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FBI's Cam Newton Probe Expands to Auburn Booster

11/17/2010 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The FBI investigation into the cash for Cam Newton scandal now involves a guy who gave more than $1 million to Auburn University ... and was recently arrested in a bribery sting.

Cam Newton Scandal Investigation
According to sources connected to the probe ... FBI agents looking into the Newton recruiting controversy are also asking about Milton McGregor -- a dog track owner arrested last month for allegedly bribing Alabama politicians to vote pro gambling.

We're told agents asked someone connected to the Newton case if he was familiar with McGregor or the bribery scandal.

It's unclear what, if any, direct connection McGregor has to Newton. Back in 2008, McGregor did donate a million bucks toward construction of a new arena at Auburn.

McGregor did not return a call for comment.

UPDATE 4:00PM PST: Milton McGregor's attorney tells TMZ his client has "never had any contact – direct or indirect – with Cam Newton, Cecil Newton, Cam’s father; Kenny Rogers or anyone purporting to represent Cam Newton."  He also says McGregor has never compensated student athletes at Auburn or any other school.

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Apparently Mr McGregor was wire tapped during his bribery case and that is how the FBI got involved, seem there were some calls related to Auburn recruiting. He has been indicted in the bribery case so I'm sure he would never lie. FBI also interested in Bobby Lowder Auburn Board of Trustee and former Chairman of Colonial Bank. Auburn has lots of cash to pay players and lots of ways to hide it.

1435 days ago


IDIOT! I hope the NCAA makes this punishment worst then USC this should not be tolerated.

1435 days ago

harvey updyke    

auburn cheating again burn auburn burn woo eagle LOL

1435 days ago


good to see the barners have one computer down in Lee Co. on their little farm. I guess they will head straight into probation with this loser blaming someone else. What a disfunctional, inbred "family".

1435 days ago


IDIOT! I hope the NCAA makes this punishment worst then USC this should not be tolerated.

1435 days ago

Lynn Senn    

I think he should be off the team until all of this is over.I think him and Cecil are guilty.

1435 days ago


The Alabama Crimson Tide better get ready to get their azz whoopin'. :)

Nobody has been able to stop Cam Newton this year. NOBODY. Nick Saban is going to be embarrassed in his home stadium. Wait and see. All you have to do is watch a game with Cam Newton and you'll see what I'm talking about. Cam looks like a "man among boys" out there. Cam looks like an NFL Pro Bowl QB like Peyton Manning who grabbed a college player's jersey and snuck into a bunch of games.

He's like a 6'6" 250lb. Vince Young with a 4.5 40 time and a MUCH better throwing arm. He can beat you in all sorts of ways. Cam is the best football player that Auburn has had since Bo Jackson and THAT is very high praise indeed.

1435 days ago


Cam has true talent and will play in the NFL. I have watched him in awe this year and wondered where he came from...

The sad part of this whole situation - Cam is just a pawn in a bigger game of chess. This isn't about Cam or the Newtons. It doesn't matter if Cam cheated at UF or if he bought stolen property. Most college students cheated at some point - it just appears that perhaps he got caught.

What this situation is about alumni/boosters who think they can manipulate the system to what they believe is best for the University. As an AU grad, I wish the Lowders/McGregors and others like them would just disappear from the scene and leave Auburn to make it on its own. Sanctions will again come to my school and leave me remembering the undefeated seasons that didn't matter...

I for one highly respected Tommy Tubberville. He was an ethical coach the entire time he was at AU and he did his best to keep the boosters out of his business. I am not saying that Chizik is involved in this scenario but I do think he might turn a "blind eye" to some of this behavior.

1435 days ago


I personally am a Alabama fan. I could care less if this story is true or not. The thing I am amazed about is how bent out of shape you are all getting about it. It's like your life revolves around this. How about you all understand it's just a game and life will go on if it's true or not. Long story short (Get a life and just enjoy the game)

1435 days ago


Yeah Bama Mom...your right, UA players are all examples of such great ethical character..just like Julio Jones & Mark Ingram who took a little "fishing trip" w/a booster..and your players who got suspended for illegally selling their textbooks, and you can't forget about your player that robbed 2 students at gunpoint last year...stay classy Bama.

1435 days ago


Miss State started this mess-NOT BAMA!! Will Bama be blamed if Auburn lucks up and wins the National Championship?? Anyway we want Cam on the field when we kick Auburns' butt!!! RTR

1435 days ago


Look for Auburn Coach Trooper Taylor's name to be brought up in the investigation very soon!

1435 days ago


And so another one bites the dust. TMZ, you are now an illegitimate source. Media these days is now either biased or too inflated. For example, the media has hyped up this Cam Newton scandal way too much, and TMZ has too. So there is suspicion about what really happened. Chill out and get off the guy's back. Would you really think a guy who spends his free time at an elementary school teaching little children the difference between right and wrong has done something this huge? Now, may I enlighten you with what I have learned from HALF A SEMESTER in my HIGH SCHOOL journalism CLASS. 1. Don't be biased. However, do you really think there is media out there that is not biased? It is either favoring Republicans, or the more numerous case, the idiots that call themselves Democrats. Yes, that's right. Democrats are idiots and so is Obama. And number 2. Get your facts straight. Always attribute information. Who the hell is a source connected to the probe? What the hell is the probe? That tells me nothing, there is no proof of any of these Cam Newton scandals, and it is just a bunch of bull****. So **** you TMZ, **** the media, and **** the dumbasses who beleive this garbage. Go stick a gun up your ass and while your at it, pull the trigger. Go ahead and do it, TMZ, or I might come do it for you.

1435 days ago


TMZ-Here is a story to check out Jodie Wright the director of football operations at Miss. St. when they recruited Cam Newton is now an unpaid Grad Assistant at Alabama. Why the demotion? His job description at St. said he was in Mullin's office.The reason everyone thinks Alabama is pushing the smear campaign,not starting all this,is because ever new rumor is talked about on their boards before they come out.Crazy to think that isn't it.

1435 days ago


Poor little Aubawn. Everybodys out to get them and they never get no respect. This little man complex is why they are under investigation again. You are correct, Cam is a great player. Too bad that you had to cheat to get him. The media is biased against you, all of them. Get a clue, they are doing their jobs and reporting what's out there. You cheated and you know it. The dream season is nevermore.

1435 days ago
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