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Mel Gibson Plays the Publicist Card in Court

11/18/2010 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's child custody war with Oksana Grigorieva has gone downright Hollywood, because his publicist has gotten into the act.

Mel Gibson Publicist

TMZ has obtained the declaration of Alan Nierob, a long-time publicist who has repped Mel for 15 years.

Nierob's declaration is fascinating, creating a picture of a publicity-hungry girlfriend who loved Mel and loved what he could do for her career.

Nierob, who says he was frequently around Oksana during the three years she and Mel were together, says bluntly, "In my opinion she enjoyed press events more than most of my clients' spouses and significant others."

Nierob's declaration is also important, because he makes the case that after the January 6 blowout fight, Oksana showed love, not fear around Mel.

Nierob recalls a January 27 dinner where Oksana was "joking, laughing and extremely happy."

Nierob adds, "While Miss Grigorieva and Mr. Gibson were dating they often were together and she never appeared reluctant."

And in the parenting department, Nierob claims, "On a multitude of other occasions, Miss Grigorieva commented to me that she believed Mr. Gibson was a  'great' father to Lucia."


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Really? Team Mel? Team Okie Dokie? I'm not on any team other than team Lucia. She is the one who will ultimately suffer from all this crap. Okie Dokie might have garnered sympathy had she not played this media sound bite game, changed her legal team - what 45 times now - or now have gone on Larry King.
Did Mel scream at her and say nasty things...Yep he sure did. Have I in a fit of marital rage ever said a horrible thing to my spouse, Yep I have. It happens and it's not okay to hurt someone else verbally but it happens in relationships.
We may never look at Mel the same again. I mean the dirty laundry is hanging out for all to see, and again, we've all got some.
I still think, no matter what, shame on Okie Dokie for making what should have been a fairly simple split into something quite heinous. Well, let's thank her many attornies for that. And let's remember...Although it should be, it's not about the Lucia...but the Benjamin$...

1401 days ago


Good evening, "fed-up". I wonder if you speak Farsi? I do. I lived in Iran for several years. I am well aware of the Islamic theology and I disagree with it. This does not make me a racist. Rather, it makes me an inquirer to Islam.
As to why I have addressed religious issues: It is because I believe that religious beliefs of individuals, including Mel Gibson and most especially Oksana Grigorieva, often speak to personal motivations in inter-personal and inter-faith dialogue. Again, thank you for asking for clarification. I welcome your inquiry and hope you will respond in kind.

Very warmest wishes,
I NEVER accused you of being a racist. I just do not think it is appropriate to bring in religion when the topic of discussion is on Mel-Oksana and the DV-extortion thing. It does not matter to me whether you speak parsi, urdu, tamil, malay, portuguese, chinese, korean etc. It doesn't even matter to me whether you believe in the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Quran, Bhagavad Gita, Vinaya etc. I believe that everything has a time and a place. As for your justification in bringing in a person's religion: "because I believe that religious beliefs of individuals, including Mel Gibson and most especially Oksana Grigorieva, often speak to personal motivations in inter-personal and inter-faith dialogue" - in case you have forgotten, we are in a gossip site. By the very nature of gossip, i don;t think any religion approves or encourages its followers participating, circulating in gossips. Also, we have no idea what Mel and Oksana's "personal motivations" are in their "inter-personal and inter-faith dialogue". So again i repeat, this is not the site to have ANY religious discourse.

1401 days ago



People are being paid by Mel Gibson to say these things. In no way should those of us not on his payroll believe what we are being told in these declarations.

Where's the family court people, the social workers, the psychologists, etc. to observe each parent with the baby? Results of tests and time spent observing from another room are hopefully non-biased. I say hopefully because at this point I presume Mel and his bank of attorneys could find a way to get a pay off to the third party!

