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Eva/Tony Divorce -- He Wanted To File; Denies Sex

11/18/2010 2:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... the divorce between Eva Longoria and Tony Parker was in the works for at least a week before Eva filed, contrary to the story Eva's people are telling. And Tony denies he ever had sex with an ex-teammate's wife.

Erin Barry, Tony Parker Mistress
Sources connected with Tony tell TMZ ... Tony did indeed have a "sexting relationship" with Erin Barry, the estranged wife of former San Antonio Spur Brent Barry, but it ended months ago. The sources insist, "They never had a physical relationship."

And sources connected with Tony tell TMZ ... Tony and Eva were well aware that the divorce would be filed. We're told Tony was planning on filing for divorce in San Antonio, Texas because it was more convenient, but, "Eva talked him out of it because she wanted to file in Los Angeles." 

Sources also tell us -- contrary to the statement Eva's rep made to TMZ -- Eva not only knew she was filing for divorce, but it was timed to coincide with the Us Weekly interview.

As for why Tony and Eva are telling different stories about the divorce, a close friend of Tony's says it's simple:  "She was into the whole PR thing.  He wasn't."

Eva's people say Tony's story is untrue ... with one source telling TMZ, "Eva and Tony were still talking about working out the marriage up until the morning she filed."

Tony Parker and Erin Barry

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well,it' s karma.she's stole tony when he was engaged with his young love french.she wanted a young man,playing basket,rich.now she wants his money. you can't be surprised when you don't live with your husband if he has an affair.a man is a man.and i'm think in a other way a woman can do the same thing.so ,tony,be single and have a good time

1399 days ago


if eva wasn't giving tony what he needed at home he would find it somewhere else a divorce is what happens hope your taking notes lady's do everything too keep your man happy same goes for all u guys out there. If u keep each other happy cheating would never happen Eva was too old for him anyways. Tony can do much better and younger then this gold digger why in the hell does she want spousal support from Tony shes not poor has money any porn hot star is better then Eva TonY should date strippers and porn stars

1399 days ago


Who´s she to say anthing. She could as well had an affair with Richardo Chivera or what´s his name-

1399 days ago


He knows what he's doing.....have 'ya seen Erin???

1399 days ago


she's 5 years older. wants the notoriety. you could tell when they were dating that all she wanted to talk about was tony tony tony. that says a lot about her insecurities ta boot....he needs to move on and enjoy his privacy. kathy in boston

1399 days ago


Eva is a beautiful woman, and they were a good looking couple. but i dont understand why woman of all people blame eva. A marraige is sacred, at least its supposed to be, even if your a celebrity. and texting sexual references to another woman is a line that a married man isnt supposed to cross. if anyone is the bitch its his ex teammates wife, who knew he was married and still didnt care!! as well as tony. i definitly know that all men do not cheat, but these women need to really consider marraige to these athletes who have no self control with thier money or women!

1399 days ago


Maybe it was the beans and rice she was feeding tony and all this time he wanted prime rib

1399 days ago


Don't tell me Ms. Barry is doing it with another NBA player?

1399 days ago

Inside Source    

During dinner last week in a San Antonio restaurant it was over heard Tony Parker speaking of Eva Longoria's suspected infidelity to Mario Lopez.

1399 days ago


There's a big difference in filing in Texas and California.In California she gets half.

1399 days ago


Oh please!!! Eva the victim? She seemed fine she was cheating on Tony with Keifer Sutherland while they were shooting a film in Toronto a few years ago.

1399 days ago


1. Why do it?
2. Why do it with someone that is also friends with your wife?
3. Why do it with the wife of your teammate and/or friend?
4. Why did you leave the text messages to be found?
5. Are you crazy?

1. Just because I could.
2. Just because I could.
3. Just because I could.
4. Just because I could.
5. Yes.

When asked why he had an affair with Ms. Lewinsky, Bill Clinton answered, "Just because I could."

1399 days ago


Eva, didn't you see the signs. What the hell were you doing to allow the other woman to steal your man. She had a own husband so why the hell does she want yours. Lady what goes around comes around.

1399 days ago


Texting is a precursor to acting upon it in person. This stuff rarely stops with the text message. It usually graduates to the next level very fast.

The invention of cell phones is wonderful for cheaters. It's private and fun and most of all it's direct with the person you are interested in. It has fueled a feeling of being able to say and do whatever you wish with little to no consequences even when you are committed to somebody. It gives a false sense of safety.

Now comes the action that destroys it all. It's easy to pick up the cell phone when it's laying on the counter or dresser at night to look at just how loyal your partner, boyfriend or husband/wife are. Too tempting particularly if you notice just one tiny thing that leads you to believe there just might be more... and there it ALL is! Even if the text messages are all cleaned up, that suggests there is something to hide here.

All in all, what Tony is claiming is not likely. He's thinking he can claim that's all it was but this, in and of itself, is cheating. Sexting with a married person IS cheating. Married and/or committed people aren't talking sex with somebody else privately.

I'd bet good money Tony has had multiple affairs- as alleged.

1399 days ago

Tiger Woods II    

Well I am glad that is was him that got caught.......You guys should be ashamed of yourself.....Eva, call me, but don't leave your name on my phone...Tiger hehehe

1399 days ago
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