but not top drawer in social circles.

William popped the question in October in Kenya after asking Kate's father for permission and the royal wedding is scheduled for spring or summer 2011 in London.


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Elisabeth @ #28, there is a picture of Kate in that fashion show, wearing that sheer lace dress on the Daily Mail website. This is the UK news,entertainment, sports and gossip website.

1407 days ago


A few years ago there was an "inquisition" held in England to determine whether the death of Princess Diana was murder or an accident. All of the court hearings, testimony of witnesses and etc., where placed on-line for everyone in the world to read. It was most interesting.

The problem was that this inquisition was held many years after the death of Princess Diana. It was in total a pathetic attempt to silence and still the rumors circulating regarding this death.

Most of the witnesses from France could not be compelled to give testimony which obviously benefited the theory that it was an accident. Many people, including the only living surivor were fearful to even come forward. The suvivor, further has claimed amnesia for literally years, not remembering anything from the night of the accident, to his own survival. Diana's butler, did give testimony and spoke his own belief that she was murdered by "certain powers". He was horribly disgraced, fled England for Florida and I believe is reluctant to even return.

The French traffic cameras, literally everywhere in France, concidentally where totaly blacked-out the night of Princess Diana's car accident. Those witnesses that did come forward to give testimony, in their claims of murder, where terribly disgraced by the Coroner holding the acquisition, or by the lawyers for the crown.

There were credible witnesses that stated there was a car that pushed the mercedes off the road and there was a bright and blinding light causing the mercedes, which by all witness accounts was being chased at alarming speeds, to be run directly into the concrete pillars of the tunnel.

The accident came on the eve of Diana's supposed acceptance of her engagement with Muslim Dodi Fiad (sp), the son of a wealthy business man. We know the story....etc.

Having lived there for many years, I was most interested in the internet feed of this hearing. I was not suprised that the coroner made the ruling that it was in fact, an accident. I will never, believe it to be true, however. I believe that Princess Diana had crossed the line with her behavior and that she was in fact dealt with accordingly. Who could have Dodie as a stepfather for the future King of England, afterall! It simply never would have been tolerated in any capacity. Interestingly, when the previous Prime Minister, Tony Blair, recently visited the United States and was asked about the death of Princess Diana, he simply stated that he had warned her about her relationship with Dodi, but she would not listen. A very intense comment, which sheds no blame on the royal family any more than it casts doubt on Dodi's family and their connections. Yet, revealing, nontheless.

The royal court, after centuries, is still a vicious place. No less filled with ardent social climbers than in the day of Henry VIII. I can only hope that this woman will have an easier go of it as she is perhaps marrying for love and is more adjusted to the ways of her future inlaws and their "court" of gossip and betrayal. But, if it were my daughter, I would never want her to marry within this family and experience a life of this nature. Her life, will in fact never belong to her again and her future, whether we wish to believe it or not, will be controlled by the political winds of the day and the power hungry people whose entire life quest is to control it. The courts of England will always be the same, as long as there is a royal family regardless of how they try to dress it up.

Prince Charles married his mistress Camilla which is most disgraceful in every regard. They waited for time to ease the wounds of Princess Diana's death, but what was glaringly true in the inquisition was the fact that the night before her wedding, Prince Charles was with Camilla and he contined to belong to her more than Diana. All Diana was to him was "good breeding ground", a virgin and had enough royal entitmenet in her family name to be an acceptable bride to the Prince of Wales according to the antique standards of royal marriage guildines. Very sad story and a young life lost for power.

We here in America

1407 days ago


Kate is Lindsay Lohan #2

1407 days ago


RE: speculation about hair and "real dads": male pattern baldness is inherited through the maternal line, not the paternal line. Look at your mom's dad and granddad and brothers to see what might be in store for you, depending on the mix of genes you get.

1407 days ago


I am also remembering some of Oskanas comments wherein she called Mel Gibson "King" and his wicked court, Hannah (his daugher) and Robyn. I hope this story doesn't cause the Oks to beomce even more delusional. Probably will though as she sees herself as some kind of royalty gone wrong and betrayed by the "royal court" of Mel Gibson. Her words, not mine.

