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Mark Ballas: Why Democrats Are Voting for Bristol ...

11/17/2010 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Ballas claims he and Bristol Palin aren't just backed by Republicans -- and last night dude explained that all sorts of Democrats have pledged their support for the "Dancing" duo because of four specific reasons.



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Austin Rob    

He can't be objective about it. And he's not blind...he's gotta know she's just not that good.
Anybody with half a brain knows exactly why they made it to the finals - he's simply in denial.
I don't hate the girl by any means...hell i don't know that girl. However she DOES NOT deserve to be in the finals. Period.

1433 days ago


Bull crap. The tea party sites are full of how to beat the voting number restrictions by creating endless e-mail addresses, and there are tons of comments from the baggers talking about how they "worked" for three hours and voted 300 times.

Bristol - you should hang your head in shame. You cannot dance, and the ONLY reason you are in the finals is due to your last name being Palin. A decent human being would bow out of this travesty and let Brandi - who is a thousands times better than you, have the spot she deserves in the finals.

1433 days ago

Marilyn Monroe    

Bristol would make an excellent poll dancer like her mom Sarah. They should pitch a show so they could mud wrestle together & have a tailgate party afterwards. This is more realistic for trashy red neck ho-bags.

1433 days ago


Tea Party Shmee Party. Try informing yourselves. It's actually made up of all political affiliations.. disgruntled Americans wanting a voice in their governement. Bristol happens to be a breath of fresh air on a show with too many big Brandy. People like pulling for the underdog.

1433 days ago


She's doing well for one reason, ratings.

People tune in to watch her.

1433 days ago


I agree. Bristol reminds me of Kate Gosselin in her expressions and lack of dancing ability. For some reason, ABC has handed over control of the outcome to Sarah Palin just to make her daughter happy. Let her go back to being a POOR advocate against teen pregnancy and a receptionist.

Mark is in denial because he likes her. He did the same thing to Sabrina Bryan and that girl COULD dance.

Even the judges were stunned Tuesday night. Did you see their expressions? I thought it was very classy that Bruno asked Brandy to come back and do her freestyle. We don't even have to vote next week, everyone knows they are going to choose the talentless hack over Jennifer or Kyle, cause her momma fixed it for her.

1433 days ago


He's a nice young man and gave a good explanation.

1433 days ago


Why aren't people ticked at the show's producers? They're the one's who put her on the show to begin with, and probably to spark debate, viewership, and controversy which adds to the ratings. Bristol is just dancing.

1433 days ago



1433 days ago


She's trying hard to overcome a lot of obstacles out there and doing well.


1433 days ago


Dude is delusional. ABC is keeping her on the show because of ratings from ******gers.

1433 days ago


Dems are voting for her so that posts that slam the girl and her mother can exist.
Had she gone long ago as she should have, haters wouldnt be here saying the most disgusting, hateful things.
Shame on TMZ for promoting the liberal hatred of this girl and her mother.

1433 days ago

Fred R.    

Dance fans everywhere are wailin’
That they must suffer Bristol Palin,
Who seems an inoffensive kind
But never, ever, will remind
Of Ginger R. or Fred Astaire
(More like the world’s best dancing bear!)

The last of those election jokes
By the fun Tea Party folks;
With their modus operandi,
They’ve ousted Rick, and Kurt, and Brandy,
Each of whom, it’s clear as crystal,
Could easily out-Foxtrot Bristol!
(They’d lower tax at every chance?
It taxes US to watch her dance!)

1433 days ago


Mark Ballas, you are a gentleman and gave a very OBJECTIVE explanation - good for you. It may not mean much, but you have many people our here who respect you for your logical and meaningful explanation. Thank you for being an oasis in an arid field of petty criticism.

1433 days ago


If Bristol wins, it's because of the Tea Party vote and it will be the biggest slap in the face to Jennifer Gray who deserves to win. Mark needs to be off the show. He's too touchy feely with every partner. I think he's just looking to get booty.

1433 days ago
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