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Mel Gibson Plays the Publicist Card in Court

11/18/2010 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's child custody war with Oksana Grigorieva has gone downright Hollywood, because his publicist has gotten into the act.

Mel Gibson Publicist

TMZ has obtained the declaration of Alan Nierob, a long-time publicist who has repped Mel for 15 years.

Nierob's declaration is fascinating, creating a picture of a publicity-hungry girlfriend who loved Mel and loved what he could do for her career.

Nierob, who says he was frequently around Oksana during the three years she and Mel were together, says bluntly, "In my opinion she enjoyed press events more than most of my clients' spouses and significant others."

Nierob's declaration is also important, because he makes the case that after the January 6 blowout fight, Oksana showed love, not fear around Mel.

Nierob recalls a January 27 dinner where Oksana was "joking, laughing and extremely happy."

Nierob adds, "While Miss Grigorieva and Mr. Gibson were dating they often were together and she never appeared reluctant."

And in the parenting department, Nierob claims, "On a multitude of other occasions, Miss Grigorieva commented to me that she believed Mr. Gibson was a  'great' father to Lucia."


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Is this the same publicist who hired all the college students to blog for Mel? LOL.

Posted at 12:58 PM on Nov 18, 2010 by marymac

As opposed to the grammar schoolers hired by (W)Horowitz.

1438 days ago


Isn't this the same guy you Team Wing-Nutters claim convinced Gibson to LIE for those apologies after his 2006 DUI rant?

Posted at 12:54 PM on Nov 18, 2010 by TMZgossip

Asking a question you already know the answer to proves you are showboating. You aren't offering anything. Your providing yourself with an excuse to insult. Whatever your feeble mind thinks it is making a claim about has been expunged. Did not happen. Which makes you? A bigot.

1438 days ago


Watch your back skank pig. You have messed with a man who's success puts the bread and butter on the table of A CONSIDERABLY LARGE POPULATION OF PEOPLE.

1438 days ago


Couldn't put together publicity tour dates for the skank...Interest was lacking. No one in the media wanted to interview the skank, so the skank set out to create INTEREST at the expense of her own child's father reputation. Now how effing sick is that?? So she sold the tapes to ROL, then wouldn't you know, the offers came rolling in...People Mag and Oprah, now Larry. This is one sick effed up skank pig that WILL rot in HELL! Watch your back skank. You have messed with a very powerful, smart man.

1438 days ago


I find it funny that some people who believe oksana talk really bad about everyone who is on Mel's side. Everything that oksana has said has been proven a lie. The pics no bruises no fat lip, was seen out with Mel after the alleged Jan 6 beating. Witnesses that said she shook the baby like a rag doll. Explain how everything is Mel's fault when all he did is love and try to help her!!!!! Shes nothing but a gold digging, extorting, lying fraud. And just because this guy is Mel's publicist doesn't mean that he is gonna lie on court do***ents. Why is it so bad for him to have people defend him when she pays people to lie for her all the time.

1438 days ago


I snickered over the "lack of interest" comment.

Posted at 12:49 PM on Nov 18, 2010 by Curious

Me too. I'll bet OG gave the publicist a hard time.

1438 days ago


Impossible,His career cannot come back from this one. He's already admitted he hit Oksana while holding Lucia. Anyone with a brain knows that his story of why he hit her is nothing but a load of ish.

But it's not his laywers fault look what they had to work with they had to come up with something.

Posted at 12:40 PM on Nov 18, 2010 by Sqiggy


Lol! Tell that to the fifty - sixty thousand people who voted in that poll today. 70% think that OG should lose custody. That is pretty severe. Once again, most people are not as stupid as you would like them to be. And to get a visual? Yankee Stadium holds about that many people. Think about it.

1438 days ago


I LOVE this part:

"I understand that Ms. Grigorieva went to Russia and Europe in or around April, 2010. Prior to her leaving, Ms. O'Connor informed me that Ms. Grigorieva had repeatedly asked Ms. O'Connor to set up press events for Ms Grigorieva while she was abroad. I understand that Ms. O'Connor could not set up press interviews due to lack of interest."


1438 days ago


I didn't claim that. However, I do think he is more credible that fat facialist, dead babysitter, horny sound guy and Jaffe who has other extortion plots in his past.

Posted at 12:59 PM on Nov 18, 2010 by Tellthetruth59

The babysitter shouldn't even be included on the list. After all, she never made any statements to the lawyers or the police. All that was ever given was Team Oxymoron saying that the babysitter saw things. Pretty low to drag a dying woman's name through the mud.

1438 days ago


I'm glad to see Alan Nierob mention the Extra interview on or about February 18, 2010 in this declaration. I have brought that up a few times now, and no one has ever commented on it, and I have not seen anything about in any articles. My thoughts are, if an interview with Mel and OG took place on February 18, then how could Mel have been calling her all day long, as OG has claimed. I sent an email to Jerry Pennacoli (I believe that was who conducted the interview), but I never heard back. And you would also think that something would have been mentioned in the recordings, but we know that all we are hearing are edited recordings.

1438 days ago


He might be his publicist, but he is also a direct witness to Oksana's behavior, no hearsay here folks. This publicist is also very successful due to the fact that he can "read" the behavior of others well. I think he is a credible witness since he knew them both during the time in question.

1438 days ago


Hey, #71 mama9, I don't work for Mel, have never met and not even a fan of his. I just think she is really ugly to destroy any human being other than her in public like this, public assassination. It is down right UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!

1438 days ago


How will a women like oskanka be able to live on only $2,500 a month? If I recall, her entertainment expense was budgeted for $5,000 a month?

It's so obvious now that this whole ordeal is all about $$$$$$$. She recorded Mel with malicious intent and what's sick is she would go back to him right this second if he would have her back.

1438 days ago


I LOVE this part:

"I understand that Ms. Grigorieva went to Russia and Europe in or around April, 2010. Prior to her leaving, Ms. O'Connor informed me that Ms. Grigorieva had repeatedly asked Ms. O'Connor to set up press events for Ms Grigorieva while she was abroad. I understand that Ms. O'Connor could not set up press interviews due to lack of interest."


Posted at 1:00 PM on Nov 18, 2010 by Annie
Isn't that great!!! Lack of interest...people don't like her music!! But she wants to blame Mel.

1438 days ago


Nierob's declaration I believe confirm what we are suspecting and what will come out one day: that Mel got royally pissed off at her about her announcement that she would be scoring his next movie on Extra. Go watch that interview online: it's obvious that she's inventing this "announcement" on the spot and even the "journalist" was super surprised. She was forcing his hands!!!

Now, she insisted to be in his business since the moment that she popped up Lucia which in her f-uped mind makes her his WIFE. I can see how from that moment till February 18th, he indulged her and tried to do everything to satisfy her but he reached his limit on the 18th. I'm a capricorn like Mel: I'm extremely slow to react and explode when someone is imposing themselves on me royally. I'll do anything to please and invent excuses for the other person. But when I EXPLODE, IT'S A deluge. There's no stopping me because I've already given you all the chances and excuses out there.
So Mel broke up with her on the 18th or shortly thereafter and she got royally pissed to not be his WIFE IN HER DELUSIONAL MIND. The sad thing is that the Media is indulging her in her nonsense because they hate Mel for the Passion of Christ!!!
She's just a clingy bitch: she should have learnt from Robyn or women who have a life beyond thier partner: Until this mess, I had never heard of his wife, had never seen her face online nor of his kids. It's still hard to get pics of them online. I believe there's one pic of them as a family with the kids still young. I believe Nierob's depiction of the pressure that bitch put Mel under.

1438 days ago
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