Posted at 12:27 PM on Nov 18, 2010 by DC

How many attorneys has Oxana had? 42? And who is funding them to defend her? Who signed a co-habitation agreement? Who signed the short Mediation agreement? The $15 million in the Mediation agreement was mostly for Lucia - Oksana complained there was nothing in it for her. Go figure

1401 days ago


WELL ONE THING FOR CERTAIN--NO normal man will ever marry this woman so Okana is going to consider this SHORT FAME IN THE LIMELIGHT--of negativity is all she is ever going to get. She thought she knew better than the judge and DEFIED him telling her to not do INTERVIEWS. She bashed the judge on national TV saying our court system is messed up, and decided she was going to do exactly what she wanted.....ahhh...don't you figure that is why she has fired so many attorneys and have so many have quit? They see through her!!! Larry King saw through her....and ANY NORMAL man is going to---see this woman will fabricate things, embellish things and go to national tv to try to shame a man, and at the expense of the health of their children..and they will RUN RUN RUN!!!! Timothy Dalton will surely get smart and realize she is using him as a pawn for media attention---because ROBYN on her own free will signed a sworn statement Mel never abused her or the children, prior, during or after!!! FACE IT Okana is jeolous of Robyn...BIG TIME! You could tell the way she talked on Larry King she was trying to get digs there. Robyn is a class act..and no wonder hollywood loves her, and thinks she is a great mother..she would never PUT CHILDREN what Oksana is. Every time Oksana gets infront of a camera--it only makes the public love and ADMIRE Robyn all the more--because she is a CLASS ACT! Mel was an idiot to let her get away!

Oksana on radaronline months ago--said OH it was just so awful the tapes got leaked how bad that was...but with an arrogance and boldness she went live on Larry King because she wasn't getting what she wanted when she wanted so she was going to take those EDITED TAPES and try to pour on some more shame--at her son and daughter's expense..and try to act the poor victim. Listen Oksana you are NO VICTIM..he was a married man. Mel was wrong to hook up with you, but any DECENT woman hangs the phone up on a married man, you knew what you were doing--you are NO VICTIM!!!! You know the only way to get money was to have a baby--so you went for it!!!

1401 days ago


how did Mel end up with that loud mouthed idiot from Ukraine?
Mel was thinking he would be more classy , his bad
funny to see by the scripts the dude who was spaming Mel Oksa topics on TMZ is acctualy Mr.Nierob

1401 days ago


Azlee, that's knocking down a wall and building a bridge. It sounds like more than a tumor was just the means by which a dark spot in the soul was removed. It took much courage to confront yourself, and reveal yourself, both to him and us. Thanks for sharing.

Posted at 9:08 PM on Nov 18, 2010 by KWM

@azlee, that is a great story to tell about the doctor, I had the same thing happen to me...only mine was a black doctor.I ended up doing the same as you..its either we beat the prejudice or it grows. I am glad you and I both did what we did, funny thing was I didnt know I even felt that way...I had black friends and a black step-dad, wonderful man, so I was shocked by my feelings .

Posted at 9:15 PM on Nov 18, 2010 by fran

sorry guys, I went to bed.

yeap prejudice starts as a tiny cell and grows and grows. Ugly creature, but you can get it at bay with looking within.

1401 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

Remember in the PASSION OF THE CHRIST, the scene where Satan was a snake and then all of a sudden we were scared out of our seats when someone stomped on Satan? Oksana's the snake ~ she's Satan, and she's gonna get squished! None too soon!

1401 days ago


Praying for you and your family Mr Mel Gibson. God Bless you and protect you today and always. Stay calm, positive and strong Mr. Gibson.

1401 days ago



The fact that someone is a mentally ill narcissist doesn't mean that they can't be aggressive. She is very much so. As you said, the aggression she accuses and sees in other are those she is capable of, and that is very scary. However, she can still be sick, mentally sick, and IMO the appropriate outcome should be a mental hospital or ward. I do think her lawyers play her game, and her game is their game, because it is to their advantage, at least for the time being. Those who refused to dance to her tune left, no wonder she went through so many. By selection she ended up with the only ones who could match her. But unlike her, I don't believe they are mentally ill, they are s***, that's all. And I hope that in one way or another they get their ass nailed for it.

Posted at 10:52 PM on Nov 18, 2010 by IA

Good point. Someone doesn't have to be one thing OR the other. They can be both, - multilayered.

1401 days ago


I went to him and said I need to tell you something and told him what I just said above. He thanked me and asked me if I wanted another surgeon. I said NO, I can't bow to this, it isn't logical. You have to perform this because this is something that is ugly in me.