1407 days ago

Bob Goodden    

he "sealed the deal" a long time ago. She's getting her deal now. Way to hang in. I think they should give her a title before the wedding just to welcome her to the family. She looks to be the one to carry Diana's mantle. Happy Wedding and long life!!

1407 days ago


I look at her and I do not see sweetness or compassion. I see a middle class girl who does not deserve to become Princess. I truly believe that William loves her with all his heart. But couldn't he have picked a higher class and more beautiful Princess? After all, that was his "duty" to the royal family. I am an American. We are not supposed to believe in a monarchy. It is written in our Constitution. I will not follow this lavish wedding. It is just too painful.However, I do believe this marriage will last forever. I just hope the heirs look like William. When you look at him, you can see Princess Diana, her looks and her soul.

Posted at 9:17 AM on Nov 16, 2010 by Eleanor

Hmmmm. I don't think 'we can help' whom we happen to 'fall in love with'. Princess Diana & Charles were NOT a good 'match' at all except 'on paper'. The marriage caused Diana nothing but pain & misery. Charles fulfilled his 'duty' by choosing Diana, problem was HE DIDN'T LOVE HER THEN MADE THINGS MUCH WORSE BY NEGLECTING TO TELL HER HE DIDN'T LOVE HER. She was basically DUPED! Charles sold Diana on 'the fairy tale' & then proceeded to continue carrying on with 'his true love' Camilla.

Seems to me that William is determined NOT to make the mistake of putting his desire for 'true love & happiness' SECOND to any 'royal duty' when it comes to choosing a mate. He saw he 'well' THAT worked out for his Mum.

1407 days ago


The success of this union all depends on the queen--she is an historically vicious nasty bitch who hates every female coming into the royal family and that is not going to change!! William will need to stand up to her evil attacks on Kate and I'm sure there will be some ugly ones! If he is strong and defends his bride or bride to be, then MAYBE-just MAYBE this marriage has a ghost of a chance but frankly he doesn't stike me as a strong enough personality to stand up to this evil queen and her pathological jealousy & hatred toward other females coming into the royal family. There is plenty enough history for him to see this coming and be more than ready but unfortunately I really don't think the poor chap has what it takes!! Maybe they'll be lucky and she will have a heart attack or something but longevity on the female side is a trademark in this family too. It will be painful for me to watch because I see it coming--she's just too predictable!

1407 days ago


Well, hmmm. Let's see. Eight years of all or mostly togetherness and they live together. So I'm feeling kinda stale about it. It's old.

1407 days ago


Hey #46: I think you meant to say Charles--NOT Phillip!
Charles is Harry's supposed father--not Phillip-he is the grandfather. I'm sure you know this, but for some reason got the names mixed up. I do agree with you about James Hewitt unfortunately. I didn't want it to be true--wanted to believe what Diana said about the timelines making it impossible--but Harry just resembles James WAAAAY to much for it to be otherwise. I am somewhat surprised that the royal family didn't expose this by now given the evil queen's historical hatred toward Diana and ALL females coming into her precious family. Every time Harry makes another public embarrasing screw-up I just hold my breath waiting for her EVIL MAJESTY to expose this awful & ugly family secret!!

1407 days ago


They have beed engaged longer than most people are married (8 years) so I think they have a good chance at making it last.

1407 days ago


he has gotten really ugly while his younger brother has gotten better looking,,stay single you idiot and get as much strange as you can while you can,,only fools get tied down to one woman

1407 days ago


he has gotten really ugly while his younger brother has gotten better looking,,stay single you idiot and get as much strange as you can while you can,,only fools get tied down to one woman

Posted at 11:05 AM on Nov 16, 2010 by MIDNIGHT TOKER

OR...'one man'(depending of course of WHAT 'man')

1407 days ago


Well, I wish all engaged people best of luck, and in this case I hope William learned from his father's mistakes and won't take a mistress on the side.

But this thing is not as big as his mother's engagement and wedding. No special reason for that really, but Diana had star quality and attracted attention, even when she was only 18 and pretty shy and clumsy. Some people just have it and some don't, no matter if they are ladies, princesses, or cashier girls. Diana's era somehow was golden.

1407 days ago


About prince Harry - actually, if you look at him between pics of prince Charles and James Hewitt, it's obvious he's the son of prince Charles. The features are very similar, only the hair is a different color - but so is really prince William's.

1407 days ago
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