He did and did a wonderful job and didn't make me suffer because I opened up and I still can't say his name. I just had to learn not to bow to fear of the unknown.

Posted at 8:19 PM on Nov 18, 2010 by azlee

Azlee what a wonderful person you are! I don't know anyone who would openly admit his shame that we normally hide behind political correctness. And what a wonderful person that doc was! He,too, could've refused to treat you and even got you in trouble. I hope we all can learn from you both of how to overcome our own prejudices and bias.

1401 days ago


Last night on Larry King Live Oksana said that the Domestic Violence laws in America are terrible. She said Domestic Violence Laws in America are 400 years old.


She said THE SYSTEM was broken but don't remember if she specified. And I can agree with her on that, in part. I think we all know that not everything is what it seems.

1401 days ago


# 834 kickaboo 818/ I remember (and wrote) it as 'you are gonna pay, boy'. I also remember them talking about the baby crying but you did not hear the baby crying. I remember thinking about not being able to hear her. I think they edited the tapes again.

I do, too, remember her saying "you gonna pay," twice, like "you gonna pay boy are you gonna pay," and she also used this other word "answer" but I don't remember if it was in the same tape or a different one. But she definitely used both. I do not remember hearing the baby's crying in the background. I remember him saying "go take care of my daughter," or something like this. So I would assume he could hear the baby crying. I agree they might have edited the tapes again.

1401 days ago


Babushka, you just drop "infinity" point in my eyes! Bringing in other people's religion while exposing your own ignorance is embarrassing. Stick to the facts! This is about Mel-Oksana custody case...why bring in other people's religion? Why bring in religion for that matter? And for your information, there was a period in Mel Gibson's life that he seeked santuary in a 3rd world muslim country at the invitation of his friend. And he was treated very well by all. I bet you didn't know that, did you?

Posted at 9:39 PM on Nov 18, 2010 by fed-up

Babushka just can't help bragging about how well traveled and well educated she is, can she? Shall we all be impressed?

1401 days ago



he's saying that Mel did all of the pursuing; I don't believe it! I don't believe she had Mel's cell phone number and made no attempt to contact him. B

She didn't have Mel's phone number. What she said was she had her cards on the table and her "friend" wrote down his phone number - it's unclear WHOSE number - I assumed it was her friend's that he wrote down on the Ox' card for Mel and then gave this card to Mel - and then he, Mel, called her in a couple of weeks.
Or: her friend wrote Mel's phone number on her card ....but then it makes no sense how Mel could have called her if he didn't have her #. Or: Mel could have got her card with her number.. but then why would she complicate the story and tell us about her friends writing down his number? Why won't she just say that Mel got her card and called her in a couple of weeks. This is why I assumed that her friend wrote his own # on the Ox's card and gave it to Mel. But this is also weird. Why would a friend gave HIS phone # on Ox's card... unless it was a some kind of a deal? A very strange story.

1401 days ago


GRIGORIEVA: Series of calls and actually 653 M, A and B and A talks about body injury and threats and B talks about harassing phone calls, it doesn't mean say, or repeated phone calls. It doesn't mean say they have to be foul. But he called every five, ten minutes nonstop from 8:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. in the morning.

Oksana should speak to her 1st Amendment attorney. Foul calls are protected under the constitution, and she cannot plead harrassment if she kept answering the phone and talking to him.

In fact, CA Penal Code Section 653M says nothing about whether these calls legal or illegal if RECORDED. This section only DEFINES the offense and addresses the punishment which is misdemeanor.

a) ... any threat to inflict
injury to the person or property of the person addressed or any
member of his or her family, and is a misdemeanor;
b)intent to annoy or harass, makes
repeated telephone calls or makes repeated contact is a misdemeanor.

Calls in GOOD FAITH are NORMAL calls i e those that carry no threats or cursing or sexual harassment.

As for the foul calls - making obscene telephone calls is a Class 1 Misdemeanor in most states, not sure about CA.

But since Oxana recorded them ILLEGALLY (this Section does not address the legality issue), she had committed an offense herself. I believe if she had informed the police or the DV office and THEN recorded she would be ok. Otherwise she is not.

1401 days ago
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